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Any update on Red Rivers dialogue bug? I usually dont buy new games due to them being released with too many bugs. I figured after 7 months since the initial release most of the major bugs would be worked out, but I was obviously wrong. While trying to find a work around for this issue I discovered that not only had this game ending bug not been fixed but there were several other game ending bugs present during its release (whether theyre fixed or not I dont know, I just know the one Im stuck on is not). First, this game should have never been released with this many bugs; secondly, there are posts describing this and other game ending bugs dating back to June in this very forum, meaning that since its release people who paid good money for this game havent been able to use it for seven months, SEVEN MONTHS! I spent 40 bucks and within 2 days of having the game it is unplayable. People that bought it during release paid 60 bucks for a coaster theyve had for, again, seven months. That is appalling. Im either going to continue playing this game when the patch comes through or returning it next time I go to GameStop, whichever comes first. Either way, I will never buy a game created by Focus again because I cannot support these mickie mouse business practices.

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