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Dear community,

Today we are announcing the delay of Insurgency: Sandstorm from its originally planned release date on September 18th 2018 for Windows PC. The game will now be releasing for Windows PC on December 12th 2018, and the Pre-order Beta will continue until the release of the game.

This was one of the hardest decisions our team has ever had to make and not one taken lightly. However, we feel it is in the best interest of the game and our community to spend more time working to ensure we deliver the best possible experience.

During Pre-order Beta 2 thousands of players took to the game and gave us great feedback on dozens of topics. Our small, but highly dedicated team has been working around the clock to respond to and address as much feedback as possible; releasing two hotfixes over the first weekend and a significant patch last Thursday. We’ve already seen your positive feedback, as our team have started to address priority areas such as performance, hit registration, and player movement.

Despite the game’s improvement, we are acutely aware that not all of you are having the ideal experience we want to deliver. By extending the beta and moving our launch date to December, the additional time will allow us to make significant improvements to the game with continued input from you. The additional time allows us to target a lower minimum system requirement, address more bugs, work on overall polish, gather additional feedback from the community to refine gameplay, and ensure that highly requested community features which may otherwise have had to be added post launch (such as community servers and custom games) are ready for day 1.

The major goals we aim to achieve with this extra time are as follows:

  • Upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.20 and continue optimizing
  • Improve the character models, textures, and animations in the game
  • Improve the “scoped” experience for both high and low-quality scope settings
  • Improve the level visuals, gameplay and optimization
  • Add more cosmetic item variations and a new forearm tattoo cosmetic type which can also be seen in first person
  • Expand in-game server options to include a server browser, community-run server support, and a custom games system allowing users to specially configure games hosted by our server infrastructure.
  • Refine the game to the point it has far less bugs, glitches, visual inconsistencies and other issues.

We appreciate that these improvements may mean you have to wait a little longer; however we feel it is important that we deliver a game that lives up to your high expectations and that Sandstorm can be deemed a true successor to Insurgency. Those of you who have been supporting us during the Pre-order Beta tests will be able to continue playing until the release of the game, and we look forward to more of your feedback.

The pre-order discount will be extended until the new release date and we will continue to grant pre-purchasers instant access to the ongoing beta along with the 10% pre-order discount. The additional 10% loyalty discount for owners of the original Insurgency will continue to run until the end of March 2019. Note that the Loyalty Discount does not stack with other promotions.

We thank all of you for your passion and support, and look forward to continuing to test with you over the coming weeks ahead of our launch in December.

New World Interactive

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BFGA2 Game Director Romain Clavier here. It’s been three days now since the release of the beta. We’re delighted to see thousands of players jumping into games and providing feedback on everything from faction balance to the campaign flow, and much more.

The Tyranid invasion and the green Krusade may seem unstoppable but do not abandon hope and praise the Emperor, for he is the salvation of mankind. Here’s what we’re currently planning to do in response to all the feedback and data we’ve received during the week.


Campaign update:

Let’s start with the two most common pieces of feedback regarding the campaign gameplay.

  • “I don’t like the domination mode in campaign.”
    • Well, It will be pretty easy for us to add a game option that allows the player to remove capture zones during campaign battles in order to play with just the “extermination” win condition. We still believe that domination mode provides a better in-game experience, as it adds a tactical layer to battle as well as improving the game balance, but we understand the desire to annihilate your enemies.
    • We’ll do our best to deliver this change for the release. If we cannot, it will be implemented with the first patch shortly after launch. We will keep you updated on this as regularly as possible.
  • “I feel under pressure from the urgency gauge”.
    • Fair enough, we don’t want anyone to feel anxious surrounding their solo game experience of the grim dark future. We will be adding an option at the start of the campaign that will disable the urgency gauge. For clarity, we would advise against disabling this feature, as we think it provides incentive and pressure for pushing forward as well as offering a good representation of the critical situation in the Cadian Gate, and being part of our difficulty balancing. However, we’d rather it was your choice.
    • It’s possible we will have this implemented by release, but more probably it will be a part of the first patch.


The main feedback we’ve received here is that you all would like to be able to level up factions in Skirmish. Well, we don’t see any good arguments that go against this request. We will implement this for release! Portrait rewards will still be exclusive to ranked matches, as they’re purely cosmetic.

We’re also looking at ways to continue to improve the skirmish game in post-release content. We’ll talk more about this in the near future as we start to explain our plans regarding post launch content.


Well, balancing is still not perfect but it's better than ever. With thousands upon thousands of battles concluded (and with mirror matches excluded), let’s check the stats up to now:


First to talk about this data a bit. Clearly there are two major outliers in Corsairs and Tyranids, which we’ll discuss in a moment, alongside the higher-than-perfect Ork winrate. However, we’re very happy that 10 of our 12 factions are relatively well balanced, especially given we’re yet to release. Obviously, it’s currently imperfect, so here are our goals going forward.

At first we want to get everyone between 40% and 60% global winrate. Of course the closer to 50% the better, and we’ll continue tweaking beyond that, but it’s our initial aim. It’s important to note these numbers do not represent with perfect accuracy how balanced factions are. For example, some factions may perform better or worse depending on the skill level of the players, the exact fleet compositions being used, and so on. However, we’re happy to use this data alongside your continued feedback to improve things.

As mentioned, the most problematic factions are the Corsairs and Tyranids. Orks are borderline.
Therefore, you should expect in a patch on launch day:

  • A nerf for the Tyranids. Should be mostly based on ship point cost.
  • A buff for the Corsairs. Ships will be cheaper and will have access to the shroud hull attribute, which cloaks ships at the start of battle.
  • A very slight nerf for the Orks.
  • A lot of small adjustments to make the battle experience less frustrating in some cases or with some factions.

Of course, we’re still finalising the specifics here, and will keep you updated with full patch notes once the patch is ready. We hope to continue sharing matchup data with you in future, and are looking into ways to split the data by league to make sure we’re using it in the best way possible.


We have found a way to improve classification of players in the leaderboard, as it’s currently very hard to get out of Bronze league. This update is now live, so please let us know if it seems better and fairer to you (or not!)


Ouch! A nasty bug regarding weapon stats modifiers bypassed our vigilance and is present in the beta. A few bonuses are not being applied properly. We will be fixing it for release - we’d like to do it sooner, but ensuring that our release build is as good as possible is our current priority. Post-launch, we hope to patch issues such as this (or, hopefully, more minor ones) quicker. It’s important to note this particular issue will likely have a positive impact on the game balance, also.

Thanks for all the feedback, positive and negative! Continue to help us in making the best game possible for the 24th!



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After the successful launch of Insurgency: Sandstorm last month and a busy period over the holiday season, our team would like to give you a brief update on where we are with the game's development and what fans can expect over the coming months.

After the last update on December 21st we gave our team a week off over Christmas and New Year’s to recover and spend some much needed time with family and friends. During this period, however, our community and design teams were spending a huge amount of time reading through hundreds of reviews and comments across Steam, Reddit, YouTube, news sites and more, gathering feedback and prioritising our year ahead.

