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Go home Nubby, You're drunk....
oh and give me my wallet back you sneak!

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Yes, It seems that its extremely easy for disconnection after a battle, also can't reconnect after disconnect as it will just 'refresh' the homepage

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Hi there, we here @ Chinese player community wish to report a bug: we can't seem to complete this mission Preparation for the end times '准备时间尽头 ' despite having all requirements meet. Its a well-known bug in Chinese forums but I don't see it being reported in other languages. Please take a look if the text translation is incorrect and/or there is a bug with the mission quest in Chinese localisation

Attached are screenshots and a save-file with the said issue.
0_1548681713400_BUG Save.sav
2_1548681856728_QQ图片20190128212402.jpg 1_1548681856728_QQ图片20190128212348.jpg 0_1548681856727_QQ图片20190128212334.jpg
Many thanks!

Edit: I've included English text for the mission name.