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Current system is probably a coin flip. Fewest concessions is a pretty bad tiebreaker, TD difference is ok, I'd have whoever the two people are this season play each other in a one-game playoff, baseball style

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm sorry that I can't provide any logs as I completely wiped my hard drive last night and reinstalled windows. It's a little drastic, and a bit early to be confident about, but it seems to have helped!

If everything falls apart again I'll be sure to save crash logs and report back.

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Exciting updates!

I can no longer play Blood Bowl at all.

Tried to play a league game and BB2 crashed four times between challenging my opponent and finalizing inducements. That's great!

I can't even play a single-player friendly match against the AI, I get server errors. Can't create a single-player league, either "solo" or "eternal." Wonderful!

Other things I've since tried include updating all my graphics card drivers and disabling all virus protection and firewall stuff. Running out of ideas here.

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None of the above has worked for me, sadly. I have also tried making a new account and even deleting BB2 completely and reinstalling, hasn't helped.

It's now been close to two weeks where every single time I go through the main menu I get about a twenty second wait and an Internal Server Error. I can still play games but can't watch replays and Cabalvision is completely broken. It's really quite frustrating.

Any other ideas of things to try?

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Seems to work perfectly, thank you!

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I think I could work with that! It's a pretty niche thing, of course, so don't make it a high priority or anything

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Hullo, is there a way to send an arbitrary SQL query to your databases and just get back raw data? I am trying to teach a bot how to look up stuff in GSpy and it would be nice to have easy access to current data without having to download the whole database every day.

It looks like I may be able to hack something together with Export Views but that involves going through an extra layer or two of javascript and is quite ugly if it even works

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The point of controlled, equal progression is the same as the point of rez in those tournaments: to minimize the effect of random chance on the health of the team during each of the stages of the tournament.

Equal progression, or lack thereof, has no effect on this whatsoever. I'm fine with either.

In open ladder play the rate at which TV gains are made is not all that different between the rosters...

In open ladder play the rate at which TV gains are made is a function of how many games each team plays. The point of res without progression in a ladder is to guarantee that, when you spin, you'll always come up against a relatively equal team. This isn't the only way to do that, of course, as I know you've put a lot of thought into the issue.

Large-scale open ladders are almost non-existent in tabletop, while they are far and away the most common way to play online...

Aren't something like 90% of games on the Cyanide client in private leagues? I may be completely wrong, and I have no reference for this but I'm sure I read it somewhere.

The main issue is with the idea that rez and no-SPP have to be paired. They do not.

Oh of course they don't have to, and I've said a couple of times that my own preference is that they not be. Res also does not have to be paired with progression.

Finally, I should note that this is not for any sort of official Cyanide ladders but only for private leagues. I understand that it is a little bit unfair to restrict a league only to people who own the latest version of the game. That happens in almost every league eventually though (how many people still play their league games in BB1?) and shouldn't be a disqualifier for any particular feature.

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I think some of the folks who are following this discussion may not understand how res works in practice, so let me explain a bit more about how tabletop tournaments are actually run:

Everyone gets a set amount of gold to build their team (commonly 1100k) and can then choose a certain amount of skills to add to some of their players. Games are then played with resurrection and one of two options:

  1. No progression at all
  2. Halfway through the tournament everyone adds a few more skills to their team

Option 2) is, of course, "progression with res" and I would argue that it is a "good alternative to SPP" since it has worked successfully for many years. Cyanide doesn't make this easy to do right now, but the concept is well tested. Option 1), which is what I am arguing for, works well also and has two extra benefits:

  • It is much simpler for a computer program to handle. (It already worked in the beta!)
  • It works in ladders as well as tournaments with a set number of rounds

This may not be a "main way to play" online (yet!) but it is a main way to play Blood Bowl. On the other hand, res with full SPP gain is not.

Clearly there are a lot of people on both sides of this issue, so again I would encourage Cyanide to just make it a league creation option.

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Some people on another thread are claiming that SPP gain is actually happening in rez ladders... in which case my suggestion is "don't fix that!".. but maybe make it optional. I do think team editor ladders with zero progression would be fun, too, but they'd be far more niche.

It is happening, please fix it. A switch to make it optional is probably the best way to go, there's no reason not to and it would satisfy everyone.

For those who have no idea why a team editor competition with zero (or at least severely limited) progression would be desirable: Please consider that this is essentially how tabletop tournaments have been run, successfully, for decades. This is a feature that I, and others, have been awaiting for months and it seems reasonable to think that it might entice more TT players to try BB2.

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