After reviewing launch and reading your feedback it was clear that our first update needed to focus heavily on quality of life and community features, but also deliver additional content.

We hinted at some future plans in our The Insurgency Legacy Continues blog post back in December, and while we are not yet ready to discuss the full line up of changes for the February update, you can view some confirmed content and features below.

alt text

0_1547746947459_iss com2.png

  • Five new weapons including the MP5A5 and MP5A2, which will be available for Security and Insurgent Breacher classes respectively.
  • A new Community Testing Environment right in your Steam Library for easier and more open testing of upcoming updates.
  • Competitive improvements including tiebreaker rounds, leaver penalties, and more.
  • Vote Kick for community servers and additional anti-harassment / griefing measures.
  • Clearer indications around restricted areas, game rules and spawn waves.
  • New cosmetics including Tropentarn camouflage, new gloves, and new eyewear.
  • Some other surprises you might not expect.

In addition to the above, performance and optimisation will continue to be a top priority for us. Players systems and setups vary greatly and it's important we gather as much information as possible. We encourage anybody who is having issues to submit information to our team via the performance discussion and support section of the forums to help us identify and resolve any issues.

We also received a lot of feedback about the in-game community and player behaviour. Our team will be working on various design changes, bug fixes, and other game-based solutions to address or mitigate these issues. However, some of these will require time for us to concept, implement and iterate upon. In the meantime, it is vital that the community aid us and our partners in finding and addressing issues.

As such we have published a new guide detailing the steps you should take if you encounter someone cheating, using game exploits, harassing/abusing players or otherwise griefing, as well as additional documentation regarding Easy Anti-Cheat.

Two recurring topics regarding in-game player behaviour were vote-kick and in-game reporting options. Our team take player behaviour very seriously and are committed to improving player experience. Some of the changes in the February update should take steps towards this, however, we would like to take this time to clarify our current stance on the above.

In our previous titles, votekicking itself was abused by some players as a means to harass, grief, and troll, so we’ve had some hesitation about adding it to Sandstorm. However, we’ve heard your feedback and we understand that when used responsibly this can be an effective tool in dealing with disruptive players. As such we’ve decided to add it as an option for community servers. We’ll continue to monitor community feedback on this and other systems and make changes accordingly.

We’ve also seen some requests to include an in-game reporting system to deal with these kinds of players. This is something we have discussed, however, creating and managing such a system with investigations and reviews of every reported player would put a great strain on our development and community management resources. Frankly, we’re unable to effectively monitor every single player’s behavior and support such a system. We would rather focus on creating good community tools and automated systems to deal with these kinds of issues and put our resources toward creating content and improving gameplay. That being said, an in-game reporting system is something we might explore in the future, targeted at the most disruptive players. For now, we ask that players follow Community Guidelines - Cheating, Exploits and Harassment.

As we’ve said before, launch is just the beginning for us. We have a huge amount of post-release content planned for Insurgency: Sandstorm, and are excited to bring the game to consoles this year and to explore additional platforms in the future. We will be sharing a lot more news over the coming weeks, so be sure to subscribe to the NWI newsletter, bookmark our blog and follow @InsurgencyGame across social media to stay up to date with all our announcements.

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Hello again! Welcome to our guidelines on cheating, exploits, and harassment. In this post, we discuss different levels of abuse and how our community members can help us in dealing with these issues.


We have partnered with Easy Anti-Cheat to help us find and ban players who use cheat software, hacks, or custom scripts to disrupt our players’ experiences in Insurgency: Sandstorm. We take cheating very seriously, so we appreciate all of our fans who help us in combating this issue.

If you come across a player that you suspect is cheating or if you find a cheat available for Sandstorm online, please fill out a Cheat Report for Easy Anti-Cheat to investigate. If you’re reporting a cheat for sale/download, please include a link to the relevant site. If you encounter a player who you think is using hacks or cheats, grab the replay ID of the match from the History section of the main menu and it include it in your report. Be sure to watch the replay first and include the approximate time that the player can be seen using a cheat in the report as well.

How to find a replay ID and Steam ID:

  • Go to the Main Menu
  • Select “History”
  • Mouse over the replay, then click “Copy ID” and paste it in your report.
  • Start the replay and go to the scoreboard
  • Click on the suspected player’s name and “Copy Steam ID”. Then paste it in your report.

Click here for the EAC Cheat report: EAC Cheat Report

For more information about EAC, including bans and appeals, check out our EAC post here: Community Guidelines: EAC & Cheating

Exploiting Design Issues

Our team has been working very hard to get Insurgency: Sandstorm to where it is today, and we are still developing improvements and new content for the future. That being said, we have seen some players exploiting bugs in design. Examples of this include:

  • Hiding in rocks/walls
  • Exploiting Out of Bounds areas
  • Glitching into unplayable areas
  • Spawn camping

If a player is exploiting these mechanics or does something that feels unfair (but they’re not necessarily using hacks), please take a screenshot or video along with an explanation of what is happening, and send it to so that our team can recreate and address the issue.


We have received some community feedback on issues with toxic players, offensive language, and trolling in Insurgency: Sandstorm. New World Interactive does not condone this type of behavior and we’re taking steps to ensure players are able to effectively deal with this whenever it is encountered. Some of these fixes and additions include:

  • Fixing the mute function so it carries over between rounds.
  • Adding toggleable profanity filters to text chat.
  • Adding spam protection to text chat.
  • The ability to vote to kick players on community servers.

It may take us some time to implement these features, but we are working on various plans to discourage toxic player interactions. We recognize that players intentionally harassing others can be pretty annoying. Whether they’re yelling something racist on the microphone, repeatedly (and purposefully) standing in the line of fire, purposefully teamkilling, or taking other actions that can be considered trolling or griefing, we get that it can be very frustrating or offensive. No matter how irritating this can be, don’t try to confront these players. Shooting them in retaliation or shouting back at them will not solve the issue. Hold Tab, hit that mute button, put those blinders on, and don’t feed the troll.

To see the full list of what’s coming next, check out our Community Update post. We have a ton of content planned for Insurgency: Sandstorm so keep the feedback coming! To report bugs in Sandstorm, check out our Technical FAQ. Having performance issues? Check out our Performance Tips.

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alt text

Greetings Admirals,

Today, we'd like to extend a huge thanks to all of you supporting Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2! We're incredibly excited by the response it’s gotten from the press and players!

Join us in celebrating the praise heaped on the game in our new Accolades Trailer!

Youtube Video

Over the past week, we’ve announced and released the first major patch for the game. It includes the usual balance and bug fixes alongside a brand new gamemode - Battlegroups. These battles allow for larger fleets in 2v2, making it a chaotic and powerful game mode of titanic proportions.


This is also on top of longer-term plans announced that include the creation of an entire new grand campaign for the game. There will also be another new game mode giving you access to skirmishes with truly humongous fleets and legendary ships (the Phalanx, Macragge’s Honour, and other ships you see during the campaign).

