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It's been a feature I've wanted for other games for a long time. And it's part of the reason I've quit a lot of multiplayer games. A lot of accidental play is just people not being very careful, but there's a percentage who just flagrantly get in front of you.

The most obvious trolling is when someone tries to go prone on top of you to take your firing position. It's really annoying, which I guess is the intent, though sometimes it's honestly accidental because the player is fixed on hitting their target and not watching where they're going.

My only issue with such a feature is that there are honest players that a lot of people don't like, and so they'll essentially get "voted out" of games without having done anything wrong simply because they voiced their opinion on players trolling games.

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No, I say keep it. It cuts down on intentional TKing a huge amount. Where's there's still idiots who TK for no reason other than to be obnoxious and troll the game, they realize that they can only do it once or twice before they essentially TK themselves.

It gets rid of the need to vote kick players who just screw around making the gaming experience miserable for those of us who take our gaming seriously.

I say keep it, and keep it forever.

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If it happens again I'll pass it on. I filed a Steam report on the guy and asked him to stop.

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Okay, but who do I send it to? I just checked it, and so far Direct X says there's no issues.

I'll also add that the issue seemed to go away after I signed onto a coop server. For whatever reason, after doing coop I was able to log onto a PVP server. Go figure.

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Oh yeah? Thanks.

It's an interesting game, and it feels like they're trying to make a Joint Operations' scale CS like game.

The two best shooters I ever played were Joint Operations and the various Delta force games, and Battlefield 2142.

I've done COD, America's Army, this one obviously and it's predecessor, all of the CS games, and several others, and truly the best time I ever had was on the huge 200 player servers back in the early 2000s before NOVALOGIC went out of business.

I'm still having fun with original Insurgency, especially now that all the hackers and TKers have now migrated to Sandstorm. And, noticeably, the player base for Sandstorm has dropped since. The patch and new map brought back the old players, but now that the game is so "good" (if you think so), it's attracted all the scum that I bought the game to get away from in the first place.

That, and a couple hours ago I got an Anti-Cheat kick three times in a row, when I've never so much as used a single hack in my entire life.

That, and there's some real world harassment coming from a combinatio0n of private parties and security following me around. It's been going on for thirteen years, but reared its ugly head as of five minutes before I logged off and started to post here.

So … I mean you can't take this thing too seriously, but for my situation … I don't know. I think there're going to be some very sorry people standing tall before a judge, and it won't be me that has to do any explaining.

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So a game on the refinery map ended, and then I went to click on NEXT MATCH, and spawned on the Farm House map after about five or ten seconds.

And then I got the "Kicked from Server for Anti-Cheat Violation" message. I figured it was a network mistake or something, so I tried searching for another match, and got the same thing. And then a third time.

So, I'm not sure what to do. My net's been hacked in recent years, but this doesn't strike me as someone screwing with my computer (though it may be), so I'm wondering how I can fix this.

For the record I've never hacked a game nor used an aimbot in my entire life, and this is really a new experience for me.

Any help is welcome.

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This is a decent military shooter. I think the customizable aspect is pretty neat, but the maps suffer the CS and Battlefield syndrome in that you either get shot or rendered powerless if you go beyond a certain distance. I guess that's the price you pay for improved graphics, and a large color palette to support them.

Still, as I've mentioned in previous posts, Battlefield 2142 and Joint Operations were my favorite games, largely because they had a lot of what Insurgency is striving for, but you could drive armor, pilot gunships, and give your own fire support with mortars, auto-grenade launchers, orbital strikes, and so forth. And where the graphics weren't as sexy as Insurgency's, the gameplay was much better.

The M249, if I understand correctly, is meant to be used both in the prone position and in the standup position being held like a rifle. As such the recoil for the M249 is a little high, though the PKM feels about right.

The player models seem a bit muscular, the weapon detail is pretty impressive, the sound effects seem pretty good, It would be nice to carry a few more grenades. That, and the US Army grenadier usually carries a belt of ammo for his M203, though I guess you cut back on that for game balance.

