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The game has way too many bugs, grefing is still an issue, optimization is still a problem, some features are missing, and content is way too low

Best solution to the problems with the game right now(and this might be a terrible decision), is give the game fully modding(don’t know if this is the correct term) support with the unreal engine(like how Skyrim, the engine is fully open to the communit). This way, people in the commmunity can make new content by themselves and others can look at the problems with the game and give nwi ways to fix it. Idk if this is even possible but if it is, this is probably (IN MY OPINION) the best way to make progress on fixing this game fast while also keeping it fresh

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This has been around since the beta. Someone put this up 72 hours after crossing was released in September. And it’s still around

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no that is how real life ak suppressors are like. 7.62 rounds are bigger than 5.56 rounds so it needs to have a bigger suppressor in order to suppress the 7.62 bullet sound
thats why the sniper suppressors are so big as well

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No lots of people are getting different types of bugs. For a game made by an indie team you should expect this. You also can’t just say oh I’m not getting it and I’m doing fine maybe it’s just your system bullshit

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i mean like in the main menu and not in a game. so we can customize our classes when searching for a match

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allow us to customize our different classes outside of the game please.
also revert the running animation for the scar and anything with it's animation. the old one for running was better