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Hello @gasani,

Are you in the US region, please?

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Hi @Deidre-Vayne,

Thank your for this report. I'll pass them along to the team!

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Hi @SimplyFinny,

Can you please follow the instructions in this thread and see if it helps?

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Hello @blu45,

Thank you for this feedback. Can you help us to identify this issue by providing us more details?

Good day!

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alt text

Greetings, Admirals, and welcome back to the devblogs for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2. Today we’re talking customisation - how your fleet is your own, both in gameplay terms and the aesthetics of your ships. Significant changes have been made since the first game, so read on!

The first and clearest way to customise your fleet is, of course, to change which ships are in it. There are six classes of vessel in total, with multiple configurations of each hull usually available. However, not every faction has access to every class - the Adeptus Mechanicus have lighter ships plus the massive Ark Mechanicus Battleship, while the Imperial Navy can field vessels of any weight category. Your custom fleet is only limited by the points allowed in the match you’re going to play - the composition, weapon choices, abilities, admiral skills, and more are all yours to choose.

Each faction has eight Admiral Skills and ten Fleet Upgrades to choose from. Admiral Skills are special abilities given to your flagship only, making them limited but extremely powerful, able to flip a battle on its head with the correct timing. Fleet Upgrades affect all or a sub-section of your ships, changing weapons, engines, stealth, or some other element to let you play your way. The difference in building a fleet around the correct upgrades and skills can be significant.

0_1543513330982_Fleet creation screen.jpg Tyranid Fleet Creation

Faction selection also governs your admiral portrait, of which there are hundreds in the game, unlocked through victories. You can pick from those you’ve unlocked for a faction and it will be displayed in multiplayer matches. You must also pick a subfaction to assign to your fleet.


Subfactions govern the colour scheme of your ships, with plenty to choose from for each faction, picked from recognisable Warhammer 40,000, chapters, traitor legions, septs, craftworlds, and so on. Over 80 subfactions are available in total, with at least six per faction, so some are brand new to the universe, added to help flesh out our single-player campaigns.

Each is different, not only in the colour schemes of your ships, but some also bestow new admiral skills to choose from as well. This is not true of every subfaction - the balancing and complexity of more than 80 new admiral skills would be impossible - but allows for a light sprinkling of additional flavour where it seemed most appropriate. Every subfaction is available from the start of the game, so you’re free to match your tabletop army or try something new.

0_1543513351736_Fleet-selec-screen_upgraded.png Fleet selection menu

We hope you enjoy all the cool ways to customise your fleet in Armada 2, alongside the 12 factions and the unique elements of the three massive campaigns that make designing and fielding your fleets there totally different.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 releases on Steam 24 January 2019. You can already pre-order for Beta Access December 5 to 12, and a 10% discount!

Returning Battlefleet Gothic: Armada players on Steam instead benefit from a 25% loyalty discount on their preorder of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2.

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@Fyoosh87 We're really happy that you love the game!

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Hi @Lil_Murlin ,
Can you please download the Second Update patch we've released yesterday and see if this issue persists?
Good day!

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Hello @jeffreywilens,

Thank you for this feedback. We're aware of this issue, and it will be addressed in the next patch.

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alt text

Hello everyone,

It’s been nearly two months since the release of Space Hulk: Tactics. First of all, we want to thank you for your continuous support and feedback.

Today, we’re very happy to share with you the Second Major Update for consoles. This patch includes various features, bug fixes and game improvements, such as game speed adjustment, AI improvements, and so on. This patch also fixes the issue where Asian PS4 players could not finish the tutorial in the Terminator campaign due to a control issue.

Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any issues regarding these changes.
You can find below the full changelog.



  • Added 2 additional animation speeds for the game: Fast and Very Fast. Speed is locked to "Very Fast" in Quick Match and can be changed in the lobby for other multiplayer modes, and can be changed in-game for single player games (right stick click by default). Default speed can be changed in the options menu.
  • Added campaign new mini Skirmish maps (30 total)
  • The name of the map is now displayed when opening the extended map and objectives in Skirmish
  • The turret description now fully explains its behavior
  • Added new dialogue during Genestealer Mission 5, Mission 6 , Mission 8, Mission 9, and Terminator Mission 13 and Secret Relic Mission

