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I tried not choosing squad in Skirmish then invite and choose squad still not working for me and my friend?

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Yes, I would go to Skirmish. Then my friend prefers his Custom Marines as I am Custom genestealers. So through Skirmish we both tried hosting and chose are set up first then create. From thern invite other player where he would choose custom made charectors, an both squads would pop up either genes or marines. Same after swap. An yes I am playing Space Hulk Tactics. PS4? So we like playing my maps mostly I created in mission editor, go to Skirmish, then Special Rules or local for my maps and this is where my trouble is. We like to play my maps really? Thnx for support, Blu.

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Cant play againts friend in mission editor? Both Marines or genestealers on PS4. Its been an issue for a while, we even switched host on same made map. We even tried other opt, like under speacial or local. We love playing the rare times it works with our custom charectors. Please help. And support link I notice was inactive when I cliked on it?

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