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I believe the match making process in general should be remade so you don't have to find a new server at the end of every match. In the first Insurgency you were able to join a lobby and play several games with the same people where you could build teamwork and get to know them and have a grand time, however here you might be able to have a funny conversation or two and then the game is over and you might never see them again. It would be even better if you would reinstall the map and gamemode voting process at the end of games into Sandstorm so then people will actually be able to pick what map to play on. This would also fix the issue of getting the same map over and over. For the past 5 games, 3 of them were Farmhouse and the other 2 were Outskirts. I would like to actually play some of the remastered Ministry but I can only find it in community servers with outrageous amounts of bots.
Summary: This one and done matchmaking is pretty flawed and it would be much better if you reinstalled the old Insurgency's end of game voting process.