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@cool_lad what do you mean fal and foregrip meta? Bruh, every gun has the ability to 1 shot you. I don't get this, "omg, he is using a foregrip on (insert gun). Must be fixed!!!!" Honestly, if the devs remove the foregrip from the fal, or any gun for that matter, I will just straight up quit the game because of people bitching on the forums like yourself. You are forgetting that coop isn't the only mode bro.

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@GSG_9_LIGHTNING Maybe it's just the feeling I get from win an exchange of bullets, ingame, with another human being, and not a mindless bot.

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@AncientHoplite I really don't care about coop or the players who come with it. Anyone can be good at coop, and there isn't, if not any room to expand skill in coop aside from coop only skills. It's like taking a speed runner from CoD and placing him in PVP. They are polar opposites. That speed runner is not going to stand a chance! It's because of the mindset. He/she is used to a specific pattern and knows what is coming, same with coop, just repetition of the same thing over and over and over and over....... Secondly, coop is like the most casual gamemode I have ever seen in any game. You are just playing it for the sake of playing it. No quests or missions to complete and no upgrading of your character or weapons! Yes, actually playing the game, there is communication and such, idk what else. I just don't see the point of spending hours playing something with no progression. The bots aren't going to go to the forums and complain that the players are killing them to easily. Hell you could add aim assist to coop, or laser guns, anything... but it will always be the same bots, same maps, same this and that. It's like creating a world in minecraft, in creative mode, and just flying around with no point to it.