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Hey, thanks for your reply. I can confirm that I am still having the same problem after todays (26th Feb 19) patch. I have seen a few other posts where people seem to be having the same problem and it appears to effect other games

Please see attached a zip of DXDIAG and latest crash dump.

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Reported the same problem (post link with screenshots below). Tried various things reported on the interwebz that can sometimes help. No luck

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So I pre-ordered this game and have finally got around to playing it. Every time I am getting a Low Level Fatal error which closes the game. I have had a google around and it appears to be an issue with the Unreal engine that the devs have used.

Anyone had any luck resolving this? I have rolled back to some old 2017 nvidia drivers which apparently worked, they dont. I suspect this is going to be a refund job unfortunately.

Alienware 17" lappy
16GB high speed memory

Screenshot of error attached![0_1550834946815_20190222_110021.jpg](Uploading 100%)0_1550835107915_20190222_110021.jpg