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Hello @Nobana,

Thanks for pointing this out! This will be forwarded to the team.

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Hey everyone,

We'd like to extend a huge thanks today to all of you playing Insurgency: Sandstorm! Join us in celebrating the incredible praise heaped on Sandstorm in our new Accolades Trailer.

Youtube Video

Insurgency: Sandstorm is a game of team-based tactics and objective-oriented gameplay complete with player versus player, competitive matchmaking, and co-operative game modes versus AI set in a fictional, contemporary Middle Eastern conflict.

Your soldier’s appearance, weapons, attachments, armor, and amount of carried ammo are all up to you. Call in airstrikes, request helicopter support, drive vehicles with mounted weapons, and use a wide range of specialist weaponry from grenades to drones to C-4 explosives.


Prepare for a hardcore depiction of combat with deadly ballistics, light attack vehicles, destructive artillery, and unprecedented audio design that puts the fear back into the genre. Death comes fast, ammunition must be carefully managed, and the environment must be tactically navigated at every step toward victory.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is available right now on Steam. A 10% loyalty discount will be given to fans that own the original Insurgency. This additional discount will be offered until the end of March 2019.

The first major community update was announced last week and will include five weapons, much-requested community features, and new cosmetics.

Get Insurgency: Sandstorm on PC now:

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Hello @MeFirst,

Thank you for the suggestion. I've passed it on to the team.

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Hello @Vladislav-Tarusin,

Thank you for pointing this out. I've passed this on to the team!

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BFGA2 Game Director Romain Clavier here. It’s been three days now since the release of the beta. We’re delighted to see thousands of players jumping into games and providing feedback on everything from faction balance to the campaign flow, and much more.

The Tyranid invasion and the green Krusade may seem unstoppable but do not abandon hope and praise the Emperor, for he is the salvation of mankind. Here’s what we’re currently planning to do in response to all the feedback and data we’ve received during the week.


Campaign update:

Let’s start with the two most common pieces of feedback regarding the campaign gameplay.

  • “I don’t like the domination mode in campaign.”
    • Well, It will be pretty easy for us to add a game option that allows the player to remove capture zones during campaign battles in order to play with just the “extermination” win condition. We still believe that domination mode provides a better in-game experience, as it adds a tactical layer to battle as well as improving the game balance, but we understand the desire to annihilate your enemies.
    • We’ll do our best to deliver this change for the release. If we cannot, it will be implemented with the first patch shortly after launch. We will keep you updated on this as regularly as possible.
  • “I feel under pressure from the urgency gauge”.
    • Fair enough, we don’t want anyone to feel anxious surrounding their solo game experience of the grim dark future. We will be adding an option at the start of the campaign that will disable the urgency gauge. For clarity, we would advise against disabling this feature, as we think it provides incentive and pressure for pushing forward as well as offering a good representation of the critical situation in the Cadian Gate, and being part of our difficulty balancing. However, we’d rather it was your choice.
    • It’s possible we will have this implemented by release, but more probably it will be a part of the first patch.


The main feedback we’ve received here is that you all would like to be able to level up factions in Skirmish. Well, we don’t see any good arguments that go against this request. We will implement this for release! Portrait rewards will still be exclusive to ranked matches, as they’re purely cosmetic.

We’re also looking at ways to continue to improve the skirmish game in post-release content. We’ll talk more about this in the near future as we start to explain our plans regarding post launch content.


Well, balancing is still not perfect but it's better than ever. With thousands upon thousands of battles concluded (and with mirror matches excluded), let’s check the stats up to now:


First to talk about this data a bit. Clearly there are two major outliers in Corsairs and Tyranids, which we’ll discuss in a moment, alongside the higher-than-perfect Ork winrate. However, we’re very happy that 10 of our 12 factions are relatively well balanced, especially given we’re yet to release. Obviously, it’s currently imperfect, so here are our goals going forward.