In addition, competitive seasons, tournaments, and a new boarding system are on the way. Read all about it here. This was all possible thanks to your incredible dedication and support, and we’ll be continuing to improve Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2!

As always, we appreciate any feedback regarding the game. please use our official forum. Also don’t forget to join our Discord to discuss with fellow players and get the latest news from the devs:

We’ll also reveal further information about future content updates in the coming months!

See you in-game,
Tindalos Interactive & Focus Home Interactive

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Welcome back to our devblog for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2! This week we will introduce you to the game’s backstory and explain what to expect from the three faction campaigns.

Working as tutorial as well as introduction, the prologue to Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 kicks off during the Gathering Storm storyline of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The great fortress world Cadia is under siege from Abaddon the Despoiler’s 13th Black Crusade: the Imperium buckles under the largest invasion it has ever seen as fleet after fleet of Chaos ships filled with foul daemons and irredeemable renegades flood from the Eye of Terror in search of death and destruction.


As the Imperium barely holds Cadia, it also finds a way to close the Eye of Terror, home of the largest concentration of Chaos forces. Abaddon, furious at this defiance, launches the Blackstone Fortress in a collision course with Cadia’s surface, piercing the planetary shields and tectonically destabilising the planet. Cadia falls despite the combined efforts of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Space Marines, and Imperial Navy, even with the help of some Necron allies. This is a tremendous blow from Abaddon’s forces.

Youtube Video

The story can go in three very different directions from here, depending on your choice of campaign.

For the Imperium, Admiral Spire returns from the Warp, translating back into real space hundreds of years after the Gothic War to discover his efforts to protect the Imperium were almost in vain. Arriving after the Battle of Cadia, his desire for retaliation is immense and he is ordered to take back control of the highly symbolic ruins of Cadia. Taking command of the Imperial Navy, Adeptus Mechanicus, and Space Marine forces, this campaign follows Spire as he safeguards the galaxy against Chaos and all lurking xeno races of the 41st Millenium.


In the Necron campaign, you play as Amarkun the Gatherer, right-hand of Kephrekh the Unbroken, one of the dynastic lords of the Necrons. You begin by awakening the great tomb planets of the Sentinel Worlds sector, but are quickly embroiled in wars against other races. With the 13th Black Crusade raging each Necron dynasty has its own schemes and you will discover how Trazyn the Infinite has his own suggestions for how Amarkun should assist Kephrekh.

Finally, as the Tyranids, the Great Devourer continues to hunger and finds its way to the Aegis Ocularis. All narrative elements come from how the other races respond to the ever-spreading Tyranid fleet and its never-satiated jaws. Devour every one of them until all of the galaxy is consumed, and help them to find a peaceful end in the belly of the Beast.

Youtube Video

Hopefully that gives you a small taste of what to expect from our take on the future of the galaxy in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2. Which side will you bring to glory, and who are you most looking forward to ruining? Next time, we’ll go in-depth on how a game of Armada 2 is played.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 releases on Steam in January 2019. You can already pre-order for Beta Access before the release of the game, and a 10% discount!

Returning Battlefleet Gothic: Armada players on Steam instead benefit from a 25% loyalty discount on their preorder of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2.

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alt text

Hello everyone!

Today, we’re happy to launch a patch on PC, featuring bug fixes and gameplay improvements. As usual, please don’t hesitate to leave your feedback or ask us any questions you may have with regards to the changes.

You can find the full changelist below:

Bug fixes

  • Conflict between controller and mouse in fullscreen fixed.
  • Multiple mesh/texture issues corrected (new trucks, houses, addons)
  • Minor fixes to some of the truck attributes (suspension, mass properties)


  • Behaviour of 4x4 scout vehicles in the mud improved: smaller vehicles are more off-road capable now and more stable in mud
  • Visual improvements to USA maps.
  • Minor improvements to some of the addons (platform with loader is now longer)
  • Some visual improvements: "birch" trees have now brown bark
  • Modifications to new USA maps : additional routes added, and only 1 instead of 2 fuel stations are now available per map, making them more challenging and requiring more strategic thinking.

Happy holidays to you all!

The Spintires: MudRunner Team

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Since the link doesn't work and there's already a work around, I'm going to lock this thread!

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Greetings Admirals!

We’re excited to announce that our second update for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 will be available in a few hours for testing on the Beta branch.

This new patch features various balance changes and bug fixes, including a rework of the boarding mechanics based on your feedback, various balancing tweaks, and stability improvements to the campaign co-op mode. Please find more details and the full patch notes at the bottom of this post.

To access the next patch in the Beta branch, please follow these steps:

  • In your Steam Library, right-click on Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II and go to Properties.
  • Go to the BETAS tab and select this branch: beta_nextpatch
  • Confirm and click on PLAY to update your game (you might need to restart Steam to see the update).
  • Once the game is updated, you have access to the beta of the next_patch of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II.

As always with a beta, we recommend you to backup all your saves before trying out the next patch. You can find your save in the following folder: C:\Users*yourusername*\AppData\Local\BattlefleetGothic2

Please test the latest changes and let us know on what you think our Steam community hub and official forum. Make sure to specify that you’re posting about the Beta branch when posting feedback. You can also join our Discord to meet fellow players and get the latest news from the team:

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ: Keep in mind that this is a Beta version and you’re likely to encounter bugs and technical issues. That’s precisely why we release the patch in the Beta branch first. We’ll improve the version based on your feedback.

As the team works hard on improving the game with features and balancing based on your reports, you can find more info about our long term plans in our previous announcement.

We’ve also seen the feedback that some of you miss the persistent fleets from the first game. We wanted you to know that it’s been noted on our side. We’ll be looking at what could be done to improve that aspect and keep you updated in future posts.

Stay tuned next week for the full release of the patch, as well as news about our upcoming competitive system.

Some words about mechanics changes and balancing from game director Romain ‘Ravensburg’ Clavier


Boarding in BFGII is a tricky thing to design and we already tried several different solutions for it during the various phases of production. We’re happy that we have something solid now that gives alternative gameplay for brawling factions. But, to be honest, the “alpha strike” feeling of boarding doesn't quite simulate the combat intensity aboard ships of the 41st millenium and creates useless frustration in some situations, as many of you have pointed out.

We have decided to add a delay to the boarding mechanic resolution, as well as a way to slightly counter the assault action.

Boarding redesign:

  • Each boarding action puts a boarding stack on the targeted ship.
  • The number of stacks depends on the ship tonnage, same as the current damage multiplier.
  • Boarding stacks on a ship are resolved one by one starting with the first received.
  • It takes 5 seconds for a boarding stack to be resolved.
  • Each boarding stack deals damage depending on the boarding efficiency attribute of the faction.
  • Each boarding stack has a chance to deal an additional troop damage depending on the critical boarding attribute of the faction.

An Imperial cruiser will put 3 boarding stacks on an enemy ship
Each stack will deal 1-2 damage with a 10% chance to crits due to the brutal strike attribute (giving +1 damage). So basically between 1-3 damage, but with an uneven spread chance.

