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@gingerroebro said in The Epic Store Question.:

So there is nothing negative to you if they chose epic store exclusivity?
Now if they told me that chaos cults, skavies, and a bunch of dlc ect. were guaranteed to be funded by an exclusivity deal I might change my mind cause I want more stuff lol

Other than that, not really.

I never said that, or anything close to it. I currently use both Steam and, and it isn't ideal. I tend to get focused on one or the other for a good while, and then months later "rediscover" a cool game in my library on the other one and play it for a while. And managing more accounts is always a bit of a hassle.

I'm simply stating why companies are using Epic over Steam, and that the status quo is over. Things will be different in the future, and it doesn't matter if you or I like it or not. And that change isn't going to stop with Epic, as @Frank_Lalight points out.

The good news is that generally more options and competition brings out good for consumers in the long run, either by innovation, new services, or lower prices.

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@naloac Right now the community is in really rough shape. Rogue Factor has been advertising for a Community Relations Manager for a long time now, and hasn't filled the position. I've been in contact with the devs from time to time to let them know how badly they need to fix this, and even volunteered to do it temporarily on a volunteer, ad-hoc basis just to do some basic community outreach and communication. They didn't go for it.

If you do know anyone who is looking for a job in that field, have them apply with Rogue Factor. It can't hurt.

I am not too worried about Necromunda. I believe progress is being made, and that ultimately it will be a pretty good game. It may even be a great game. They did have the closed Alpha test not too long ago, and it was advertised here on the forums (not the best place for eyeballs with the lack of other activity, to be sure). There's even hope for a 2019 release, but what the odds are on that I don't think anyone here could say. Probably not as high as we've hoped.

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@fragilehardass said in Underhive wars is going to be awful - heres why:

Well, I see what you are saying (especially in the time-frame you typed that message). Having gotten more information about the testing and the reason for their lack of handing out information/ or updating progress of the game... have you altered your expectations now?

You expect measured reason to sway emotional opinions? Are you new to the internet?

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The reason developers are going with Epic is due to cost. Steam takes 30%+ of all sales through the Steam store. That's a lot of overhead the game developers have to overcome or compensate for. Epic is taking around 10%, so it is easy to get developers to try them out. This price point is part of why Bethesda created their own store/launcher/distribution for Fallout 76, instead of using Steam.

Steam is also turning out to be a bottleneck. Steam has ~90 million subscribers. Epic has more than 250 million off of one damn game. The number of eyeballs/impressions for developers is far, far greater than Steam, and at less than half the cost.

The Epic store is new, and the demographics of the Epic userbase may favor certain games, but expect to see a LOT more games launch on Epic and not Steam. And yes, expect to start having multiple game site accounts. Steam, Epic, GOG, Origin, etc.

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@david-1 The forums are super quiet. Stuff is still going on, though, and moving forward, although I don't think there has been any talk for a release date.