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@beernchips said in Grand Cruiser Executor Chaos.:

Desolator have 200 speed like Chaos Cruisers (except Slaughter). Not sure he have same turn rate as Cruisers

No you're right i'm a idiot. It has the same speed I meant the Despoiler and turning speed in general.

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@caliger_reborn said in Grand Cruiser Executor Chaos.:

@canardnoir It has cruiser speed, it's just less mobile. Kind of like how the Retribution is for the IN.

I meant Despoiler. My bad.

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Another worthless ship for chaos.

Another question, why Desolator doesn’t have cruser speed / maneuverability like in the tt? Would be a great way to make it viable / specific. Chaos BS wouldn’t have a great fire power but they should be cheeper a be able to keep up with cruser to see wider use.

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@beernchips said in Chaos and Imperial factions Lance Arty (prow lances):

On the big picture, i think tindalos have a view of what they wants. Lances crit increase but not damage + carriers nerf + ram damage reductipn tend to show that they are avoiding all builds relying on full damages not coming from macro. Torps are untouched allthough so probably next nerfs

What I see so far, since beta, is just back and forth changes, on ordnances, lances, Eldar torp numbers, ramming damage, and some others stuff. We go from one extreme to another, Nids went back from op in the beta to garbage, and then op again with patch two and ordnaces and now probably useless again since their shooty ships are hot garbage.

Lances dps was nerf to oblivion with release, and now they buff crit but it's doesn't solve the dps issue and buff from stance are messy etc It's seems like random changes, like a fucking mess more than a clear plan to achieve a clear goal / state of balance.

And the fact the became lazy and don't release patch with numbers and explanations anymore makes it even worse. Cherry on the cake majors changes are not in the patchnote anymore.... (did I talk about breaking stance selection or deployement zone?)

It's not a question of balancing takes time it's a question of did things improve at all since release? If I look at balance and patchnote / communication / bugs. I feel like the quality goes down, and the coop doesn't seems to work either so vOv

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Biggest problems aren’t related to Chaos. Having internal imbalance is not a big deal it’s easy to fix. But general game mechanics like boarding / ordnance / close vs long range dps / and some others are in a bad spot. The worse is I don’t see 1v1 balance improving at all for the last 3 patch. This lance buff is just another clue they don’t seems to have clear idea of what they need to do. (went back with Asuryani torps too)

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Solution is way more simple than a rework. Just bump up dmg x10 and cd x10 and then you can down shield with macro and maneuvers to fire the lance artillery. (numbers
just there for the example) and then go back to macro for 20/30 secs.

Would reward skill and effort.

The more patch we get the more it seems like Tindalos has no clue how to balance things. This one seems terrible with useless lance arti, undocumented change to carriers cd making them useless. No follow up on boarding despite the new issues. Most BS needs more than a simple cost change to be competitive.

Idk how the many cost changes are affecting the game but i’m not sure I want to spend the time to figure. I feel like we just go from one imbalance to a different one without improvements. Is it just me?

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C’est vraiment dommage de ne pas avoir un espace où les francophones qui ne sont pas à l’aise avec la langue de Shakespear peuvent donner des retours / suggestions.

Ce n’est pas l’idéal que la majorité du forum ne puisse comprendre ou réagir mais je trouve encore plus dommage de ne pas donner cette opportunité.

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You don’t need limits it’s a poor/lazy way to force players to builds army. The simle truth is we don’t have a lot of ships for most of the races/factions and even when we do, like chaos, most of the ship are garbage so of course players won’t play them. Multi is about winning after all.

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BFGA2 has been release way too soon without the tools to give it a chance in the long run. No lobby for tournaments, no replays, some features didn’t had the polish needed to keep the game fun (boarding still feels lacking, ordnance need a lot of work, to many games are frustrating not because of balance but just because of poor mechanics). As the competitive player I just stopped because grinding the ladder is painful. Half the players I’ve been matched up against seems to be bronze/silver and thoses games are stomp. It take ages to go up despite winning 75% of the time.

If the game just needed balance and had polished mechanics and community tools it would be good. Rights now the game lacks a lot more than balance patch to keep multiplayer going.

That being said some game grow in the long run even after major player lose. And I’m waiting for the first multi event in april but in the meantime without tournaments, fun lobby/events, and good multi match making I don’t really have any reason to keep playing.

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MWJ shouldn't let you rame + torp without any time for the other player to react. It shouldn't be free out of jail card either and it should be punishable wen miss used.

Oh and BS shouldn't need an upgrade to be viable in the first place.

So, buff all bs speed / turn speed to GC lvl.
Then, as you said, add a cast time to MWJ, so it could be interrupted with assault actions and +2 mins cd.

If MWJ can be interrupted by ships near the arrival it kinda defeat the purpose of the skill?

Well, a lot of upgrades are broken, most of them are too good / mandatory or useless. Fixing this one would be a good start.