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If ya krump da git ‘ard enouf from da rite angel, anyfing can be a Stompa, a Choppa or a Shoota.

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3v3 with the ability to decide player distribution per side would be ideal, but I’m happy to settle with 2v2. Seeing as my option wasn’t there, don’t really know what to vote for.

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@romeo You didn't say Dark Eldar in the original post, so you lead me to believe you are referring to the corsairs or Eldar in general. Also, is this BFG or 40K TT?

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@romeo You have really never heard anyone complain about the Eldar on table top? Really? That's surprising to me.

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@romeo I don’t agree with that. I’d rarther not lose a line Cruiser every 30 seconds, thanks.

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@ashardalon They need to do something more radical than add ships to make the Eldar good.

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@nemesor-xanxas The problem with Necrons and Tyranids for me is that there is no frame of reference for them in the game.
With the DE and AdMech I can make assumptions, as they are similar to existing factions from the first game, but a bit too in-the-dark with the other two to feel confident making favours for.

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@ashardalon Theory crafting, Ashardalon, theory crafting. It does no harm to speculate what may be, and what may not.

As for the speed upgrade I’m very aware how good +25 speed is, mezoa pattern drives are almost an auto pick for IN even with a downside attached. I reasoned that since DE ships are already so fast, it wouldn’t be as impactful and the Impaler upgrade requires you to build your fleet a specific way (no lances), so it balances out imo.

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I imagine the Craftworld and Merchant Navy will follow existing Favours, I can't see them differing too greatly at any rate (provided favours work like they do in the first game).

The Druhkari are likely to follow different Kabals, Whitch Cults or a Heamonculus Coven. The 'Favour' doesn't make sense otherwise.

My selection would be:

Black Heart: Impaler Assault Moduels deal 1 addition boarding action, +25 speed for ships with this Favour.
Specialise in breaking defences and rapid raiding operations. I feel this best portrays that, as opponents will never get to retaliate if played correctly and will be perfect for crushing stations quickly at minimal risk.

Obsidian Rose: Weapon Batteries and Dark Lances gain +3K range and the 'AP' trait.
Specialise in master crafted weapons and industrial production in Commorragh, so better weapons for ships that enjoy the Kabal's favour.

Haemonculus Coverns: +1 Skill, +1 to all crew skills
Pure crew modifications make more sense than giving them an upgrade and a skill, I don't want duplicate favours, so they buff the whole crew by one like Water Caste or Inquisition and grant an additional skill slot.

Wych Cults: +1 assault action from boarding, +30 crew strength
All up-in-your-face boarding with the favour. Difficult to board in return, because, honestly, who wants to be in a tight corridor with a bunch of wychs? It's not a fun time.

My original suggestions for the AdMech, copied from another thread:

Mars: Ships with this favour have plus one skill and upgrade.
We all know it already.

Lucius: Ships with this Favour gain the AP trait on their Macro weapons and gain a 25% chance to negate critical damage caused to their hull.
Lucius is known for master-crafted weapons and augments. So their ships are especially resilient to crippling damage, and their weapons are especially capable of dealing crippling damage.
Really want this to keep AP, to make Lucius super-killy against factions that rely on armour.
Alternatively could be a repair favour, pushing the 'difficult to crit' theme further and making ships tankier, but not entirely convinced on how to do that.

Ryza: Ryza ships have +25 speed and +3K range.
Ryza uses experimental weapons and building techniques, aimed at improving the killing power and suvivability of its military forces. Their buffs are simple, and maybe not that exciting, but do stack up with upgrades and are very useful to have.
Alternatively could replace macro batteries with plasma macro batteries instead of a flat range increase. So less overall damage but more range, would be a bit less powerful but more fancy and fluffy.

Voss: Voss Ships gain +100 to their shields and negate 25% of all damage caused while their shields are up.
Stacks with other shield upgrades to make super tanky shielding, since its what the Voss forge-world is very good at making, but wont improve your killing power.
They make good shields, so they get good shields.

I also considered Mezoa, Lukitar, Metallica and Stygies.

Mezoa's primary industry is plasma drives and warp engines, so spood beest for everyone.

Lukitar are eccentric and like to experiment, in direct competition with Ryza, they made a laser version of the Nova Cannon (like the SW Super Laser), so Laser Macro Cannons (see Imperialis Mod, they are like Plasma Macro Cannons but they don't miss) and Maybe a special long range version of the Eldar Pulsar from in-game for ships with the favour.

Metallica are all about efficiency and relentless progress, they pride themselves on their high productivity and crack Skitarii legions. So perhaps boarding upgrades.

Stygies tend to be very secretive and use some non-kosher technology to achieve their goals, definitely the stealth options, maybe also with a detection range buff, as they are all about gathering intelligence and learning everything there is to know about their enemies.

The others I thought where either a bit samey or where just less important than the ones I've got here.

As for Necrons and Tyranids, really don't feel confident making any suggestions for them.

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