Call to Arms redesign:

  • While on call to arms stance the following modifications apply to the ship:
    • All boarding damage received is reduced by 1
    • Ship speed is halved
    • Weapon’s cadency is halved
    • All skills are frozen except for cancel order and formation.
    • All skill cooldowns are frozen except for cancel order and formation.
    • All maneuvers are frozen
    • Maneuver gauge is frozen
    • Shield regeneration is disabled
    • Holoshields are disabled
    • Shadow field is disabled
    • Player may click on a button above the ship to exit call to arms state.

Based on the previous example, under call to arms, the damage of each stack would be between 0 and 2.

Transfer crew, new boarding skill

  • Can be launched at a targeted friendly ship at the cost of 1 troop to heal 1 troop.
  • A ship must have suffered at least 1 troop damage to become an eligible target.
  • Usable by all factions except Tyranids.
  • Usable by all tonnages of ships.
  • Will work on any allied faction except Tyranids.
  • Other boarding actions can no longer be launched on friendly ships, only transfer crew.

We feel like it was quite frustrating in multiplayer to select skills and upgrades before knowing which opponent you are going to face and the battlefield configuration. For this reason, players are now allowed to set their skills and upgrades during the deployment phase. It will probably radically change the whole meta of the game, and we’re excited to see what effect it has on winrates.


Based on your feedbacks, we feel the need in campaign to give more control over the reinforcement mechanics.

Players can now set before a battle which ships will be deploy first from all of their engaged fleets.

Also, the in-battle reinforcement mechanics has been improved by giving you control of when a reinforcement ship will enter the battlefield. Reinforcement ships no longer enter the battlefield automatically but stay in reserve. Players may now click on the card of a ship in reserve to gives a direct order to that ship. The ship will enter the battlefield from the closest deployment zone to the given order.


Matchmaking was initially set to favor finding matches very quickly at the cost of potentially matching players of very different skill levels. Naturally, some of you expressed their frustration of matching with a player that was too powerful or too weak.

So from now on matchmaking will tend more to match players of the same league, but matchmaking search time may be a bit longer. We’ll continue to monitor both match quality and matchmaking time and make adjustments as necessary.

We decided to temporarily remove 2v2 from ranked as it was having an adverse affect on the leaderboard through quitter abuse and other issues. We’re already working on a separate and cleaner 2v2 leaderboard which we hope to deploy in an upcoming patch.


  • Imperial Navy are in a pretty bad shape at the higher ranks, so we’ve reworked the “Encouraging Speech” ability, now called “Commissar Encouragement.” It gives awesome bonuses to the ship at the cost of 1 crew point. Also, max fires on a ship has been increased from 4 to 10 - heretics and xenos will burn much better this way.
  • Some players point out the fact that the Adeptus Mechanicus feels too similar to the Imperial Navy regarding their gameplay. We agree with that and have explored new ways to give them the feeling of a truly unique faction that uses ancient and valuable technologies. The Adeptus Mechanicus “Emergency Repair” is replaced by a more powerful “Prayer of the Omnissiah” and their Nova Canons now have a second type of ammunition, the “Grav Cannon Shot”. All their lances deal more damage and all their ships now have the “exceptional accuracy” attribute.

alt text Grav Cannon Shot

  • Tyranids once again received a lot of attention as they still get ripped apart at higher ranks. All their orders have been replaced by new and better ones. The new “Breeding Pool” gives back crew points up to the current step limit, making them very hard to kill by boarding actions. “Overloading Cavities” replaced “Swarm Mutation” and gives back 1 charge to every skill at the cost of 1 crew per charge, creating a great synergy between these two orders. Finally “Enhancing Chase” order clears the rush cooldown. We truly hope to see more Tyranids in legend with those new tools!
  • Necrons will be back as they now regenerate 1 crew point every 60 seconds. Also their squadron benefit from extra Doom Scythe!
  • “Honor the Chapter” now scales its damage depending on the ship’s tonnage, giving a better incentive to deploying the Space Marine Battle Barge.
  • Asuryani are still monsters on the leaderboard, especially due to their torpedo runs. We decided to be a bit drastic and limit their torpedo charges to 1. In the meantime they and the Corsairs now deal more damage with their lances, to encourage fleet diversity.
  • Aeldari in general no longer ignore the effects of pierce armor weapons, as they became a flat reduction of 25 armor points instead of automatically setting the enemy armor to 50.

Patch 2 Known Issues

  • Potential crash in multiplayer with the Grav Cannon (new Adeptus Mechanicus Nova Cannon ammunition)


Change log Patch 2 Battlefleet Gothic Armada II

New feature/Retakes

  • The boarding mechanic, a core feature of the game, has been reworked.
  • Improvement and rework of the reinforcement feature. It now gives more control over the way fleets are deployed in campaign mode. Allows the player to choose which ship will be deployed just before mission launch and reinforcement flow
  • Rework of the deploy feature in multiplayer (skills and upgrades can now be picked in deploy mode)
  • 2v2 mode fleet capacity is now 1000 points by default
  • Rework of the warp risk GUI: different display if the warp risk is new or older in the GUI score screen + display of the warp on ships in campaign
  • Added a security step for the client’s disconnection during the AI turn in campaign
  • Updated escort ship limitation number in multiplayer: 1/LC, 2/C - BC, 3/GC - BS + add a function to retrieve unit cost without getting all the body part from the unit
  • Added tutorial tip on how to switch between galaxy and sector view (All campaigns)
  • Clicking on an objective now centers the camera on the concerned system
  • Added the upgradable POI number of each sector in galaxy view
  • Added feedback when trying to buy a leader without enough fleet value available
  • Added a “Retreat” skill on all ships that forces the ship to leave the battlefield by the closest edge. Counts as a classic disengage regarding score


  • Spore Field skill radius increased from 1650 to 2000
  • Pressure Spines upgrade now applies to all spore fields
  • Necrons now regen 1 crew every 60 seconds up to the actual step limit, linked to Reactive Hull
  • All Addmech ships now have exceptional accuracy
  • Maximum accumulated fire number on a ship increased from 4 to 10
  • Overcharged Lances trait now gives +9000 range instead of +4500
  • Space Marines’ boarding torpedoes cost has been upgraded
  • Adeptus Mechanicus lances damage increased by 50%
  • Pulsar damage increased from 30 to 35
  • Tyranid escort cost has been reduced
  • Heavy Rail Guns’ angle reduced from 270 to 90
  • Blood Letter Parties now apply 10 boarding charges with a 120 second cooldown
  • Honour the chapter now deals boarding damage depending on the ship’s tonnage - ES/LC: 1, CR: 2, BC: 3, GC: 4, BS: 5
  • Craftworld torpedoes’ loads reduced from 3 to 1
  • Armour piercing ammunition upgrade is now a flat armour reduction of 10 points
  • Armour piercing is now a flat reduction of 25 points instead of an armour set to 50 points
  • Canticle of Omnissiah: boosts by X maneuver gauge/Boost by X Shield
  • Commissar skill: Boost by X Morale/Boost by X maneuver gauge/Boost by X Shield
  • Add an alternative ammunition to Adeptus Mechanicus ships on 1 charge skill Gravity Cannon Shot
  • Feeder Tentacle skill now has various boarding values depending on the ship's tonnage
  • Boarding critical now deals 1 damage, whatever the ship’s tonnage is. (the critical probability depends on the ship’s tonnage)

Co-op mode

Some progress has been made on the Coop mode. Please note that the co-op mode will be the main focus of Patch 3.

