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I want this too!

I'm sort of tired seeing the same animation for pistols when running. Most FPS games do this paired with having the pistol held with only one hand.

Also just saying, but the current running animation for the pistol looks like the guy is shuffling/jogging over sprinting. The arms & hands move too close to each other that make the animation look like the soldier's dancing or something.

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This isn't a serious, please-add-this-to-make-this-game-better, idea, but something I believe it'll be interesting to add if possible.

Since the G-36K has only one Magazine modification, I'm thinking it'll be cool for the weapon to have the ability to have stacked magazines for quicker reload.

The G-36 platform uses an unique magazine design where you can hook another magazine on its side to have two magazines, and when you reload, you can easily shift the used magazine to the left to load the second magazine quickly.

alt text

Quicker reload in a game like INS:S would be pretty OP paired with the fast reload implemented already, but I'm thinking there are critical balancing ideas that'll help:

  • Longer Regular Reload when finishing using both magazines
  • When performing Fast Reload, you actually loose two magazines instead of just one
  • The Supply Points required will either be 3 (like the Drum Magazine) or 4
  • Magazine Supply would be lowered
  • Weight will slightly increase
  • Because of Weight increasing, time to ADS increases
  • Because of Weight increasing, general accuracy lowers than normal

I'm wondering if people have made this suggestion before, but if no one did, I'd like to hear from anyone else what they think!

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That would honestly make me so happy to continue playing. BETA2 would be SO BEARABLE for me personally.

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@maa_bunny Yeah, I'm hoping that someone from the NWI development team sees this suggestion. I don't think it'll be that hard to add in an option to edit and delete loadouts.

I'm serious, I'm no programmer at all, but this option seems like something to easily implement. No changing/balancing the entire gameplay or restarting the entire game's structure from the ground up, just opening the option to edit something already in the game.

If I'm wrong about this, then I'll say sorry ahead of time. Despite that, my suggestion is not asking for new weapons, gameplay rules, balancing rules, graphics, player models, weapon balancing, etc., I only want to fix my spelling mistakes for the loadouts I'm stuck with either by editing or deleting them.

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@quenty Ikr! There are so many weapons with a large opprotunity to customize. No way I'm starting a match without organizing a few loadouts.

I hate not able to edit or delete loadouts easily. My loadout title's spelling mistakes is personally one of the most annoying thing in the game with the TTK and the BETA2's current optimization.

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@jarple Never have either for any other FPS game that has the option to have loadouts, but I found myself experimenting with loadouts in Co-Op from experimentation before applying them into P.V.P. to something fun like a pistol-only loadout or a "suicide bomber" loadout.

I have at least three loadouts for every class so far, and being OCD, I like to name them with good names that slightly explain what loadout "does". For example for the Security faction's Marksman, I have a loadout with the MK14 EBR with a Holosight, Foregrip, Laser Sight, and Compensator. To me, that's being CQC with a battle rifle, so I named that loadout "CQC Marksman".

And sometimes, I accidently misspell my loadout names, and it's a common annoyance to see my spelling mistake, unable to fix or delete the loadout...

I really hope in the final release, there will be an option to edit or delete set loadouts.

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@max80 Great analogy, but it's not a mirror comparison.

I don't want pistols to get increased damage, I suggest that pistols can be unholstered quicker so that their effectiveness and their use between players may increase so more people can depend on pistols more.

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@marksmanmax Yeah, I agree with you. The pistols back in INS were effective because of the option of AP rounds, so the pistols in INS:S aren't in comparison.

You make a good point to keep the Quick-Draw Holster seperate. The analogy that @Max80 made can be applied to AP rounds, and I find that ridiculous. But it's not the exactly a mirror comparison since AP rounds pretains to damage against armored players than the speed of unholstering pistols with its damage and accuracy unchanged, so I don't fully agree.

I've seen your post going in depth with all pistols, very intuitive and analytical. I agree with you on almost all of them since I've been in a numerious amount of situations where I find myself using my pistol from both sides.

For the iron sights part where their suppressors are an obstacle for the Hi-Power and the M1911, imo they should stay as passive/physical downside for using a suppressor for the Insurgent faction's pistols. I remember that the Makarov from INS has its sights obscured too, but it's not much of a problem for me personally.

For the availability for extended magazines, as a long-time INS player, I believe that the extended magazines modification should only be available for Makarov, Tariq, and M1911/M45A1 for all game modes and have the rest have the extended magazine mod only for Co-Op. All of those pistols have a low ammo count in their magazines, so it's sensible to give them the modification to increase ammo in each magazine. The extended magazine for the GLOCK-17 is so ridiculous.

I myself like to keep my own suggestions easy to implement, change, or add/remove for whatever current rules/patches/bugs that exist for developers to take advantage over quickly and that I'm not so analytical myself.

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@ryuk47 I'm not aware of that bug. I usually take out my pistol when I'm cornered or ran out of ammo in a hot area, but with no enemies nearby so I don't panickally start clicking during the unholstering animation.

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@sawcoach I didn't say "pistols are useless". I said "pistols aren't too effective".

They are effective from my personal playstyle, but I find myself emptying and reloading more than having a few more rounds left; this is a frequent situation in CQC distances. I'm not emptying pistols against enemies in medium distance nor missing a lot of rounds against the player in a close distance. Pistols are easy to use for me, but the damage is very low and the fact that everyone's running heavy armor most of the time (more effective than heavy armor compared with INS) makes pistols less effective.

I'm not suggesting that pistols should get higher damage or higher accuracy. I believe those two traits are fine enough, but not too effective. To compensate those two traits is to let pistols unholster themselves sligthly quicker, with Quick-Draw Holster applied defaultly not as a modification, or take off Quick-Draw Holster (since it's acting like a default modification like compensator and long barrel) and slgithly increase the speed of unholstering.