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Huh, I recognise lots of these names, Valrak and Imperator especially.

I just came to say it leaves a bit of the bad taste in the mouth to treat your fans so poorly with essentially radio silence, for an entire year (after supporting the game after release for half that), when you're simply making a sequel. On the one hand, it's gratifying to see that you're adding all these features for the second game. On the other, are we supposed to just forget that you promised us a fair few of these features for the first game, then instead went completely AWOL and never added anything? You heavily implied a third DLC race for example, either the Necrons or Tyranids, but nothing came of that. I can't imagine I'm the only one who's more than a little indignant about what's essentially a cash-grab (Insofar as why does this warrant a new game?) to ride off of the unexpected success of the first game?

I like the game enough to get the sequel, and to be excited about it. But I'm cautious that history will repeat itself. I hope that lesson has been learned.