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Interesting, do you know how the physical element makes it hard to record Replays for? They don't seem random, all of the physical interactions have values that can be recorded and thus replayed surely?

Company of Heroes has a lot of physics based elements and produces Replays fine, as did Supreme Commander, the Total war games also come to mind.

I don't really understand how this is any sort of hurdle, there are plenty of games that have many more units and much more complex interactions that produce Replays no problem.

In a recent live stream the developers said that post release content will depend on the strength of the community post launch, it seems the lack of Replays would massively hamstring this for previously stated reasons.

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Just a quick one, have the Devs commented on whether we will be getting replay and spectator functionality at launch (or in later betas for that matter)?

I think this is really important for the long term health of the game. I can't think of a single successful or long lived multiplayer strategy game that doesn't have replay and spectator functionality. A prime example of this is Homeworks Deserts of Kharak, a fantastic RTS that's multiplayer was dead on arrival because of a lack of replay functionality. I'd contrast this with the Wargame and Dawn of War series that have maintained a healthy player base for years after launch as niche titles.

Replays and spectator mode are vital for forging a multiplayer community. Without them tournaments are much harder, it's harder to develop and share strategy, it's harder to to discuss balance (something that will already be a big challenge in this game) and it makes learning the game and improving harder for new players and everybody else.

It's too much of a burden and too exclusive to expect players to record their play and post videos of it online.

This game has huge potential to foster a great niche community for years to come but this could be a really simple thing that torpedos that.

Sorry if this is something that has been addressed but I couldn't find mention of it anywhere else.

I understand spectator functionality may not be possible but we need Replays as a minimum.


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@bellumvinco I think the best course of action with regards to this is removing the whole idea of fleet repairs and the upgrade meta-game. I do like the idea of a progression system attached to multiplayer, but I think it should be cosmetic or tiny upgrades like Company of Heroes 2's bulletins.

With 12 factions balance will be tough for sure, however making non admiral ships function more like regular RTS units with less variables in terms of different upgrades, abilities, crew score etc should make it achievable. Balance doesn't have to be absolutely perfect for a fun competitive scene, just near enough. I think leveraging different points costs for ships as well as having their base stats to tweak will mean that they can hopefully finesse it into a good state.

What do you guys think about having a pool of actually designed and static maps?

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I made a short breakdown of some of the most glaring issues with BFGA 1's multiplayer and propose some changes for the sequel. What do you guys think?

I respect the Dev's right to forge the game after their own vision, but it might be useful if we can start a dialogue here to weigh in and give them a view into what the community thinks.

I know some of this has been discussed elsewhere on the forum, however I couldn't find a comprehensive thread covering everything from the meta game around multiplayer to the core mechanics of moment to moment gameplay.