At first we want to get everyone between 40% and 60% global winrate. Of course the closer to 50% the better, and we’ll continue tweaking beyond that, but it’s our initial aim. It’s important to note these numbers do not represent with perfect accuracy how balanced factions are. For example, some factions may perform better or worse depending on the skill level of the players, the exact fleet compositions being used, and so on. However, we’re happy to use this data alongside your continued feedback to improve things.

As mentioned, the most problematic factions are the Corsairs and Tyranids. Orks are borderline.
Therefore, you should expect in a patch on launch day:

  • A nerf for the Tyranids. Should be mostly based on ship point cost.
  • A buff for the Corsairs. Ships will be cheaper and will have access to the shroud hull attribute, which cloaks ships at the start of battle.
  • A very slight nerf for the Orks.
  • A lot of small adjustments to make the battle experience less frustrating in some cases or with some factions.

Of course, we’re still finalising the specifics here, and will keep you updated with full patch notes once the patch is ready. We hope to continue sharing matchup data with you in future, and are looking into ways to split the data by league to make sure we’re using it in the best way possible.


We have found a way to improve classification of players in the leaderboard, as it’s currently very hard to get out of Bronze league. This update is now live, so please let us know if it seems better and fairer to you (or not!)


Ouch! A nasty bug regarding weapon stats modifiers bypassed our vigilance and is present in the beta. A few bonuses are not being applied properly. We will be fixing it for release - we’d like to do it sooner, but ensuring that our release build is as good as possible is our current priority. Post-launch, we hope to patch issues such as this (or, hopefully, more minor ones) quicker. It’s important to note this particular issue will likely have a positive impact on the game balance, also.

Thanks for all the feedback, positive and negative! Continue to help us in making the best game possible for the 24th!



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Hello @Col-Turnrt,

Can you please try these steps, and see if it helps?


Then remove these files:

Have a nice day!

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After the successful launch of Insurgency: Sandstorm last month and a busy period over the holiday season, our team would like to give you a brief update on where we are with the game's development and what fans can expect over the coming months.

After the last update on December 21st we gave our team a week off over Christmas and New Year’s to recover and spend some much needed time with family and friends. During this period, however, our community and design teams were spending a huge amount of time reading through hundreds of reviews and comments across Steam, Reddit, YouTube, news sites and more, gathering feedback and prioritising our year ahead.

After reviewing launch and reading your feedback it was clear that our first update needed to focus heavily on quality of life and community features, but also deliver additional content.

We hinted at some future plans in our The Insurgency Legacy Continues blog post back in December, and while we are not yet ready to discuss the full line up of changes for the February update, you can view some confirmed content and features below.

alt text

0_1547746947459_iss com2.png

  • Five new weapons including the MP5A5 and MP5A2, which will be available for Security and Insurgent Breacher classes respectively.
  • A new Community Testing Environment right in your Steam Library for easier and more open testing of upcoming updates.
  • Competitive improvements including tiebreaker rounds, leaver penalties, and more.
  • Vote Kick for community servers and additional anti-harassment / griefing measures.
  • Clearer indications around restricted areas, game rules and spawn waves.
  • New cosmetics including Tropentarn camouflage, new gloves, and new eyewear.
  • Some other surprises you might not expect.

In addition to the above, performance and optimisation will continue to be a top priority for us. Players systems and setups vary greatly and it's important we gather as much information as possible. We encourage anybody who is having issues to submit information to our team via the performance discussion and support section of the forums to help us identify and resolve any issues.

We also received a lot of feedback about the in-game community and player behaviour. Our team will be working on various design changes, bug fixes, and other game-based solutions to address or mitigate these issues. However, some of these will require time for us to concept, implement and iterate upon. In the meantime, it is vital that the community aid us and our partners in finding and addressing issues.

As such we have published a new guide detailing the steps you should take if you encounter someone cheating, using game exploits, harassing/abusing players or otherwise griefing, as well as additional documentation regarding Easy Anti-Cheat.

Two recurring topics regarding in-game player behaviour were vote-kick and in-game reporting options. Our team take player behaviour very seriously and are committed to improving player experience. Some of the changes in the February update should take steps towards this, however, we would like to take this time to clarify our current stance on the above.