  • Fixed the stop co-op button that was kicking the host to the main menu
  • Fixed the score screen that wasn’t displaying when the client reconnects after a game
  • Fixed the guest camera that wasn’t focusing a system under attack just after a battle
  • Fixed players being stuck at the end of their second battle
  • Fixed upgrade button animation for the client
  • Fixed some elements of the client UI
  • Updated co-op achievements
  • Fixed several crashes in co-op
  • Updated game over screen
  • Removed the reload button for the client
  • Fixed background faction cinematics
  • Added a protection against a crash for null body part
  • Fixed the blocked connection panel that now disappears if the client connection fails
  • Fixed data representing Seglei that wasn’t changing ship client-side in the Necron mission The Prize
  • Fixed the guest that couldn’t see which general was the main hero during campaign battles
  • Fixed the bug that was allowing skill cancellation if the ship possession changed when a player was about to launch a skill
  • Fixed client being disconnected ingame, server should not considered the game as lost anymore
  • Fixed the white squares on the faction icons

General Fixes

1/ Campaign fixes :

  • Fixed an error that wasn’t granting campaign effects to ships
  • Fixed fleet selection panel (pre-engagement) that wasn’t working properly if the player was opening a new one without launching a battle
  • Protection added on the Blackstone shoot trigger if this one is not destroyed during the shot in the mission Star Makers
  • Fixed a bug that created a defeat when one of the player’s flagships was destroyed in the mission The Stronghold
  • Fixed the absence of an objective when introducing the Ancient One (informing the player that it must not die) in the mission Last Gasp
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying an empty map when launching a campaign introduction mission with the skill selection feature
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying the reinforcement ships over the map when selected
  • Fixed Ancestral Genome Panel display
  • Improved mine visual on the campaign map
  • Fixed incorrect display of upgrades in fleet viewer when above 12
  • Fixed the Space Station’s name (Magnis Dominum) in the Tyranid mission The Flesh Is Weak
  • Fixed the achievement “Natural Selection” that couldn’t be unlocked
  • Fixed the Tyranids crash on Belis Corona
  • Fixed the position of the fleets obtained as reward. Can’t spawn in a locked or hidden sector anymore
  • Fixed a crash linked to the achievement of an objective, where the player loses Spire’s fleet
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing the player to save a game during the enemy’s turn
  • Fixed the achievement “The End of an Immortal Race” that couldn’t be unlocked at the end of the mission “Protector Of The Seventh Path”
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to deploy their ship in the monuments areas in the mission Chosen of Abaddon (Nurgle)
  • Fixed a bug that was hiding objectives if some of them were already completed
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the ship hull value to update when repairing this ship in the Ship Viewer (campaign)
  • Fixed a text that was not translated in the mission Protector of the seventh path / Imperial Truth
  • Fixed an error of cinematic trigger in the mission Apostle of Destruction, if the Vengeful Spirit is destroyed during a dialogue
  • Fixed the Death Guards Admiral ship that had no name
  • Fixed the Space Station’s name that didn’t match with the name presented in the dialogue
  • Fixed an incorrect mission name (The prize Part 2 > 1) in the mission summary
  • Fixed the fleet power value that was able to show a number of 0 and was creating blocking situations
  • Fixed the Imperial Pirates’ ships’ names that were not translated
  • Fixed an error of warp risk display if there were several of them
  • Fixed an incorrect reward description of the Imperial Truth mission objective
  • Fixed a wrong name feedbacked when clicking on the F5 input (auto-save > quicksave)
  • Fixed POI bonuses in the Necron campaign giving battleplans
  • Fixed the Disengage skill for AI that should now be launched during scripted missions
  • Fixed the bug that was blocking the camera movement in the sector/galaxy view when an on-map element was selected
  • Fixed a bug that prevented an objective validation when the player had to execute a Lightning Strike on the Phalanx with Trazyn during the Necron mission The Stronghold
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t display Turrets/Space Stations on enemy systems in the system overview
  • Fixed the Biomass reward icons
  • Fixed a bug that was activating the Plasmic Medusae event instead of the Plasma Storm when the player finishes the mission Slip Through the Net
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some rewards to be properly displayed in the renown panel
  • Fixed the fleet creation button that was appearing when the player was moving a fleet on a possessed system
  • Fixed the objective Flesh is Weak that didn’t unlock the environmental effect Giant Asteroid
  • Fixed the bug that was allowing player to select a system during the AI turn.
  • Fixed the Repair Troops replacement values in the Game Help

2/ Battle fixes

  • Fixed ships disengaging on the edge of the map (retreat) that weren’t taking warp risks
  • Fixed the revoke button on the flag ship that wasn’t displayed in the Fleet builder (multiplayer)
  • Fixed criticals calculation system on Runic Targeted Node
  • Fixed Tooltip on the Boarding skill
  • Fixed the Sooper Zzaps that wasn’t giving a 50% chance to avoid the holofield
  • Added a ping button on the minimap
  • Updated skin on speed buttons
  • Updated the ship overlay: boarding widget + reworked stance/fire graphics
  • Added a blood FX for Tyranids’ collisions
  • Updated: thicker Dark Eldar missile trail
  • Added cast FX to Augur Disrupt skill
  • Improvements to Chaos macro FX
  • Added trail to Tyranids’ ordnance
  • Added new FX for Ork Plasma Bomb
  • Improved feedback for ship part criticals
  • Improved highlight on stealthed ships when hovering over it with mouse
  • Fixed light macrocannon that was using heavy macrocannon impact explosion FX
  • Reduced size of Defence Platform minimap symbol
  • Selected skills and upgrades are now still selected after a battle
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to change his own skills and upgrades by selecting enemy skills and upgrades in the battle menu
  • Fixed the Holo/Shadow FX that wasn’t disappearing before a Microwarp Jump
  • Fixed a bug causing maneuvers buttons to be disabled for no reason
  • The achievement "Survival of the Fittest" can now be unlocked
  • Added new skills icons for Chaos, Imperium and Tyranids
  • Enhanced Chase skill
  • Fixed Necron Boarding skill FX
  • Fixed repair troop FX over time
  • Fixed a bug that hid the Call to Arms stance icon while it’s still active
  • Fixed the dust FX in the medium/large asteroid fields that were not centered
  • Fixed a bug that was switching enemy stealth ships into bleeps when the player was taking back control of a Drifting Hulk
  • Added FX to Dolmen Gate skill
  • 2v2 Capitulation now asks for confirmation from the 2nd player
  • Fixed the Elo gain that was displayed on the scorescreen after a 2v2 game
  • Fixed the Ork upgrade Ded Big Gunz that wasn’t working for some weapons
  • Fixed the Spore Field range circle that was the wrong size
  • Fixed Tyranids’ macro weapons accuracy
  • Fixed the Call to arms button on ally
  • Fixed the AI Tau faction that can now select a Warefare
  • Fixed the auto-engagement that now is priority before Retreat
  • Fixed the Overload lances attribute tooltip.
  • Fixed the bomb range GUI that wasn’t displayed around ships.
  • Fixed the Micro Warp Jump skill that wasn’t displaying the ship ghost (feedbacking the new position).
  • Fixed the Power Ram upgrade.
  • Fixed the 2v2 vs AI game launch issue.

