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In the match camera if you move the camera to the bottom left to much it zooms in really far and clips through the map. Then I couldn't zoom back out but I'm not sure about other people.

Also when you are viewing a team (on the page where there is a picture of the team) the picture seems to loop above and below the central picture meaning you get a sizeable bar of grass on the top of your screen and clouds on the bottom which (I'm not sure if it was removed on purpose or not) blocks the delete team button. It did this same graphical glitch in the team creation screen where you have to give your team a name and then a description, team coloirs, logo etc.

I'm not sure if they're not supposed to be in yet so if they're not then great this isn't a problem but not all of the teams are available, I only have access to underworld, kislev, Amazon and halflings.

Can I log into the beta with my blood bowl 2 Standard edition account? If I couldn't then this doesn't matter but if I should then it's blocking me from that.

Other than those half-problems the expansion is looking very sexy so far

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