In our previous titles, votekicking itself was abused by some players as a means to harass, grief, and troll, so we’ve had some hesitation about adding it to Sandstorm. However, we’ve heard your feedback and we understand that when used responsibly this can be an effective tool in dealing with disruptive players. As such we’ve decided to add it as an option for community servers. We’ll continue to monitor community feedback on this and other systems and make changes accordingly.

We’ve also seen some requests to include an in-game reporting system to deal with these kinds of players. This is something we have discussed, however, creating and managing such a system with investigations and reviews of every reported player would put a great strain on our development and community management resources. Frankly, we’re unable to effectively monitor every single player’s behavior and support such a system. We would rather focus on creating good community tools and automated systems to deal with these kinds of issues and put our resources toward creating content and improving gameplay. That being said, an in-game reporting system is something we might explore in the future, targeted at the most disruptive players. For now, we ask that players follow Community Guidelines - Cheating, Exploits and Harassment.

As we’ve said before, launch is just the beginning for us. We have a huge amount of post-release content planned for Insurgency: Sandstorm, and are excited to bring the game to consoles this year and to explore additional platforms in the future. We will be sharing a lot more news over the coming weeks, so be sure to subscribe to the NWI newsletter, bookmark our blog and follow @InsurgencyGame across social media to stay up to date with all our announcements.

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Hello again! Welcome to our guidelines on cheating, exploits, and harassment. In this post, we discuss different levels of abuse and how our community members can help us in dealing with these issues.


We have partnered with Easy Anti-Cheat to help us find and ban players who use cheat software, hacks, or custom scripts to disrupt our players’ experiences in Insurgency: Sandstorm. We take cheating very seriously, so we appreciate all of our fans who help us in combating this issue.

If you come across a player that you suspect is cheating or if you find a cheat available for Sandstorm online, please fill out a Cheat Report for Easy Anti-Cheat to investigate. If you’re reporting a cheat for sale/download, please include a link to the relevant site. If you encounter a player who you think is using hacks or cheats, grab the replay ID of the match from the History section of the main menu and it include it in your report. Be sure to watch the replay first and include the approximate time that the player can be seen using a cheat in the report as well.

How to find a replay ID and Steam ID:

  • Go to the Main Menu
  • Select “History”
  • Mouse over the replay, then click “Copy ID” and paste it in your report.
  • Start the replay and go to the scoreboard
  • Click on the suspected player’s name and “Copy Steam ID”. Then paste it in your report.

Click here for the EAC Cheat report: EAC Cheat Report

For more information about EAC, including bans and appeals, check out our EAC post here: Community Guidelines: EAC & Cheating

Exploiting Design Issues

Our team has been working very hard to get Insurgency: Sandstorm to where it is today, and we are still developing improvements and new content for the future. That being said, we have seen some players exploiting bugs in design. Examples of this include:

  • Hiding in rocks/walls
  • Exploiting Out of Bounds areas
  • Glitching into unplayable areas
  • Spawn camping

If a player is exploiting these mechanics or does something that feels unfair (but they’re not necessarily using hacks), please take a screenshot or video along with an explanation of what is happening, and send it to so that our team can recreate and address the issue.


We have received some community feedback on issues with toxic players, offensive language, and trolling in Insurgency: Sandstorm. New World Interactive does not condone this type of behavior and we’re taking steps to ensure players are able to effectively deal with this whenever it is encountered. Some of these fixes and additions include:

  • Fixing the mute function so it carries over between rounds.
  • Adding toggleable profanity filters to text chat.
  • Adding spam protection to text chat.
  • The ability to vote to kick players on community servers.

It may take us some time to implement these features, but we are working on various plans to discourage toxic player interactions. We recognize that players intentionally harassing others can be pretty annoying. Whether they’re yelling something racist on the microphone, repeatedly (and purposefully) standing in the line of fire, purposefully teamkilling, or taking other actions that can be considered trolling or griefing, we get that it can be very frustrating or offensive. No matter how irritating this can be, don’t try to confront these players. Shooting them in retaliation or shouting back at them will not solve the issue. Hold Tab, hit that mute button, put those blinders on, and don’t feed the troll.