3/ Structure fixes

  • Added a security check validating the name when a new save is made
  • Fixed the right click (on an enemy ship) Sound FX that wasn’t influenced by any of the audio settings
  • Fixed the phantom lance attribute that now works on Tracking Sense instead of Lock On
  • Fixed a bug that was granting invulnerability to Tau ships (guest player side) when canceling a Warp Out at the last moment + the warp out FX was displayed indefinitely
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As we've announced a few days ago, Insurgency: Sandstorm’s major update on November 8 will bring many much-requested changes as we prepare for launch on December 12. This update includes a brand new map, Precinct, a new Insurgent weapon, as well as various options, tweaks, and fixes.

Youtube Video

The new update teaser trailer showcases Precinct, a large scale urban map set within the fictional, contemporary conflict of Insurgency: Sandstorm. Tight corners, broken barricades, destroyed streets of burnt-out cars and makeshift roadblocks epitomize this map, bringing the frenetic action and tactical squad-based play of Insurgency to a brand new, urban locale.


Other improvements include graphical options, anti-aliasing, animation and character models, plus related optimization improvements to help the game run better on more systems, along with additional cosmetics. These, plus additional server browser improvements, will continue to see changes in the run up to release.

Finally, gameplay changes will target everything from hundreds of improvements and bug fixes to the specifics of movement speeds, weapon statistics, map layouts, an Unreal Engine update to version 4.20, and more. A full changelist will be available upon release.


Insurgency: Sandstorm releases on December 12 for PC. Steam pre-orders are available now and give instant access to the ongoing beta testing phase. Insurgency: Sandstorm will come to consoles in 2019.

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alt text

Hello everyone,

It’s been nearly two months since the release of Space Hulk: Tactics. First of all, we want to thank you for your continuous support and feedback.

Today, we’re very happy to share with you the Second Major Update for consoles. This patch includes various features, bug fixes and game improvements, such as game speed adjustment, AI improvements, and so on. This patch also fixes the issue where Asian PS4 players could not finish the tutorial in the Terminator campaign due to a control issue.

Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any issues regarding these changes.
You can find below the full changelog.



  • Added 2 additional animation speeds for the game: Fast and Very Fast. Speed is locked to "Very Fast" in Quick Match and can be changed in the lobby for other multiplayer modes, and can be changed in-game for single player games (right stick click by default). Default speed can be changed in the options menu.
  • Added campaign new mini Skirmish maps (30 total)
  • The name of the map is now displayed when opening the extended map and objectives in Skirmish
  • The turret description now fully explains its behavior
  • Added new dialogue during Genestealer Mission 5, Mission 6 , Mission 8, Mission 9, and Terminator Mission 13 and Secret Relic Mission

AI Improvements

  • [AI] Improved the AI handling of locked doors
  • [AI] Fixed a number of edge cases not being supported by the AI
  • [AI] Made the Genestealers more aggressive
  • [AI] Fixed a case of Genestealers not attacking Terminators in melee
  • [AI] Fixed a case of Genestealer AI not attacking a Terminator when starting next to it
  • [AI] Fixed the Genestealer AI not handling rubbles in diagonals
  • [AI] Genestealer AI should now commit more when it decides to launch a suicide attack
  • [AI] Fixed a case of Terminator AI stopping when a Genestealer objective is failed
  • [AI] Fixed the Terminator AI spreading too thin when it has to survive
  • [AI] Improved the behavior of Terminator AI when it has to survive and protect a console
  • [AI] The Terminator AI should place its Force Barriers in better locations


  • Fixed the issue that Asian PS4 players could not finish the tutorial in the Terminator campaign due to a control issue.
  • Fixed a case of Overwatch overlay not disappearing at the beginning of the next Terminator turn
  • Fixed the AP counter not updating after unjamming
  • Fixed ammunition and psy points counter not refreshing properly
  • Fixed the Jam icon not refreshing immediately after unjamming
  • Fixed the AP counter for Genestealers not refreshing properly with the special rule “slow start”
  • Fixed the leaderboard not displaying properly
  • Fixed the Terminator Campaign "clues" icon being in low resolution
  • Fixed a graphical issue during the cinematic if the sergeant was planting the bomb during Terminator Mission 5.
  • Fixed the first Terminator Mission secondary objective not giving its reward
  • Fixed text error for several campaign events
  • Fixed the view not switching to Isometric when using a warp bubble in FP view
  • Fixed the Reaperfex not being able to cross a diagonal blocked by an obstacle
  • Fixed an issue where activating cards would cancel sustained fire
  • Fixed consoles being indestructible by default
  • Fixed emblems not displaying properly if the Terminator was too far away
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with a Space Wolf emblem
  • Fixed an issue with emblems on Stormbolters
  • Fixed some vanilla customization options not being available due to the preorder DLC
  • Fixed various typos and text mistakes throughout the game
  • Fixed a roster desync if the host changed his roster before the client joined
  • Fixed a case of sounds not playing after loading a save
  • Fixed a case where rank points were not gained after a victory
  • The Scorpion turret Overwatch colour now update immediately when being changed by activating the linked console
  • Fixed Genestealer Biomorphs playing the wrong animation when being killed in melee
  • Fixed the extended map legend being displayed behind the map
  • Playing a card no longer removes the free shot after a movement
  • We can no longer cancel a bomb deployment by toggling “move and shoot”
  • Removed an obsolete reward when losing a “samples” optional mission
  • Fixed wrong flow when exiting the campaign screen
  • Fixed an issue when trying to exit the leaderboard screen
  • Fixed a case where the player could get stuck in an invalid state during the tutorial
  • Fixed not downloaded maps causing freezes in the session browser
  • Fixed roster not being synchronized when inviting a friend in a private session
  • Fixed not loading gameplay speed correctly when loading a save from main menu
  • Fixed Terminators facing an incorrect orientation upon waking up
  • Fixed cinematics playing on the wrong character (e.g. playing "reveal" cinematic of the 2nd genestealer on the 1st Genestealer; who is standing still)
  • Fixed interrupted move & shoot animations during AI turns causing AI to visually slide on the floor
  • Fixed Miasmic Biomorph so that it ragdolls when dying instead of awkwardly switching to death pose

