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Many people, including myself, have felt that the RNG in the gunplay is too high. For instance, the suppsression and stamina sway. There is no real way to really try and counter these things, other than to “don’t get suppressed”, or “stop sprinting then”
While I do agree that these are there to stop players from playing stupid and running everywhere, it does make the gunplay feel way too floaty and inconsistent. I think that NWI should either

A. Remove/dilute the sway of the guns (back to standalone levels)
B. Make the sways somewhat predictable. (ex. whenever you are out of stamina, instead of randomly swaying, they should make it consistently and rythmically move up and down, as to represent the player breathing extremely hard. )

In my opinion, it should be option B, as it does technically raise the skill ceiling, but some people might see it as “taking away from the authenticity of the experience.”

In any case, I really appreciate the hard work that NWI has put forth. Keep it up guys.

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@marxman-lmc said in The gunplay RNG is too high.:

And how is the skill ceiling raised from making it easier to sprint and shoot?

Having a somewhat reproducible pattern introduces another way the player and game could interact with each other, and that's what a skill ceiling is -- how many ways a game mechanic could be played with.

The maps are SO DAMN SMALL that sprinting around is usually out of impatience more than anything else.


If anything it lowers it as now proper tactical movement is less incentivized

I don't think it feels floaty at all, I dunno where people are getting this from.

That's not what I mean. Proper tactical movement is just as important as it was before. The idea of reducing/replacing RNG in the sways of the gun just allows the player to be able to make killing more consistent. All RNG does it make the gunplay less responsive to the player, which is why people think gunplay is floaty.

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I think that unarmored people should die in one shot. Both the AK's and M4/M16's take two shots to kill, the same amount as light armor, which makes no sense if they were trying to buff armor.
-make unarmored people ohk
-light armor should be two shots
-heavy armor should be three, max.

Oh, and also, make people actually slow down and get tagged when hit, that would probably make the practical TTK much higher as well.

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alt text
I was just customizing my characters, when this happened. It works online as well, as I tested on coop. At least we know the full face of the insurgent player model now

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The new update in sandstorm screwed over the audio. There is way too much bass, especially whenever you are shooting in the wide open. The guns' audio has lost its distinctness due to the amount of lows applied to it. The first person gun shots now sound like third person gun shots, and it sounds horrible compared to yesterday. I'm sure that many others and I would prefer reverting back to the original sounds or adjusting it. Other than that, this update is nearly flawless, and has improved the game in nearly every way. Keep it up NWI.