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I've just put in for refund.

Thanks for all the decent discussions and attempts to make the devs see sense (in both delaying the game and general balance issues) but I don't want yet another game in my library where I'm thinking... hey this could be great in 6 months or a year.

The A.I leaves so so much to be desired, I just don't get a whole lot of fun out of shooting things that value cap points over the destruction of their ships, it feels so incredibly gamey.

I've been trying hard to eck out some fun in multi but between tau bomber spam, Nid and Marine boarding and undercosted Orcs, there's very little there.

I wish everyone who's sticking with it the best and I sincerely hope Tindalos makes this the game you're all hoping for.

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Just had a match where both sides still had the majority of their ships left, we were winning significantly on points and unless the other team dropped some kind of space nuke shouldn't have ended.

At a bit of a loss on this one, first time I've seen it.


Tau marchant + Asur vs Chaos Admech if it makes any difference!

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@aram_thehead said in [Feedback] Why do necrons still suck:

what is CtA? @Nemesor-Xanxas uuuh everything that you mentioned that came from TT sounds really nice. It's a pity that some of it was scrapped. I like the fact that the devs went for teleports instead of gauge though, only problems are the looooong cooldown and the inability to dodge anything (novas, asteroids in campaign etc)

Call to arms (the skill that replenishes troops)

I'm personally in favour of the small ID drive use with its own gauge depending on how far you jump within the circle, it actually gives Necrons something to avoid those skill shots you were talking about.

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@schneider11 said in [Feedback] Delay release, game is not ready:

I disagree with delaying the game; so far I find the game fun to play although I stumbled over my fair share of bugs... I bought this gamer half a year ago an I for my part am eager to play next week. I dont mind that some things still have to get patched but in my opinion, this game is playable. Agreed, I am no pro player, I dont need special challenges, hardcore modes etc., I just want to relax after a long day at work with a nice and smooth gameplay experience. Thats what I seem to get so far, thus: no, please don`t delay this game any more, just keep up the good work on polishing it as best as possible. My humble opinion.

My biggest fear is once this is released and it gets HAMMERED on review sites, it'll never recover from it and the player base will die a death because of it.

I'm not gonna lie the first 10 hours I played I absolutely loved, I even put a review on reddit saying the same, unfortunately the more you play the more you start to see how bare bones certain things are, how badly some of the factions are balanced and how dumb as rocks the A.I is.

At least if they leave it in an open beta of sorts, they can continue to take some feedback as they add things and attempt to balance before they fully open the flood gates to critical review, there are so many people that want to see this become the game it 100% has the groundwork to become before it shoots itself in the foot with a 300 person player base 2 weeks after release.

Not to mention just how many people will be on the fence waiting on said reviews because of the poor way game 1 was handled.

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The problem is mate, I'd rather just not!

I'm very much at the point of realising this isn't getting changed and this is not the iteration of Necrons I was expecting or excited for when I first heard them announced. There are so so many ways they could have gone with them being OP on a ship by ship basis but balancing hard around points or the mutiny (phase) mechanic or any other considerably less lazy ways, I mean they seem to have got one part right on how I envisioned it right mind, shame its just about the ships costing a ton!

At the very least tindalos, could you please remove the voice line "inferior ship sighted" I feel it just rubs salt in the wound 😂

Aram, check ANY of the "why do necrons suck" or equivalent threads (there are more than enough knocking around)

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So basically (as I said before) the only strategy currently working is run away and abuse a level 9 skill essentially making it (and pyramidal) mandatory skills, right oh.

So we're all quite happy to just admit Necrons can't actually fight anyone 1 on 1 and we're going to call that flavour? Should Necrons just be a blanked out faction in multiplayer when Cruiser clash comes back?

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@adm_janus said in Community Update - 18 January 2019:

For all people concerned about the more nuanced balanced details here in the replies I would like to highlight this part of the post:

"It’s important to note these numbers do not represent with perfect accuracy how balance factions are. For example, some factions may perform better or worse depending on the skill level of the players, the exact fleet compositions being used, and so on. However, we’re happy to use this data alongside your continued feedback to improve things."

So they are not using those numbers as the only data point for faction balance.

They are listening, making changes and keeping us informed. Have a little more faith 🙂

No disrespect meant here at all Adm but so far the feedback brought up by quite a few people regarding Necrons has been totally ignored, so far this round of beta they've taken the one thing that made them competitive (starpulse) nerfed it hard while also getting a price INCREASE on their already crazy expensive ships. I'm not saying starpulse could have possibly stayed the same but there has been absolutely nothing from the miriad of idea's multiple people have come up with to help them to compensate that loss.

If anyone wants to see for themselves how bad things are, start up a custom game without capture points as Necrons and play against Orcs, see what you can field vs what they can field, see just how close the game is vs the god awful A.I then realise if that was a person that you would have absolutely had your behind handed to you.

People are saying they are having success with them in the capture mode by abusing the LC, Recall technique and essentially avoiding main fleet fights where they are horribly outgunned, are there any other factions where you'd want your admiral ship to be the lightest line ship you can field?? Or where their escorts have the highest damage per point value in their lineup (jackals)
The devs have to realise that just because you CAN win as Necrons, doesn't mean its currently fun to play as or against (90 second wack-a-mole with a mass recall bonus rounds thrown in every now and again) and as soon as the domination mode goes to way of the do-do as per the communities request, this will become even more so apparent.

Anyhoo last post on the subject, gonna go play some more Orcs.

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@beernchips said in Community Update - 18 January 2019:

Problem with people "knowing" is that they can t accept facts are contradictory to their belief. Drukhari are a good example I think because they are OP vs some factions (Orks) and useless vs other ones (Tau). Thats why the ratio in each specific matchups mustbe looked at and not only the global winrate of the faction so in the end Drukhari are not globally OP (otherwise they should have a winrate of 65%+) but are binary instead of balanced

Isn't this the absolute definition of terrible balance though?

I don't want a match to be decided before we even get into the game unless they include an auto concede button at the start of said match ups

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Totally agree but at this point I highly doubt we'll be seeing any new ship models or weapons outside of a DLC.

Trying to make my suggestions as simple as possible using mechanics already in the game and simple-ish number tweeks.

Hate to say it but after reading the posts on the community feedback thread it's probably all going to get ignored anyway!

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Just a straight reply as that quote is getting excessively long!

I've made a few posts myself so I'll reiterate what I personally feel needs directly addressing in bullet points

. Pyrmidal needs to be base on your flagship / reduced crit chance across the board.

. Some form of reanimation protocals reprisented by crew regenning passively / higher base crews / unlimited use of call to arms (rename it reanimation protocals for flavour?)

. Inertialess drive cooldown reduced.

. Higher dps / more guns across the board.

. Higher morale with an instant unrecoverable warp out (phasing) if you manage to break their morale, mutiny feels so so anti necron.

Things I would hate to see changed, flat reduction in ship cost, necron ships should feel superior to everyone elses as the cost should very well reflect.

Any of these changed would go SOME way to helping them out in the core areas they are failing currently.

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