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@lorindes said in Engine sound:

truck.revving = _max(truck.revving - elapsedTime / 0.8, 0)
if (not (truck.soundEngineRev == nil)) then
if (truckInput.pedalAccelerate > EPSILON and truckInput.pedalAccelerate > truck.prevPedalAccelerate + truck.revving * 0.8 + 0.5) then

working well now

Which file are you changing in Mudrunner to fixthis? I made this change in truck.lua after extracting and nothing changed. The game seems to use the ZIP file instead.

Edit: I see, it has to be in folder / not /Media/
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Spintires MudRunner\\scripts\truck.lua

I also changed truck.lua(129):
local soundIdle = _max(1.0 - low - high, 0)
local soundIdle = _max(1.0 - (low + high) * 8, 0)

to remove the engine idle sound faster when not idling

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When accelerating with a controller ("wheel") the throttle sticks in the game at the highest input position until you return the accelerator to 0 position. I thought initially this didn't happen in 'A' gear, but it also does.

Using Win 10 64 bit. Thrustmaster Warthog controller with TARGET software (meaning it wont matter which controller, most likely will only work on a few or none).

So basically the throttle is like it has cruise control + button on at all times (for a real car).

There is a similar report, but no response on if the bug is noted, scheduled , or anything.

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Well don't forget also that the engine idle sound is always in the background. No matter if you are driving or not.

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This appears to happen only in the 1, 1+ gears not the A (auto) gear. And while the cruise control is not being pressed on the stick etc.

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Thank you very much for fixing the controller-mouse conflicts on PC, as well as multiplayer save/resume. 🙂

It would be much appreciated if this throttle control bug with controllers could also be fixed though sooner rather than later. (the throttle gets jammed on the way up until reset to 0 ) Again makes the game barely playable in a serious way.

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I have the same issue here and was about to file a bug report. The throttle Jams to your maximum input until you set the input back to 0. Really strange! Makes it quite difficult to control the trucks without getting stuck.

Using a thrustmaster warthog, with TARGET, but really that's not very relevant. This will be the case with most controllers then (most likely 🙂 )

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The bug is already fixed 🙂 That's why the survey was closed it seems. Though, the Help UI still flashes on/off in Advanced when using crane, but it's not a massive issue.

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Well the survey is already closed? All this when everyone went back to work/school on Monday? 😞

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^ Really good to see some interest in this pretty critical bug. 🙂

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Please see similar report (for same problem) here:

devs are asking for feedback with a survey on this issue

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