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This post explains everything that's I've been going through, but the steam forums are saturated so I've came here.

Steam post:


  1. I was playing the game yesterday
  2. Seen a feedback button so I clicked it
  3. Game closed, malwarebytes blocks an executable
  4. Restored everything, put exclutions, repaired EAC, verified game cache files
  5. Getting an "Access is denied" everytime the EAC loads.
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You're system is fine, I have an i5 4670k and an GTX 780, 8 gigs of ram and the game worked perfectly (until I had a EAC problem recently) The problems are random stutters, random freezes and the game looking like it's loading when you're playing it. It's pretty bad, but nothing to do with your system. There are users with 1080ti's with the same issue and that card is a beast compared to ours.

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I posted my issue on the Steam forums, but I was told that a lot of the devs look here for problems, so I figured I would post my issue in two different areas.

That's the link to my problem, but I'll give you all the tl;dr version here:

I was playing yesterday for about 3 - 4 hours
Was going to take a break and do life things
Before I exited I saw a "Give feedback button" so I clicked it because why not.
When I clicked it, the game... minimized? Closed? I don't remember exactly.
The website was launched and my Malwarebytes freaked out at the EAC I guess and blocked an executable
Did all the verification of files, restoring the file, file whitelisting, repairing and reinstalling the EAC.

The last thing to do is re-install the game, but I have boonies internet so it'll take a long time and the death of my precious bandwidth so if this is something that works, I want an actual confirmation it'll solve this problem before going through the long downloading process.

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