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i7-7700K @ 4.8GHz
GTX1070 8GB
16GB 2133
960EVO 500GB

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Your thoughts are valid but I also think that the problems you speak of are just part of any game's learning curve. If you join casual queue in any game having just bought it, you'd come across the same problem. Rainbow Six, Overwatch, you name it; they all have that element of grinding the game for knowledge and better strats. If you get stomped by a team, take in what they did to stomp you and use it to stomp your next match. We've all been bad at a video game before, but we all get better too.

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I have similar hardware to you.
7700, 1070, 16GB ram, and like you, I have an SSD.

I found that LOW settings actually hurt my performance as I assume it made the game more processor reliant.

I changed textures to high, antialiasing to SMAA1X, post processing to high, shadows on low, foliage on low, and the others didn't really seem to matter. Make sure your memory pool is high in the bottom of your settings and change those resolutions on the bottom both to 1024.

Do keep in mind that your processor is beneath the "recommended" specs and maybe an overclock/upgrade could fix your issue if settings cannot.

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Hi guys!

Let me just say I genuinely enjoy this game. I already have close to 200 hours in and not a single regret. My system runs is great so optimization isn't an issue of mine anymore so thank you for that.

The more I get into the game though, the more I realize that the reloading mechanics are fantastic. I love the fact that they are staged but there are some bugs yet and I hope they're on your radar. Here's what I've noticed in a scenario:

(I need to preface this by saying I understand how guns work and own a variety which get taken on range days at least twice a month with family. I'm also an avid gamer and understand that sometimes animations are not displayed properly while the underlying function is still being performed regardless of how janky it might look.)

I just finished an engagement and successfully killed an enemy with the G3 using two rounds. I go to reload knowing that I'm in a fairly safe location so I do not tactically reload. I pull the mag, throw a new one in, and save the old one. There is clearly already a round in the chamber as I only used two of a full magazine. I hear an enemy approaching right as the mag goes in and immediately round the corner without sprinting or doing anything of the sort to cancel the reload. I take aim, (NOTE: I do aim down sight which normally cannot be done in the middle of a reload animation. This is not a figure of speech.) I anticipate a beautiful headshot and...

...nothing happens. Not a bang or even a click. Then I get taken down for exposing myself after expecting to get a free kill.

Now I'm no game developer but here's what I think may be going on here:

  • An animation may be taking place without actually being displayed. The only thing that comes to mind if maybe pulling a charging handle or something like that.

  • If the reloads are on a timer, the timing of reloads needs to be taken a peek at.

  • Maybe the staging of the reloads needs attention.

Again, I'm in love with this game and have no intention of letting this drag my experience down, but I'm sure anyone who read the scenario can understand why I think it might needs the attention of devs.

Props for the successful launch, NWI!

I look forward to reading responses and I genuinely hope this grabs attention.

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