Balance changes

  • We can no longer place a rubble inside the line of sight of a Terminator. The card cost has been decreased from 2 to 1 CP.
  • It’s no longer possible to stack card effects that give CP or Psy Points per kill.
  • Genestealer Mission 5 is now a bit easier
  • Increased the threat of flames during Terminator mission 13
  • The Wolflord in Genestealer Mission 9 is now immune to flames
  • Range modifier cards don't stack anymore: only 1 shoot range modifier and 1 overwatch range modifiers are allowed on a single Terminator
  • Changed the "slash" special attack to a 4+ test (instead of specific 1D6>1D6 roll)
  • Increased the effect of cards that reduce genestealer AP: reduction increased by 2 AP (3->5 and 4->6)
  • Increased required distance for spawning blips from the broodlord by 1 (6->7)
  • Removed the distance limitation for vanishing the broodlord close to an extract point
  • You can now choose any of the 4 tiles adjacent to the Broodlord when using it to spawn a blip, but can still spawn only 1 blip.
  • Interactive object cell triggers can now have more than 1 orientation (can open door while not facing them, but being 90° from them)
  • Change victory ratio on unplayed maps => 50/50 by default


  • Following player reports we were able to fix more than ten crashes related to AI and other things, improving greatly the game’s stability.

As always, please feel free to give us feedback regarding these changes.

The Space Hulk: Tactics Team

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Hey all,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll forward the feedback to the team!

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alt text

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to see a lot of positive feedback after this week’s update and we’re committed to keep working hard on bug fixes, performance optimizations and gameplay improvement.

Here, we would like to share with you some highlights of next week’s patch. Please find below several main points of this upcoming update patchlog!

  • Map optimization to increase client performances and improve FPS stability.
  • New landmarks on the map for a deeper immersion into the radioactive lands of Chernobyl.
  • The Reward system will be refined to give more credits for skilled in-game actions.
  • You’ll now be able to queue for a new game while spectating another one.
  • 10 new languages will be available for the interface:
    • French
    • Spanish (LATAM)
    • Portuguese- Brasil
    • German
    • Italiano
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Polish
    • Hungarian
    • Czech
    • Turkish
  • Many quality of life improvements:
    • Toggle options
    • ADS logic
    • Inventory use
    • Matchmaking flow
  • Additional sounds and sound effects.
  • Bug fixing.

See you next week for the deployment of this new update - we’re currently aiming at the middle of next week!

The Fear The Wolves Team

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Dear all,

Thank you for participating in Space Hulk: Tactics Map Editor Contest - we've received dozens of awesome maps!

Today, we're honoured to announce the final winners of this competition. The winners go to Sammi79's Left Behind, following Rick Huddy's The Final Purge and Gabyro's BielTan Cleanse!


Here is the full prize list for each winner:

First place winner: Left Behind by Sammi79

  • A copy of Space Hulk board game
  • A copy of Space Hulk: Tactics
  • A copy of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition
  • Chapter Master Valrak will be playing this map in a dedicated live stream!

Three runner's up: Order 221 Purge by Rick Huddy, BielTan Cleanse* by Gabyro, The Final Purge by Corius

  • A copy of Space Hulk: Tactics
  • A copy of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition

Congratulations to the winners!

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Dear all,

It’s been a week since we deployed Space Hulk: Tactics’ Pre-Order Beta. Thank you for all your feedback and support! We’ve taken into consideration your reports and suggestions to provide a better experience, optimize and balance the gameplay.

We’re happy to deploy today a new update based on your feedback, including gameplay balance, winrate system and bugfixes. Please find below the details.

alt text

Gameplay balance:

  • One additional action point for every card when converted
  • Terminator AI updated on Khitor
  • Rebalancing the level design of maps.
    • Osulas - Reducing the spawn ability considering the “Limited blips” rule.
    • Eratrius - Removing the “No bluff” rule (a 26% decrease in the number of Genestealers)
    • Darakin - Removing the “Countless” rule (a 50% decrease in the number of Genestealers)

Winrate system:

Old System

  • Percentages shown in the winrate system would include every game played (against AI, games left after only two turns, even disconnections).

New System

  • Reset the winrate percentage using a new algorithm to be closer to real records.
  • The winrate will now only take PvP maps, ranked matches and skirmish into account.


  • Fixed a crash that would occur at launch
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the card Persistence (+4 AP on a pawn) from activating
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with emblems on Powerfists
  • Fixed an issue with missing icons in the log when using the warp bubble
  • Fixed a case where Genestealers would spawn with Terminator customization elements
  • Fixed a missing animation when a Reaperfex or Bulwark attacking a Terminator would result is a draw
  • Tweaked visuals on the disengage Genestealer botton
  • Polished log texts
  • Added feedback on the Genestealers affected by the Neurotoxin special rule
  • The card Feeding Frenzy (+2 dice to a genestealer, then die) now clearly states that it cannot be activated on Biomorphic Genestealers
  • Added transparency to overwatch overlay
  • Improved Terminator AI
  • Fixed several issues that would lead to crashes
  • Fixed typos in various texts and languages

We look forward to your feedback about this new update for the Beta. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about what you play, and as always please let us know if you encounter any technical issues.

Space Hulk: Tactics Team

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@lelandinutah Hi, the Russian trucks will totally be available on American Wilds and vice versa.

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Dear all,

As we announced last week, Fear the Wolves expands today with the release of the massive Treasure Map Update. We’re really happy to share with you the change log for this update which includes multiple new features, including a new weapon and enhancements to existing systems.

Added in this patch are a number of new looting rules and mechanisms to keep players discovering new elements of the map. Secret Stashes are now hidden throughout the ruins, containing high-tier loot that will give you an advantage over other scavengers, unlockable only with a treasure map findable in the wilderness.

Some buildings are also now boarded up, requiring the fire axe to break down the door and gather the goods inside. Waiting inside may be the new DMR SOK-94 sniper rifle, optimal at medium to long range.


Upgrades have also been applied to many of the game’s premier features. A full pass has been made on wolf behaviour and balancing, making them far more dangerous to players and a true PvE challenge.

Singular wolves will now attempt to sneak up on players, and packs are much more aggressive at protecting their territory and chasing down fleeing players, with more health and enhanced attack patterns. This joins tweaks to weapon balance, shooting feeling, and the addition of rooftop helicopter extractions to make Fear the Wolves better than ever before.


These changes join a host of quality of life tweaks, bug fixes, and minor additions - such as new end and tutorial screens, an improved drop experience, and additional sounds - to answer player demands and improve the game for everyone.

The NVIDIA Highlight system has also been integrated, allowing for automatic recording of big plays and huge kills for easy sharing on various platforms.

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or technical issues that you want to alert us to. You can find the details of this patch below.


