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With the release date looming, and by this point it being common knowledge we will be receiving plenty of new ships, some of them never seen before; I have amendments to make to my ship lists.

So. Public service announcement, I guess, since they'll naturally be done a bit differently as there is no foundation for some of these ships.

  • I'll work on them after the game is released and I've had plenty of time to play with the new stuff.

  • Once released, if anyone wants to make any input from in-game experiences/personal stories/fluff theories, all are welcome either via PM or in this thread. Since some of it will be completely from scratch (DE Battleships, I'm looking squarely at you).

Otherwise, expect normal service!

Oh. And in other news, that straw-poll I put up ages ago? I haven't forgotten about it, it just doesn't have enough votes to decide a winner. Right now Rouge Traders and Rak'Gol are tied. hint hint Vote Please. hint hint

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@fosil This was hinted at earlier, hopefully that counts as confirmation.

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@romeo Its still possible. But I'm dubious as to what use they'll be with such a short time for change.

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Also it is theoretically possible to make the pulsars hero wants in BFG1 with existing assets in a mod, but it’s extremely difficult given their are no tools and the FX don’t always line up or work as intended.

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@lkhero said in Deep dive: Eldar mechanics:

If not, stay quiet like Caligar since he's probably sitting in his seat waiting for me to jump for joy when I see the new Eldar in A2.

Bingo, my dude, just you wait.
Im just keeping a finger on the pulse of the community in the meantime, since I can’t really say anything (although I wish I could).

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@lkhero Still a cool down weapon. Though they have seen a nerf, they are functionally the same as they’ve always been.

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@romeo I understand the frustration, and the worst part is the activity on the closed beta discord is really good so the guys who are meant to be talking could be really good community managers... if they where allowed to talk.

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I cant say much, but given some details have been leaked I can provide some food for thought, perhaps. Nothing here breaches NDA.

IN: Mostly immune to mutiny, and =I=DATA WITHHELD=I=



DE: Stealth while moving, good at boarding and very fast but =I=DATA WITHHELD=I=



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@lkhero Closest to official we have is 'some time in the coming months'.
Given there are meant to be 2 betas, and they thought about releasing the game in September, that tells me there will almost certainly be one in October, if not then November at the latest (provided there are no further delays).

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