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There is an animation delay when I melee certain objects around the map. There would be dust coming off of walls and objects before the animation is complete. Pls fix.

I've also had an issue with the gun audio in the very beginning the matches. It was mainly my primary gun. When I tried shooting it, the sound of the gun wouldn't go off after I fired. All other audio seemed to be running well, just my primary gun. Pls fix.

Thank you

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  1. Optimization still needs some polishing. Running a gtx 1060 3gb with i5 5400 gets me around 30-50 fps on mostly high to high settings. Sharp dips in frame rate occur during high levels of in game activity

  2. Lag/Stutters were a HIGHLY noticeable issue through most matches, especially in highly active situations in game such as gun fire, explosions, and gunship/mortar support. It's very difficult to play and ruins the experience.

  3. A greater focus on lighting. Some areas tend to shine a lot more than others and environment seem imbalanced and less immersive.

  4. Customization UI could use some, initially it seems very confusing to click through. Player characters is not very detailed

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