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Yeah the critical chances are what crippled them I find. May as well be a drifting hulk if everything on you is destroyed.

If repairs to their critical components were passive it might be tolerable. Or if they had a better way of actively repairing them. Not having shields means every point of damage can critical you. A passive -%chance to receive criticals night help also

I also find they don’t get to make much use of their Hull Cauterization ability, having to disengage them from combat while they heal up is difficult given their proclivity for having less total vessels.

Maybe we could consider an active ability that shuts the vessel down for rapid regeneration at the same penalty as Hull Cauterization. So you can choose to passively regenerate in combat or disengage and shutdown temporarily to generate more. We could sort out penalties/trade off for the shutdown vessel.

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There is a point to it shouldn’t capitulate you because your team mate surrendered.

When the French signed a deal with the Germans in 1940 it didn’t mean the British Empire gave up. That would be absurd.

That said, why are you playing 2vs2 with randoms? It seems like you want to make friends, so make friends with someone who didn’t leave and maybe you’ll have a new 2vs2 partner

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The only way they’ll take notice is if we keep repeatedly asking for these features.

-hosting games with friends(more commonly know as a game lobby)

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Well, not that I want my actions to make up anyone else’s mind. I expect you all to be self directed individuals.

I also did a refund today. The forums were definitely helpful in reaching my conclusion. Seeing some developer responses helped push me off the fence(and clearly, not in a constructive way)

I’ll see how the game goes post launch and follow its news. I can be hopeful for it. But I’m a realist at heart. I’m not willing to wager my time on this currently.

Hope you guys all make decisions that speak to you. And please exterminate the Tyranids.

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Fundamentally different games on the surface.

Dig deeper and you’ll see that Starcraft 2 has capture points. They are called resources/base locations.

Look at every SC2 map and you’ll notice the crescent shape of minerals and gas. You’ll also notice a bunch of them spread across the map.

Maybe you don’t consciously recognize them as capture points but that’s exactly what they are. Points you need to take and hold to earn resources. Same as Dawn of War 1/2 and Company of Heroes.

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I don't stream, and I can't watch twitch at work. but YouTube isn't blocked. I can't edit my twitch stream on the fly to make it more cinematic. and I can't go back and edit my Archives.
The best thing I can do as an individual is record my games as I play them and upload that. but then we run into the problem of its the player recording while he plays matches. Not an observer casting the matches with both sides revealed and the ship movements, etc from both perspectives.

Just because There are still payphones in some parts of the world doesn't mean I'd settle for the statement "Why do you need a cellphone, find a payphone"

Limiting yourself and trying to claim something is still possible through a very narrow definition is grasping at straws

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I agree that a fleshed out system is best.

But I endured the late 90's and most of the 2000's with some pretty bare bones Replay systems. Like I'm pretty sure the Dawn of war/Company of Heroes replay systems didn't have anything but Fast Forward and pause. and I still used the hell out of them.

As it stands this product doesn't even have the features from 2 decades ago. That's pretty telling. Sure, the depth required has changed, but it's still usually considered a 'ship with' feature.

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@iyagovos said in hi i'm korean warhammer 40K broadcaster A.K.A Robinology this game have observer mod or replay mod?:

Hi there,

We don't have plans for an observer mode in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 at the moment.

To interview the devs, could you please send an email to us at

This quote right here has done more to sway me off the fence then anything else I’ve seen or read this week.

I don’t know what that says to you guys on a personal level but to me it says “there’s no plan for a future with this product, and multiplayer is not a concern”

You at least need either a replay system or an observer mode if you want to generate content/social media traffic for your community to bond over. And that statement seems to completely ignore that concept.

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@lkhero said in hi i'm korean warhammer 40K broadcaster A.K.A Robinology this game have observer mod or replay mod?:

I can use Twitch for this though.. replays are a thing of the past.

First off, god no. I need to broadcast on twitch to watch my matches?

Second, when I was seriously playing games at a top tier level I watched every single replay of every single game I played.

We learn more from the losses. “What did I do wrong?” “How did my opponent do that” etc.

The academic journey from a good player to a great player is learning from the victories too. “How could I do better” “what mistakes can I clean up” “how did I miss exploiting my enemy”

No replay system means we can’t do that. And for that matter, no one in the community can either.

No observer mode would be workable if they had replays. But the combination of both being absent is crippling.

More and more these days, communities are the content creators that give longevity to a title. The harder you make that system the less coverage and spotlight your product will get.

Just because some people can use twitch to broadcast doesn’t mean everyone will. Or that people who prefer YouTube videos to get/produce their media will opt to jump through hoops to make said content. Especially when they can make more content quicker using other game products.

The more I examine this issue the more this games release feels like a cash grab. It’s a sequel, so that feels weird to say. But it’s becoming more evident there are zero plans for in depth post launch support.

Maybe a content pack down the road, but nothing of actual substance.

There isn’t even a system or UI elements in place to support a 2vs2 in house game let alone spectators

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Multiplayer is going to survive by cutting it into smaller pieces? Read your statement again and try and make that argument.

Older relic titles still have Multiplayer communities because every time they released an expansion it faction it didn’t suddenly exclude the people that didn’t buy it.

Keeping the already smaller community playing under a single rule set is the way to go. If there are serious legitimate concerns with the system address those, but we won’t build the community by chopping it up.