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I personally like the sniper like accuracy on the storm bolter for those pesky hybrids and far away turrets

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Giving the tactical the ability to actually hack turrets in MP or even a passive hacking speed buff would be nice. Or even the ability to hack blocked small doors instead of needing to just break them down.

Edit: also the addition of cyclone missiles for the tactical (or even assault to make up for the total lack of ranged ability) would be really cool. Im not a lore buff so idk how lore friendly that would be though

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I'm really enjoying the game so far and i hope it's been (and will continue to be) successful enough to warrant more development to prolong its lifespan. If this is the case, and the devs decide to invest more resources into its continuation, it'd be really nice to at least have a tentative "road map" of future work being planned on the game. Not only would fans like myself appreciate being informed on upcoming developments but it may reignite or retain the playerbases's interest, knowing that this game will continue to garner the attention and improvement it deserves.

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