  • Reworked shooting feeling
    • Improved the transition from hipfire to ADS to make it smoother.
    • Fixed mouse smoothness
  • Improved wolf behavior
    • Improved wolf movement (in narrow spaces, such as corridors or between objects, and on the stairs)
    • Wolves are now able to attack players standing on a raised surface, for example, a table or chair
    • Fixed wolves being stuck after spawn
  • New Weapon: DMR SOK-94 for mid to long range combat
  • Locked buildings that need to be broken open with an axe
    • Axes will now only spawn on special Fire Shields attached to buildings
    • Loot spawn has been balanced to take this new looting mechanics into account
  • Hidden stashes around the map, accessible through the discovery of treasure maps
  • Added a new extraction location in points of interest: building rooftops
  • Added new points of interest
    • Loading Station
    • Anomalous Forest
  • Reworked areas
    • Old Dam
    • Quarry
    • Security Checkpoint
    • RLS Vostok
  • Reworked loading screens
    • Show 4 tutorial hints, addressing the most important and critical parts of the game
      • Zone shrinking
      • Wolf tutorial
      • Anomaly tutorial
      • Extraction tutorial
  • Added Nvidia Highlight (for Nvidia GPU owners)
    • The game will automatically be recorded based on your in-game actions.
  • Reworked the screen error log
  • Added a delay to gameplay effects related to weathers
  • Added an additional warning for Adrenaline
  • When hovering over objects in the inventory, the category will now be highlighted
  • You can now see the oxygen level of players in spectator mode
  • Reduced the VFX intensity of Heat water
  • Added vehicles in the new locations
  • Weapons now generate shells falling on the ground.

Game Balancing

  • Tweaked weapon parameters
  • Increased fire rate for semi-automatic weapons
    • CZ-75 (400 -> 450)
    • Fort-17 (450 -> 500)
    • TOZ-34 (400 -> 450)
  • Increased wolf resistance: be sure to shoot for the head!


  • Fixed the sound effects that weren’t added in-game
  • Added the sound of shells hitting the floor after shooting
  • Added a sound for killing people by ramming them with a vehicle
  • Added a special sound when killing another player

Level Design

  • Improved Quarry location to make it an Orange location
  • Old Dam has been improved
  • Security checkpoint expansion
  • Added new props and improved the quality of some existing props


  • Improved the helicopter phase
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect particle distance with the airplane
  • Fixed the Downed debuff icon remaining on screen after a player has been revived
  • Fixed an issue in which the heat weather VFX remained on screen for longer and affected other weather patterns.
  • Fixed the incorrect timer notification after being knocked down
  • Added a interaction zone with knocked down players
  • Fixed the case that jacket with long sleeves would obscure the player’s view
  • Multiple localization fixes
  • Fixed the case that players would lose player collision when being revived by a person who standing directly above their corps.
  • Fixed a case in which RGO and F1 didn’t do any damages on players in close range.
  • Fixed some incorrect information displayed on the endgame screen
  • Fixed some cases that the scope and weapon were duplicated
  • Removed the 3rd person particle effects for the BLEEDING status effect.
  • Fixed water visibility while parachuting
  • Fixed the case that the bullet trails wouldn’t come from the weapon, but from around the player

Known Issues

  • Nvidia Highlight will record when the player kills a wolf
  • Terrain bug near the loading station
  • Weapons other than pistols taken from loot crate (or secret stashes) will disappear if player drags them to pistol slot in the inventory.
  • If you close a door while being followed by wolves, they can achieve their jump animation through the door if you stay really close to it. If chased by wolves, keep a few meters from the closed door.
  • While loading your characters in the waiting room, they will fall through the ground for a second since the map is still loading.
  • The green boxes with Fear the Wolves written on them have a collision issue, and loot above them could be semi-hidden. Loot can still be taken if player comes close to the box.
  • Some minor issues regarding the blocked buildings may appear.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and meeting you in-game. Feel free to contact us if you have any issues.

Fear the Wolves Team

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alt text

Greetings, Admirals, and welcome back to the devblogs for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2. Today we’re talking customisation - how your fleet is your own, both in gameplay terms and the aesthetics of your ships. Significant changes have been made since the first game, so read on!

The first and clearest way to customise your fleet is, of course, to change which ships are in it. There are six classes of vessel in total, with multiple configurations of each hull usually available. However, not every faction has access to every class - the Adeptus Mechanicus have lighter ships plus the massive Ark Mechanicus Battleship, while the Imperial Navy can field vessels of any weight category. Your custom fleet is only limited by the points allowed in the match you’re going to play - the composition, weapon choices, abilities, admiral skills, and more are all yours to choose.

Each faction has eight Admiral Skills and ten Fleet Upgrades to choose from. Admiral Skills are special abilities given to your flagship only, making them limited but extremely powerful, able to flip a battle on its head with the correct timing. Fleet Upgrades affect all or a sub-section of your ships, changing weapons, engines, stealth, or some other element to let you play your way. The difference in building a fleet around the correct upgrades and skills can be significant.

0_1543513330982_Fleet creation screen.jpg Tyranid Fleet Creation

Faction selection also governs your admiral portrait, of which there are hundreds in the game, unlocked through victories. You can pick from those you’ve unlocked for a faction and it will be displayed in multiplayer matches. You must also pick a subfaction to assign to your fleet.


Subfactions govern the colour scheme of your ships, with plenty to choose from for each faction, picked from recognisable Warhammer 40,000, chapters, traitor legions, septs, craftworlds, and so on. Over 80 subfactions are available in total, with at least six per faction, so some are brand new to the universe, added to help flesh out our single-player campaigns.

Each is different, not only in the colour schemes of your ships, but some also bestow new admiral skills to choose from as well. This is not true of every subfaction - the balancing and complexity of more than 80 new admiral skills would be impossible - but allows for a light sprinkling of additional flavour where it seemed most appropriate. Every subfaction is available from the start of the game, so you’re free to match your tabletop army or try something new.

0_1543513351736_Fleet-selec-screen_upgraded.png Fleet selection menu

We hope you enjoy all the cool ways to customise your fleet in Armada 2, alongside the 12 factions and the unique elements of the three massive campaigns that make designing and fielding your fleets there totally different.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 releases on Steam 24 January 2019. You can already pre-order for Beta Access December 5 to 12, and a 10% discount!

Returning Battlefleet Gothic: Armada players on Steam instead benefit from a 25% loyalty discount on their preorder of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2.

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欢迎来到《Insurgency: Sandstorm》的官方论坛。只要你说中文,无论繁体或简体,你都可以于这个中文讨论区里留下你们对游戏的意见、想法、反馈、Bug回报等。



以下是论坛的规则: (英文版,中文版会于晚些时间更新)


PS. 如何更改用户界面语言?浏览此地址用户名称/settings,并且于最下方的语言栏位选择中文即可。

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the official forums of Insurgency: Sandstorm! This subcategory is a platform where Chinese speaking players can post their constructive feedback, ideas, bug reports and suggestions!

Please feel free to leave any feedback you may have with regards to the game, or any suggestions you want us to know!

Note that no personal insults, verbal attacks and racist discussions are allowed. Moderators of this forum have the right to warn and ban any users having these prohibited issues.

Here is the forum rules:

Enjoy the game

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Hello all,

Thanks for this suggestion! I'll pass it on to the team!

Looks like your connection to Focus Home Interactive - Official Forums was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.