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I moved the game from HDD to SDD, and it is a lot better. The “guns not loading” bug still arises from time to time, but just for a few seconds. The game is enoyable again, but performance is still far from perfection...

My game was more fluent and the textures loaded quickier before the update, whereas the game’s folder was on HDD. That is, I believe that this update made performance worst than it was previously for me (and performance has never been great).

I hope the devs will keep on working on improving the performance issues, since the game is really great otherwise.

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Thanks for the tip MLB7, but it does not work for me... Really hope that this issue will be soon solved, as it is quite a discouraging bug. Who would like to play a FPS without even seeing the gun?

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Same here. Always had this problem, but it has gotten worst since last update.

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I used to have this problem before the update. At this time, pressing M and resupplying was enough to load what needed to be loaded.

Since the update, I have continously this bug. Nothing seems to work in to solve this problem...

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Well, despite all the efforts put together by the devs, there are just a few maps, ping is relatively high depending on where you are based, and this beta is quite long (better that than a “too early” release though).

Player base will certainly increase again at official release.

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Read all the posts above and I suppose that our feeling under which Sandstorms feels different from Ins2 is due to a set of reasons:
(i) Gameplay and map design are slightly different, and the the players have to adapt, will have to learn how to improve the team play.
(ii) We also have to accept that Sandstorm is a game on its own, a new experience. Comparing every aspect of it to Ins2 is at the same time great for its development, but not as good as idea considering that we are currently looking to have the same experience as the previous game, that is, finding in Sandstorm something new but identical to Ins2...

So... Maybe time is key here. Waiting for the community to improve their skills, finding our own way to play the game and how to really appreciate it , and I trust that adding smaller maps, with a design inspired by those of Ins2 would not oly improve variety but help to let us play Sandstorm in a way close to Ins2.

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I agree to an extent. While I’m having fun playing Sandstorm, I do think it feels different from last Insrugency and can be quite frustrating fue to the map design.

I think that maps are more open and feel more real than in Insurgency, but I’m enjoying Skirmish and Firefights modes more than Push, because of the time I spend running (objectives being generally 200m away), just to miresarably die from a sniper’s shot, wait more than 30 seconds to respawn aaaand... the game ends.

I used, and use, to play a lot to Red Orchestra (and now to Rising Storm 2), where the maps’ size and tools like artillery support actually make sense, because of the concept of “simulating” battlefields between 32 players teams, the players being more meat than soldiers. Generally, I played RO/RS2 when I felt like being involved in a battle, and Insurgency when I felt like being involved in short skirmishes, with quickier action. Which is not anymore the case for the new face of Sandsorm.

I’m not against bigger maps, agree that more variety would be better, that is, bigger maps but also maps with a similar design than last Insurgency, more intense, without the necessity to run and run to get into the action.

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![alt text](0_1536301835329_Tiny arms.jpg image url)

Just a little graphic glitch, not sure if it should be removed or not, as it gave me a good laugh!

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I agree with all of those points, point No. 4 being for me the most obvious. The textures take a long time to load and sometimes won’t load at all: you start the game without seeing your rifle or without scope. This bug also happens in the game menu: while choosing your class, the character displayed has no head nor arms.

FPS increased since the last beta, but the game still suffers from FPS drops and sometimes freezes.

As to map design, I like them a lot. They feel to me more real and open than in Insurgency. However, I’m not sure spawn points are necessarily well placed. For instance in Crossing in the push mod (the one with 4 points to control and 2 to destroy), insurgents’ spawn feel quite far away from the objectives whereas security’s one seems to be a tad closer.

In the same map, Crossing, I also had a problems because of bushes that are like a hard obstacle, like a wall, which cannot be walked through. I actually died because of that, as I had to run around them instead. Maybe bushes could be like a “soft obstacle”, that is, you could pass through them but it would hurt your legs a little bit and slow you down for a while.

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