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The Imperium is a weak old man, ready and waiting to be broken apart by his vengeful sons.

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Open campaign map using any race, including one of the new ones...

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I complained about this when Tau were first introduced as it pretty much gives you the win as defender in cruiser clash, if you can be arsed to run around for 20 minutes. It either needs a time limit, or a system of victory points where it will cost you the match if you just run around invisible all game.

PS, Air Caste is broken :P

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@Solaire said in FPS:

Took a break from this game about a month ago. I've returned to find my my fps was stuck around 3. I updated my drivers to try and fix it but now it's worse and barely gets above 1. I've had no trouble running this game for 500 hours at 60fps.

That's what you get for that sick Cust you ran in the competition!

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Cheers man, Steam is now updating it!

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Just launched BB2L and I can't log in. Worked fine yesterday, now I'm being told my client does not match the server. Is there an update on the way, or has something broke at my end?

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@Tindalos-is-a company shit said in Answer here Blexus, if you can please have some balls:

Is Tindalos working on something or did they finally move onto other realize they should stop doing games?

Fixed your post for you, you get more with sugar than you do with shite.

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@Romeo We had a long period of radio silence then they dropped the tourny on us. Who knows what they're up to, if they're up to anything.

I've a hope that we'll either get an expansion or a squeal with an open world campaign and a multiplayer game without the need to level up.

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Thank you for that. I've been enjoying my Skaven war band. Love the speed.

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Open world campaign with the option of playing any of the current factions. Spoiler - turn 25 the Nids turn up, then on turn 30 the Necrons wake up...

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