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I don't know if you swapped server providers, changed up netcode, or something else, but it needs to get fixed or reverted quickly. This is the worst multiplayer experience I've had in a game since about 2011.

Rubberbanding 20m or more, enemy players doing the same, hitreg has gone to shit, trucks are vibrating and rotating randomly around their axis, freezing and stuttering is common, and it seems to be affecting about half or more players.

My ping is below 30 to USEast region, I have 100mb/s internet, my computer can handle the game.
The game was smooth as a dream a month and a half ago, and now it feels like I'm connecting to servers in China.

It's not just a Steam tuesdays thing, it's consistent and getting worse.

Anyone else reporting similar issues as of late? I know a few friends have had the same experiences.

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Hey everyone at NWI! I've got some stuff I really love, and some minor qualms with the update.

[First off], I'll give some feedback on the Hardcore mode. I LOVE hardcore gameplay and really have been looking for something like you're testing. I really like the lack of HUD and more realistic AI, it makes for some fun and tense gameplay on smaller pop servers. With a squad of friends communicating, there is nothing more fun than this mode.

Unfortunately, the mode really begins to fall apart on fuller servers. The amount of randomness to the gamemode when there are that many very intelligent AI becomes a big problem, and you almost always get torn to pieces by three nades from three angles or three AKs pushing three doors. This would be fine, assuming you would be able to spawn, and get some semblance of a proper weapon to deal with the hordes of heavy armor wearing MG wielding enemies.

If you spawn with a mosin and a makarov, and weapons on bodies go away after a matter of seconds, you can't exactly get a better weapon other than rushing to an ammo box in enemy territory, or getting stuck on a section without an ammo box. The ammo boxes you find disappearing is very irritating as well, as it leaves you high and dry on caps without boxes.

I really like the idea of the disadvantage if you die, but the firerate of a mosin and the lack of armor penetration with the makarov makes it near impossible to get back into the game and not die again. That means you sit there for 15 minutes in spec cam while your team pushes. This gets frustrating.

An unmodded SMG or semi auto weapon with limited ammo would perhaps be better suited, something that would be enough for a bad situation or two without getting your head smashed in.

Also, the movespeed when heavily loaded is comically slow. I think a 10-20% boost to movement speed across the board, or perhaps a slight equalization in HC. It would still force players to move slow, but not make it comical and require the new (and rough) animations. The movement speed lowering is great, and forces people to work together and talk rather than run and gun solo. I should not run at alt walk speed because I carry an M3 MAAWS, though.

[Second] , the new 12.7 and .50BMG weapons. They're in a pretty rough state, and deserve to be beaten with nerf bats. I'll
You can shoulder and fire a 12.7 just as well as an SKS or a G3.
You can go on MLG pro 360 noscope rampages with the laser sight and there is really no defense against it.
It is good at CQC, it is spectacular at extreme range, long range, and medium range.
It has very high object penetration.
It is semi auto and has easily controllable recoil from shoulder and hip.
You can lift and shoulder a .50 BMG rifle the length of a pool noodle, and swing it around corners like it was a pistol, with little sway or sight misalignment.
It 2 shots vehicles and can go thru the armor plate on techies, while the normal DShK rounds cannot.
It can one and 2 shot helis.

(Sidenote, how do Insurgents somehow have access to high power high tech US anti-material rifles in significant numbers, and why are they using them within like, 150m?)

Slightly more points than a realistic rifle for the sniper class.
You move 2mph slower.

My suggestions? make the recoil and sight misalignment greater if unsupported, even firing single shots. Force the player to be prone and be prepared for an engagement for them to come out on top.

Remove the laser sight from both guns. The COD 360 noscope market is big, but it will also destroy your game's community.
Remove the extended mag. There is no reason you would need more than 10 rounds of .50.

Try your best to get a sense of the playerbase, and try to ask meaningful questions from real players, not just polls.
Data is a great tool, but it is not always an accurate depiction of your real playerbase's wants and needs. Loud angry people tend to drown out the more serious and reasoned individuals, who can give you real useful information and insights. Try to find the latter.
Ask experienced players what they love and hate, play with some random people in public games and ask questions, ask brand new players in games their first impressions, and don't try to appease the yellers. They won't stop yelling and are never satisfied.

I LOVE the new map, and it's a real joy to play. My only issue with it are all the avenues of attack makes the caps very hard to defend, but that may get better as I learn the spots. If it becomes a problem, you'll know before I do. Happy to see where you guys take this game, and it's really starting to feel like a modern Ins 2014 multiplied by 10.

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About every 1000 ish rounds the gun decides not to fire when I tell it to fire. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has similar issues, might be an engine issue.

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The recent tweaks for AI in the beta are great! I love the challenge of the game and the intensity of the combat, it reminds me of Sernix servers. The problem comes when the game matches you into 5 person games on maps intended for more than 5 friendlies. It's near impossible to not get domed at random or quickly end up the last person alive and surrounded by 15 enemies who aim for only the head.

It's a little much.