To see the full list of what’s coming next, check out our Community Update post. We have a ton of content planned for Insurgency: Sandstorm so keep the feedback coming! To report bugs in Sandstorm, check out our Technical FAQ. Having performance issues? Check out our Performance Tips.

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Hello everyone! We figured it was time to provide a bit of an overview about the third-party system we use to detect hacks & cheats, Easy Anti-Cheat. Our previous titles Insurgency (2014) and Day of Infamy used BattlEye for this purpose, however we switched to EAC for Insurgency: Sandstorm. EAC is one of the industry leaders in Game Security and Anti-Cheat and is used by many popular games including Fortnite, FarCry 5, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and fellow indie shooters Squad and World War 3.

What is Easy Anti-Cheat?

EAC, provided by Epic Games, is designed to prevent, detect, and ban cheaters in multiplayer online games. It recognizes cheating software on players’ systems while Sandstorm is running and removes accounts abusing the game with those. EAC is used by a ton of other games and you can see the full list here:

Do I have to Install EAC?

To play Insurgency: Sandstorm, EAC must be installed together with the game on your computer. When you play our games, you are agreeing to New World Interactive’s Terms & Conditions to allow EAC to to monitor and identify hacks and cheating software in your system while playing the game. We are committed to finding and banning players who use cheats in our game and to do this, EAC must be allowed to run.

I’m Getting EAC Error Codes when I Start Sandstorm. Help!

View EAC’s troubleshooting guide here:

If you have followed all of those steps and are still encountering EAC error codes, contact them directly here:

I’ve Been Banned! What Do I Do?

EAC has found cheat software, untrusted and/or unknown system files, debuggers, or otherwise suspicious software on your system or you may have used custom scripts that have caused you to be flagged. If you have received your ban from EAC, you can find a ton of information on how EAC handles bans here:

Please bear in mind EAC has a zero-tolerance policy against cheating.

Make sure to scan your systems regularly for viruses and suspicious files. Don’t download files from untrustworthy sites. Put that anti-virus to work!

If you feel you received a ban in error, submit a ban appeal to EAC here: General response time, according to EAC, is 3 to 14 days. While this may seem a bit long, we recommend players submitting appeals refrain from sending multiple tickets as this may increase your response time.

I Found a Cheat for Sandstorm or a Player that is Cheating.

Please fill out a Cheat Report for EAC to investigate. If you’re reporting a cheat for sale/download for Insurgency: Sandstorm, please include a link to the relevant site. If you encounter a player who you suspect is using hacks or cheats, grab the replay ID of the match from the History section of the main menu and it include it in your report. Be sure to watch the replay first and include the approximate time that the player can be seen using a cheat in the report as well.

How to find a replay ID and Steam ID:

  • Select “History” from the main menu
  • Mouse over the replay, then click “Copy ID” and paste it in your report.
  • Start the replay, go to scoreboard, then click on the suspected player’s name and “Copy Steam ID”. Then paste it in your report.

Click here for the EAC Cheat report:

If a player is exploiting game mechanics and does something that feels unfair but they’re not necessarily using hacks (ie spawn camping, exploiting out of bounds areas, etc.) please take a screenshot or video along with an explanation of what is happening, and send to so that our team can recreate and address the issue.

We have worked hard on Insurgency: Sandstorm to provide balanced gameplay for our fans and our team takes cheating very seriously. We appreciate our players out there who have been helping us crack down on cheaters in our game, and we hope that as we continue working with EAC we can keep the amount of players using hacks to a minimum.

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Hello @Dude96,

When the game was released on December 12, levels and earned cosmetics have been wiped.

In addition to this, please make sure to delete files from this path: \User\PCNAME\AppData\Local\Insurgency\SaveGames.

This will prevent any further issues with cosmetics due to compatibility between old and new files.

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