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C’est vraiment dommage de ne pas avoir un espace où les francophones qui ne sont pas à l’aise avec la langue de Shakespear peuvent donner des retours / suggestions.

Ce n’est pas l’idéal que la majorité du forum ne puisse comprendre ou réagir mais je trouve encore plus dommage de ne pas donner cette opportunité.

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You don’t need limits it’s a poor/lazy way to force players to builds army. The simle truth is we don’t have a lot of ships for most of the races/factions and even when we do, like chaos, most of the ship are garbage so of course players won’t play them. Multi is about winning after all.

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BFGA2 has been release way too soon without the tools to give it a chance in the long run. No lobby for tournaments, no replays, some features didn’t had the polish needed to keep the game fun (boarding still feels lacking, ordnance need a lot of work, to many games are frustrating not because of balance but just because of poor mechanics). As the competitive player I just stopped because grinding the ladder is painful. Half the players I’ve been matched up against seems to be bronze/silver and thoses games are stomp. It take ages to go up despite winning 75% of the time.

If the game just needed balance and had polished mechanics and community tools it would be good. Rights now the game lacks a lot more than balance patch to keep multiplayer going.

That being said some game grow in the long run even after major player lose. And I’m waiting for the first multi event in april but in the meantime without tournaments, fun lobby/events, and good multi match making I don’t really have any reason to keep playing.

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MWJ shouldn't let you rame + torp without any time for the other player to react. It shouldn't be free out of jail card either and it should be punishable wen miss used.

Oh and BS shouldn't need an upgrade to be viable in the first place.

So, buff all bs speed / turn speed to GC lvl.
Then, as you said, add a cast time to MWJ, so it could be interrupted with assault actions and +2 mins cd.

If MWJ can be interrupted by ships near the arrival it kinda defeat the purpose of the skill?

Well, a lot of upgrades are broken, most of them are too good / mandatory or useless. Fixing this one would be a good start.

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Never said I was legendary myself :o

Nevermind, I'm out, you're so full of yourself. Fact is, there are chaos players in the two last leagues with long range fleets. If you can't do the same that's just because you're bad. If you didn't tried you should stop talking about something you don't have a clue about.

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If you can go to the last league of an rts with a spam it has to be competitive, wether its ideal or not.

This is the problem, no other long range ship is competitive right now. If we had another one we could mix it with acheron. But there is none. Give me a good Desolator or a good Executor and I'll gladly stop spamming.

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Never said we should use TT rules :p

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If you take 5 time the same ship and you can achieve leged with this fleet, for me at least, it means that this ship is competitive.

Don't know about your definition of "competitive".

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I just went throught BFG rulebook to look at chaos ships and I came across the description of the orders. I just realized that ships stats have to be very closely related to orders bonus. But in BFGA2, if ships stats are relatively close to TT rules, order are gone. They have been replaced by stances and full ahead speed, rush etc, and stances are very different. I wonder if it could be the origin of many balance problems discussed on this forum.

The gap between close range macro and lance dps is because of reload stance bonus. Some ships overperforming at ranges they souldn't (Slaugter) is because of lock on stance (on release Eldar long range was a big prbl to). Smaller ships being crit every second too. It seems like a lot of problems are realted to stance or the fact that ships stats stayed mostly the same despite stances had changed completely.

So you could keep stances as they are but you probably have a lot of ship modification to do. (as we can all agree that most of the ships in this game are not well balanced) or maybe you could go back and have stance closer to the TT orders.

  • Lock on would be your stance if you want to shoot better = +20% to hit for macro and some crit bonus for lances (100% may be to high, that's why crit resist had to be improved) no more range bonus
  • Relaod would be your mobility / ordnances stance = lowering cd on ordnances / mobility skills, nom more imba +66% dps lol
  • Brace for impact is your defensive stance bonus for turrets / and less moral dmg, no more -25% damages.

That way ships performances would be way simplier to balance depending on only one stance and weapons / ships stats of course.


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I don't use Slaughter that much but when I face them it's very important to scan them very very early. You should start shooting them @ 18 while facing where you want to kite.

With my acheron fleet I need to fuck at least two of them if I want to have a chance.

But everybody speaks about lances being bad etc. In the current meta, close range fleets are more competitive. There's a more global prbl in the meta, long range fleet have a hard time dealing enought damage before getting caught. It has to do with long range weapons efficiency (cost and/or dmg) but it's also related to reload stance +66% dps on macro gun that already deal between 2 and 3 times lances dmg.

If we take chaos for example. Lances are less efficient but acheron is still a competitive ship why? Because of speed. It takes time to kill at range but the acheron can stay at range long enough. But other lances boats can't and are pretty bad right now. So the prbl is lances efficiency depend a lot on the ship chassy and it's tricky to balance. That's why Dev should imo balance ships and faction individualy and not lances as the hole. And since they boost Pulsars and Ad Mech lances I think it's going to be the case.

So you have to look at Executor and desolator and find ways to make them more efficient instead of boosting chaos lances as a hole, because Acheron for example might became OP.

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