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This sounds good and DLC being free is always appreciated. My only issue with all this is that the game has glaring balance problems right now. I hope that the free patch will also include balancing fixes because with no game/skill/class balance, there isn't any point in releasing maps, is it?

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@streumon-f8 said in ETA for patch?:

@Bowmangr the most pressing issues we need to address are the remaining glitches and performance issues, that's for sure. Balancing takes more time, thought and code work, so if we do work on balancing, it would most likely be a bit later. We got a lot of suggestions about how to balance the game (some contradicting one another), so we do have a lot to think about, but it isn't as straightforward as fixing a glitched door.

Fair enough. I just wanted to know that you are on top of the balancing issues. Of course, you won't find 100% correct feedback from players because some of them play with one game mode and others play with another. For example, Friendly Fire on vs Friendly Fire off has a completely different feel on certain weapons' power level.

In any case, thank you for answering. I'll be waiting for the balance patch.

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@streumon-f8 Good job! Nice to see the game being supported after release.

Any news about balancing though? Several things feel weak while others are overpowered. This applies to perks, classes and weapons and needs to be addressed.

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Any news about next patch? Are there going to be balance changes? I already see certain classes/weapons/perks overperforming and others being very underwhelming.

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I'd like to know what changes exactly.

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we played a special mission yesterday and the objective was to use some valves. The problem is that the markers were showing a point on the map that couldn't be reached. We tried for 20 minutes to find a way to get there but I'm fairly certain that it is bugged.

Here is a screenshot of the map:

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