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There are some right good ideas here, i hope developers see this and give them idea, the problem at the moment is that xbox one and ps4 dont have mods, so we can’t take pleasure in driving f150 and chevy and stuff, it would be nice to come off russian trucks and have some changes. Have heavier loads and maybe even custumised trucks, lorries and pick ups.

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Hi Developers and ect, i have a suggestion to make for new game you are making, if it will be the best game you ever do how about make maps with snow and ice, summer bit dry or dessert and stuff, i like iff road games but mudrunner has not enough challenges, and it could be a bit more cars maybe more offroady ones like f150 or something jeep like, and how about you make mr2 with coop rock crawling challenges where you can’t and won’t complete on your own and make it difficult/interesting. Where you can’t go off course and need to stay to path and stuff. What do you guys think? Add comments below