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I am a married father of 4 awesome sons, I teach and train Taekwondo and I sing in a rock covers band. I have also loved science fiction for as long as I can remember. I have been playing Blood Bowl since 1990 (2nd edition) and have seen it change throughout the years. I am a 10 year veteran of FUMBBL, having racked up over 5000 games there until I switched allegiance to Cyanides excellent BB2 around 2016. I love the randomness and unpredictability of Blood Bowl, and of course I love winning and killing, in no particular order! I often stream games I play on the PS4/XBox One which I enjoy a great deal. I am a regular entrant in the BB2 champions League cup and I have made every PS4 Champions cup finals since Season III (when I decided to have a go). My dream is to 'Do the double' on the Xbox and PS4!

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@mishapz said in Champions' Cup Financial Fair Play Rules:

Can we please get an implementation in this game whereas teams with 20+ games don't get matched with fresh teams or teams with less than five wins. There is nothing that steals the fun from this game than playing a team that is fully developed squaring off against a team just taking its training wheels off.

This kind of system was (Is? I'm 3 years AWOL) used in the FUMBBL Blackbox and it was a very good mechanic to stop minmax griefing teams ruining rookie teams days.
I suggest that this kind of fix would not work in BB2 with it's shallow playerbase (especially consoles)

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Thanks to my 4th game crash on the Xbox (admittedly I have rage quit twice) My season looks lke it's dead and buried on the Xbox.
I love this game, but it looks like I'm going to have to port over to the PC version, as I can no longer handle the instability of the consoles.
I think this is utterly unacceptable from Cyanides point of view, and personally I'm tired of having smoke blown up my ass by way of 'We are doing everything we can to improve the stability issues' etc.

Obviously I'm a bit salty while writing this, but if you want to kill this game on the consoles? Keep talking a good game but get nowhere.

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@bunjemmiejoose - Been there, played 5000+ games, don't miss it one bit :)

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It's no secret I'm a big fan of 2 min turns...Long may they reign!

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2 minute turns all the way for me! I laid down my case during Bernie Buffon's twitchcast but I think it's the way forward for this competition...Clearly there will be coaches that don't like it, so I guess the only real way to see if it has legs/popularity is to trial it.

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I am now on my 3rd game crash/concession, and I wondered if this is a known issue or it's unique to me.

Twice during the game loading screen, the screen freezes, the sound is like a stuck record and then the game crashes and back I go to my home page with a loss.

Once I got to Turn 8, and as I scored (WITH GOBBOS NO LESS) the game went 'strobe' like and as above, the sound went weird and the game crashed.

I appreciate this may be a known issue, and I posted in the support forum but have got no reply, so I thought I would post it here in the hope of getting an answer.

This is super frustrating as it's another concession in the bank that I didn't deserve (I was winning with GOBBOS dammit!) - This will ultimately stop me playing BB2 (which many may not mind to be fair) but surely this kind of unreliability is bad for your product long term.

Love and hugs as always - Calcium

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I'm now on my 3rd concession thanks to game crashes. The game screen went strobe like and stuttered before crashing as I scored while playing my goblin team. NOT GOOD ENOUGH CYANIDE.

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(XBox One) This has happened to me twice now, the game starts, then sounds like a stuck record, the game freees and crashes....This is super frustrating as it's a massive blow to the win/loss record. You seriously need to iron out these glitches, otherwise you will lose your loyal userbase, there's plenty of alternative games out there that don't have anywhere near this level of crashes to cope with.

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16:56 GMT - Server for XboxOne just went down again? (I was winning as well dammit)

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