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@sharkxpunch Completely understand that too. I am/was thinking of the community updates that Squad did with Kerbal Space Program. They would have a weekly blurb compiled by one of the community managers of "X devs worked on Y this week," with X being the QA guys, or the artists team, or the engine guys, or whatever. Of course, in that particular case, they had an early-access game where nothing was secret or prevented disclosure from NDAs. It is likely that this doesn't really apply here.

Here are some examples from some of their weekly updates:

You can see there is some general-purpose "news and commentary" that the community may be interested in to start out with. The update is mostly just a bit of community interaction and part of just sharing something cool/neat/interesting with like-minded folks. Then the blurb of the overall development news is very, very general and brief, but gives a sense of progression and a feeling of camaraderie that they are sharing info, even when that info consists of nothing much more than "they worked on bug fixes this week, and added a wiki page."

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I know it is too early for a release date announcement. I know it is too early for reveals on systems, mechanics, etc. I know it is too early for a lot of things.

Can we at least get some sort of a State-of-the-Game update? Some kind of status update that starts to open communication with the fans and community? Maybe a bare-bones road map, but more of "these are the (very general things) we're working on?" A good update might be the progress on getting a PR/Community Manager individual hired and up-and-running.

There's the pre-alpha closed test sticky up at the top, so clearly we've got movement going on. A 30-minute-total-effort weekly from the devs hopefully wouldn't be too much of a stretch. It might not include very much either, but we'd at least get some communication lines open.

Devs, what say you? @Jellyfoosh @sharkxpunch

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Mordheim wasn't an awful mess. Even if they made Necromunda a Mordheim skin with a few tweaks, it would be pretty good.

Necromunda may not be the game I've always pictured in my mind when I think about what it should be, but I'm certain it won't be an awful mess.

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I'd like to chime in here, a bit late, but I hope that is OK.

A lot of the stuff that was put in to the old TT games was due to the design constraints and the nature of the medium (d6 dice, rulers, and generally immature kids arguing "I could totally jump that far in that situation!!!1!!" or "No way, that grenade would still totally hit you! You think shrapnel doesn't fly that far?!?!"). With the video game mechanics, a lot of that can be handled differently. Is it better? Probably, but it will certainly feel the same.

Regarding the skills and random vs planned, there's no reason it can't be both. The players playing aren't each individual ganger. If anything, the player is more the leader, ordering his subordinates. So progression and leveling up doesn't have to be completely planned by the player. However, a leader can certainly choose to order their underlings to study, practice, or focus on skillsets. So do both.

Have a certain percentage of random character development skill-ups occur without user input. These are traits that the ganger discovers they are good at, have an aptitude for, etc. Because they can be handled this way, you don't need any training time for them. They just happen.

You can also have planned skill training similar to Mordheim. Send your ganger or juve off to train in some skill, it costs financial resources, and some measure of time. You may find yourself trying to train to their strengths that they've already discovered "organically" to maximize benefits, and thus giving yourself a bit of a character arc for a guy that was collaborative story-telling between the player and the game, and not just something from the players initiative.

You can actually do the same thing even with the Mordheim skill system. In Necromunda, when you rolled, you either got attribute A or attribute B most times. You can do the same thing, but still give the player choice. Have the randomness on the random attribute gains be in the category (physical, martial, mental, etc) and then let the player pick the exact distribution (leadership, weapon skill, etc). Some attribute level-ups could be random, some planned. Maybe one random increase per level, and one planned?

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Me too. My best friend had the game when we were growing up. He had the boxed set, and built an Orlock game. We got all of my siblings involved, each of us picking a primary gang, and painting them. I had the Eschers, my little bro had House Delaque, and my other little brother had the Van Saar. I eventually also built a Goliath gang using pewter gangers and pieces from my friend's box set. I bought the Outlanders expansion too.

My favorite thing to do was run juve-heavy gangs with the Eschers. I had all the Escher figs released by GW, and a few that were from other games too. I did a conversion from a Sister of Battle to get a heavy Bolter in my Escher gang at one point. But what I really liked to do was run small squads of 2-3 juves in my gang, especially with the model with the two swords. Run them in close, get in to hand-to-hand, and tear people up.

It was a high-risk, high-reward strategy. They either were killed extremely quickly, or decimated the opponent (parry that six, parry that five). They died, or got so much XP for wounding hits they became gangers fast.

If they died, well, they were only juves, right?

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