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Insurgency Sandstorm is a very fun game and I enjoy it, very cool!

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Got a 1060 6gb, R5 1600, usually overclock the chip to 3.65 GHz for gaming, 8gb 3000MHz RAM and a 240 gig SSD. cool.

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Hey again,
I've updated my Steam and got the new nVidia drivers which released yesterday. I tried running steam in big picture mode last night and I didn't get a BSOD immediately nor did it lock up. I don't know what fixed it, I assume that my drivers somehow fucked up even though I did a clean reinstall of them 3 times up until the new 431.36 drivers released. Now I'm running fully overclocked with no crashes so far. I assume nVidia may have messed something up. (I've done a BIOS update too, yet that doesn't seem to be the cause of my problem) Whatever issue I had in the last 2-3 months seems to be gone now, the only conclusion I could think of is that PhysX was doing some sketchy shit as it did give me crash errors before. As for the BSODs that I had, googling them gave no valuable results and just came back with generic results about how to prevent a BSOD. I'll get back to you if I encounter more issues and try to pass on as much info as I can. Thanks for all the help and I hope I won't need to add anything more to this thread.

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It completely locks up my system, so I can't see any crash errors. After trying a crazy amount of "fixes" I'm now getting BSODs with different error messages each time. I am aware that BSODs happen due to faulty hardware/drivers/windows install. Due to these possible fixes being time-consuming - I haven't tried them yet. I do not believe that I have faulty hardware as everything is compatible and no other games present me such issues, especially not BSODs. Faulty drivers and windows installations aren't the cause of my problem, as I've checked windows multiple times and have cleanly reinstalled my drivers. The only thing for me to do now is to downgrade them. Thank you for responding so quickly - here are the files.
Logs and

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I've had it up to my roof with these crashes.
Sandstorm locks up my computer to the point where I can't even CTRL+ALT+DEL out of it, after playing ~1 round. Having the game in the main menu never gives me a crash but the second I join a match, I know I only have a small amount of time to play. I really love the game but this turns me off every single time I play it. Sys>> Ryzen 5 1600, 1060 6gb (OC) 16gb 3GHz RAM. The game is on an SSD. And no, reinstalling/verifying cache/disabling the OC/updating windows10/resetting nVidia shit/updating drivers doesn't work.
This is the only UE4 game, actually, the only game where I have crashes - especially to this degree.
This has been happening since version 1.2 and I don't even know what to do at this point.
I used to have previous crashes that were along the lines of PhysX errors. I don't get those any more, all it does now is lock up my PC.

More info: MSI GTX 1060 6gb (1.9 GHz) with the latest nVidia drivers. Ryzen 5 1600. 2x8GB RAM at 3000 MHz
Average FPS on max settings is 72-90 @ 1080p.

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Honestly, this really annoys me because, for example of what I'm talking about: Let's say you breach into a room by kicking open a door. The first thing you see are these un-rendered white textures that catch your eye and therefore breaking the immersion of the gameplay. This is quite annoying as this even happens when going around corners. I do love the extra 30 FPS that I'm getting, but I'd rather not have extra annoyances breaking the flow of this middle-eastern town getting overrun by Insurgent forces being ruined by eye catching white walls. Not to mention that this also ruins some combat situations. I've gotten killed a few times already by having my eyes shift to this bright ass chalky shit when I'm looking for towel-heads wearing brown or orange that blend in to the walls. I hope this isn't a no-render zone added to the maps, because then a fix would be hard, i propose a simple fix; have really shitty low rez textures loaded instead of this milky crap.

This is unrelated but the TAA Anti-Aliasing option, it leaves artifacts when, ex.: ADSing with a pistol onto a sand-stone wall, or anything, looking at those dangling telephone wires with, let's say a machine gun, it looks like it has sharpening all over it, and sometimes even looks like it has artifact blocks, like as if my GPU is dying, but this isn't the biggest issue since I just use SMAA T2x instead, which IMO looks better.

P.S.: the milky white shit occurs on all maps. Also the TDM button, I don't think it works rn, 'least not for me.