AI Improvements

  • [AI] Improved the AI handling of locked doors
  • [AI] Fixed a number of edge cases not being supported by the AI
  • [AI] Made the Genestealers more aggressive
  • [AI] Fixed a case of Genestealers not attacking Terminators in melee
  • [AI] Fixed a case of Genestealer AI not attacking a Terminator when starting next to it
  • [AI] Fixed the Genestealer AI not handling rubbles in diagonals
  • [AI] Genestealer AI should now commit more when it decides to launch a suicide attack
  • [AI] Fixed a case of Terminator AI stopping when a Genestealer objective is failed
  • [AI] Fixed the Terminator AI spreading too thin when it has to survive
  • [AI] Improved the behavior of Terminator AI when it has to survive and protect a console
  • [AI] The Terminator AI should place its Force Barriers in better locations


  • Fixed the issue that Asian PS4 players could not finish the tutorial in the Terminator campaign due to a control issue.
  • Fixed a case of Overwatch overlay not disappearing at the beginning of the next Terminator turn
  • Fixed the AP counter not updating after unjamming
  • Fixed ammunition and psy points counter not refreshing properly
  • Fixed the Jam icon not refreshing immediately after unjamming
  • Fixed the AP counter for Genestealers not refreshing properly with the special rule “slow start”
  • Fixed the leaderboard not displaying properly
  • Fixed the Terminator Campaign "clues" icon being in low resolution
  • Fixed a graphical issue during the cinematic if the sergeant was planting the bomb during Terminator Mission 5.
  • Fixed the first Terminator Mission secondary objective not giving its reward
  • Fixed text error for several campaign events
  • Fixed the view not switching to Isometric when using a warp bubble in FP view
  • Fixed the Reaperfex not being able to cross a diagonal blocked by an obstacle
  • Fixed an issue where activating cards would cancel sustained fire
  • Fixed consoles being indestructible by default
  • Fixed emblems not displaying properly if the Terminator was too far away
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with a Space Wolf emblem
  • Fixed an issue with emblems on Stormbolters
  • Fixed some vanilla customization options not being available due to the preorder DLC
  • Fixed various typos and text mistakes throughout the game
  • Fixed a roster desync if the host changed his roster before the client joined
  • Fixed a case of sounds not playing after loading a save
  • Fixed a case where rank points were not gained after a victory
  • The Scorpion turret Overwatch colour now update immediately when being changed by activating the linked console
  • Fixed Genestealer Biomorphs playing the wrong animation when being killed in melee
  • Fixed the extended map legend being displayed behind the map
  • Playing a card no longer removes the free shot after a movement
  • We can no longer cancel a bomb deployment by toggling “move and shoot”
  • Removed an obsolete reward when losing a “samples” optional mission
  • Fixed wrong flow when exiting the campaign screen
  • Fixed an issue when trying to exit the leaderboard screen
  • Fixed a case where the player could get stuck in an invalid state during the tutorial
  • Fixed not downloaded maps causing freezes in the session browser
  • Fixed roster not being synchronized when inviting a friend in a private session
  • Fixed not loading gameplay speed correctly when loading a save from main menu
  • Fixed Terminators facing an incorrect orientation upon waking up
  • Fixed cinematics playing on the wrong character (e.g. playing "reveal" cinematic of the 2nd genestealer on the 1st Genestealer; who is standing still)
  • Fixed interrupted move & shoot animations during AI turns causing AI to visually slide on the floor
  • Fixed Miasmic Biomorph so that it ragdolls when dying instead of awkwardly switching to death pose

Balance changes

  • We can no longer place a rubble inside the line of sight of a Terminator. The card cost has been decreased from 2 to 1 CP.
  • It’s no longer possible to stack card effects that give CP or Psy Points per kill.
  • Genestealer Mission 5 is now a bit easier
  • Increased the threat of flames during Terminator mission 13
  • The Wolflord in Genestealer Mission 9 is now immune to flames
  • Range modifier cards don't stack anymore: only 1 shoot range modifier and 1 overwatch range modifiers are allowed on a single Terminator
  • Changed the "slash" special attack to a 4+ test (instead of specific 1D6>1D6 roll)
  • Increased the effect of cards that reduce genestealer AP: reduction increased by 2 AP (3->5 and 4->6)
  • Increased required distance for spawning blips from the broodlord by 1 (6->7)
  • Removed the distance limitation for vanishing the broodlord close to an extract point
  • You can now choose any of the 4 tiles adjacent to the Broodlord when using it to spawn a blip, but can still spawn only 1 blip.
  • Interactive object cell triggers can now have more than 1 orientation (can open door while not facing them, but being 90° from them)
  • Change victory ratio on unplayed maps => 50/50 by default


  • Following player reports we were able to fix more than ten crashes related to AI and other things, improving greatly the game’s stability.

As always, please feel free to give us feedback regarding these changes.

The Space Hulk: Tactics Team