I've played some gory shooters in my time, but this one feels particularly graphic. Not all kills result in dismemberment.

I mean all in all it's an impressive military shooter, but whether I've played too many of these things or whatever, I'm just personally kind of burnt out on military shooters. That, and I've got some service personnel looking out for me in a very unusual way. Thanks guys. The next time I'm over at your house for a barbque I'll be sure to utter every racist slur in the book.

I think armor needs to be improved somehow. I'm not sure what the solution is on that.

I would like a new military beret that's more in the style of the US Army with the exaggerated drape, as opposed to the almost French like one offered now.

When I switch back and forth between Insurgency and Sandstorm, I'm struck by the fact that you changed the key binding for grenades. In regular Insurgency it's 4, in Sandstorm it's 3. I can change it, but I'm not sure why the change was made, and it felt odd and confusing.

I'm not sure why when characters in both games go prone that the body is rigid like a piece of wood. Other games allow the character's body to drape and conform to the terrain. It just really odd to have a character lying prone on something thing, only to have their legs sticking straight out behind them, supported by nothing but air.

If a player has bought shades for his character, then shouldn't their monitor be effected by a shade of something as if they were wearing sunglasses?

For some reason it's hard to see some people more than others, and camouflage doesn't seem to be a factor, but lighting and shadows do, even when the target is in full daylight they can be hard to see for some reason. And in shadows nearly impossible.

I reported a player the other day for aimbotting, as he was firing into dark places where no one could see, and getting all kinds of kills. Cheating's been around forever in gaming, but it would be nice to hear some news about reported cheaters / hackers.

An improvement in this game is the addition of other skin colors to choose from. I guess it really doesn't matter, but there's a lot of gamers out there of all stripes and colors.

I know you're probably working on this, but being able to climb over all rocks is a must, otherwise there's no reason to have them in the game.

All in all a really decent game and gaming experience, but even so I'm not a big fan of the game. Still, I had a decent enough time playing it. I'm sure I've left out other observations I had, but anyway, those are my main ones. Good luck with it.

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@maa_bunny said in Armor:

Armor in basically every computer game is an abstraction. The interactions between bullets, armor, and human bodies in real life is fairly complex, and I'm not aware of any game that has even attempted to model it in a realistic fashion. To make game modeling simpler, characters have hit points, and armor works to reduce hit point damage. Reducing complex interactions to simpler abstractions is a fundamental aspect of game design.

It would be neat to see a game realistically model weapon damage some day. My guess is it would take a fair amount of computing power to do well, I'm not sure it's possible yet. It would also change the way characters react to being shot in a pretty unique way.

And that's my real beef with all armor in all games since the first DOOM way back in 92 or 93. Yeah, it is complex, and I'm wondering just how complex it would be to model real armor. Stuff that doesn't make you invulnerable from a bullet hitting your neck, armpit or side, but that doesn't just slow you down for a split second and then let all the other damage go to your health and kill you.

So many times I see dead characters with like two or three blood splatters and hole skins on their armor, and sure maybe they took a hit somewhere else before or during that attack, but why did they die when say most or all but one round hit their armor?

Whatever. Like I say, I guess it's not going to get solved here with Sandstorm, and I don't want a "force field" surrounding me and making me invulnerable, but it's one of those things.

I should have stuck with coding back in school so I could take a crack at this......but I didn't. Oh well.

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Well, I guess I'm also asking for more accurate hit boxes as well, because I don't want a hit to my armor to kill me, but a hit to my face, neck, or some other exposed area, should severely damage my character.

I'm not a Call of Duty fan. In that game you're essentially invulnerable most of the time, like the original DOOM or something. Sexy graphics though.

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heh, that needs to be fixed. But yeah, the guy was clearly supposed to be climbing over the wall, but it's like he just passed through it.