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All tge chaos grand cruisers got a speed buff. I'm wondering if the hellfire is mistakenly kept at 150.

The hellfire being only 150 speed makes it worse than the repulsive. Even though damage wise they are almost the same with one difference. The repulsive has torps so it has a damage spike. And the added speed.

I'd suggest fixing the hellfire speed to 170 to allow it to be the medium long range brawler it should be.

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@Aram_theHead Id like to see them buff ordnance first before addressing lances. I think they could develop a perk that would make lances better. Cause i think a good ordnance buff and a lance buff might be a bit much. cause alot of Chaos carriers have lances for default.

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@imptastic id disagree that the game mode is the cause for bfga 2 not doing well. It made the game more dynamic and even helped balance some factions. Bfga 1 problem was that its costumisation didnt apply well to MP. And one could argue that the Perks and ability had alot of redundant upgrades as well and people were gonna pick the mandatory stuff anyway.

The current. System strikes a better balance. Granted. Quite alot of perks need to be revisited and become more meaningful or need reworking. Your fleet comp determines how you will play where in BFGA 1 you just spammed all the same perks and abilities on all your ships with a few ships geared differently to counter eldar faction or the one yer fleet struggled with and MP meta was all about them cookie cutter fleets.

Letting MP die is just simply dumb and vice versa for single player.

IMO. I think you are putting to much stock in the first BFGA Perk and ability consistent fleet system and were fabled by all the "options" when really it was half baked to begin with and you were going to just grab the meta ones anyway even if you were playing single player.

Bfga 2 doesnt beat around the bush and just let perks have fleet wide effects which would be the exact same case in BFGA 1 when you go cookie cutter and bolt belt armor and AP etc etc on every ship.

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Devs have mentioned that chaos will be getting a couple new ships. I wonder which.

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Yeah i fully support this post. I think a good idea. Would be to make the next patches focus around Community building.


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When these things are added id suggest that the devs go on a steam sale and im sure alot of people are gonna at least give it a try. A lot of Popular 40k casters have already stated that they would be very interested in streaming or making videos of multiplayer if it were easier to make them. Cause BFGA 2 has it in the guts for entertaining Replays and alot of 40k fans just tear into these videos like a fat girl devouring pork rines.

This game has alot of potential. It is vastly superior than the OG in a quite a few ways... A few smart moves will go a very long way. So devs please at least consider these suggestions.

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@Aram_theHead depends when it takes place.

Malos Vrykan looks to be some Word Bearers admiral. So it could be a seperate thing all together.

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As title says. The news is good and im thankful for it. But we need some things addressed asap like nid pyro fleets. Ordnance, trap perks, unviable ships etc etc. There has been absolutely no reason for me to play your game cause of how the meta is looking and how limited the gameplay is.

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I do wish that the devs were a bit more interactive with us.