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I have faith. There has been a ton of feedback given and NWI seems to take it seriously and is working to improve things. I respect that. I have stopped playing though as the fun to frustration ratio is killing me. I'm sure I'll get back into it eventually, but I don't know that I'm enjoying it more than the original.

I will say though that I played the original in v 0.9 when there were only a handful of servers and the changes from then to what Ins is now is huge. So, I have faith that once things get fixed, they'll have a killer game.

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I disagree. One of the draws of Ins is its attempt at realism. You don't get round counts, can't tell exactly how much ammo is in a mag, can't keep reloading and always have full mags, etc. like in the real world. There's no reason why it should be here if the goal is realism.

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I've played plenty of hours of Insurgency and only played Coop.

Sandstorm coop leaves me bored. If someone were to ask what playing coop is like in Sandstorm...

  1. sprint full speed to next objective
  2. shoot minimal people in that area that seem to primary sit at the objective crouched in the corner waiting for me to enter the room or building
  3. stand on the objective and occasionally have to shoot a bad guy coming into the building
  4. stay inside until whatever artillery is done
  5. go to step 1

The beautiful landscape and obstacles are pointless as I just sprint through them racing to the next point receiving no resistance and minimal challenge.


  1. Increase resistance between objectives. I rarely have to work to get to an objective. I just arrive and have to shoot my way in.
  2. Increase the number of bots at each point. I played the other day with 4 people total playing. We we confronted by 7 bots. Whoever wins the spring to the next objective gets to shoot bad guys. If you aren't mindlessly sprinting, there's nobody left after you get there.
  3. Something has to be done about empty servers. I don't know that I've played with more than a total of 6 players.

Please fix the maps to either block access to areas that go nowhere or open them up. I ran all the way up a road thinking I would flank and come from the left to find that the end of the road was surrounded by rocks and I have to run all the way back to spawn to start again.

I continue to be impressed at the number of patches coming and hard work the team is putting in. I have faith. I do.