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Farming Simulator 19 rolls out November 20 with the largest and most impressive garage of vehicles and tools ever. In our new trailer, get just a glimpse at more than 300 lovingly-recreated pieces of farming equipment, tractors, trailers, and much more. This is the deepest and most complete farming experience ever for the millions of Farming Simulator fans around the world.

Enter the Farming Simulator 19 garage and see the 300 vehicles and tools available

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Loyal partnerships with the biggest brands in the agricultural industry has largely participated building the success of Farming Simulator series. The franchise has always brought the largest choice of vehicles and tools, and Farming Simulator 19 gets even bigger with brand new partnerships boosting the roster to more than 100 iconic brands, each are proud to see their machines faithfully recreated. Every brand shares the accurate details and blueprints for each of their pieces of farming equipment and vehicles. This allows Farming Simulator to ensure meticulous attention to detail, identically reproducing every vehicle’s interior and exterior to offer the deepest farming experience ever.

This year’s big addition is John Deere, a household name in the farming industry, and their series of legendary tractors and equipment. The 6M, 6R, 7R, 8R and 8RT series vehicles are all represented, alongside the T560i and S790 harvesters with various tools for all sorts of farming. They join iconic brands like Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Krone, Deutz-Fahr and many more.

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Also in the garage are new vehicles to support Farming Simulator 19’s fantastic stable of new features - the Case IH Module Express 635 cotton harvesters, cotton trailers, horse trailers, and much more. These join enhanced equipment like weeders and sprayers to interact with the new weeding systems. Renting of vehicles and equipment for testing and cosmetic customization also make a return.

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Get on board on November 20 as Farming Simulator 19 arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac. Pre-order the game and get a bonus vehicle!

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@artilleryeff Can you give us the name of the application who tried to open when this issue occured? Thank you!

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You have to flee the shambler and get back to te main glyph, and then go back to the second glyph to activate it.

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Hi @TheNamelessKing,

Thank you for reporting this. We're currently aware of this issue, and will fix it soon!

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Hi @Azrael008uk,

The patch was for general bug fixes, such as correcting progression blockers and fixing the bug where you lose your gun in chapter 12 after loading your save.

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Hello @modestmaloney,

Thank you for reporting this. Can you try to delete the game, and redownload it from PSN store?
If this issue persists, please let us know!

Have a nice day!

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Thank you for letting us know this issue. Unfortunately, entering investigation mode is the only input that we cannot change in the keyboard settings. So, we recommend you to buy a new mouse or a controller to enjoy the game.

Have a nice day.

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Hi @ArtilleryEff,

Did you run another application when playing Call of Cthulhu?

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@Pajarvi We're still working on it. We'll try to address this issue in next update.
@UwagaCyjanki Keep nice please!

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Hi, it is a hotfix that addresses some of the main concerns you raised after the most recent patch! Here is the detail:

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