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Hi @Al-khemar,

The physical edition is only for PS4 and Xbox One. For PC, we'll only have the digital version.

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Focus Home Interactive and Enodo Games partner for the release of The Architect: Paris

We are happy to announce our partnership for development of The Architect: Paris on PC. Offering a unique take on the City Builder genre, the game will ask you to become the Architect of the entire city of Paris. This doesn’t simply mean building a city from an assets catalogue – you will imagine, design, and create original buildings that they must manage individually. The Architect: Paris challenges you to carry out your vision of how the City of Light is developed, while responding to modern challenges such as design, demographics, politics, and pollution.


Jean-Baptiste Reynes, President and Creative Director of Enodo Games:

“The Architect: Paris is an out of the box, innovative game that aims to shake the foundations of the genre. We are convinced that Focus Home Interactive is the ideal publisher to help us develop and promote our game. We look forward to working with their teams and benefitting from their long-time experience and expertise”.

Luc Heninger, Production Director of Focus Home Interactive:

“We are delighted to partner with Enodo Games. With The Architect: Paris, they’re bringing a title that fits perfectly with the Focus Home Interactive catalog, as it goes far beyond the classical borders of its genre. We are always happy to work with ambitious partners developing innovative and fun concepts, and that’s exactly what Enodo Games is doing here.”

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@kwpops Hi there, we're aware of the server issues. We'll fix it soon! Thanks for the report.

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Dear all,

It’s been a week since we deployed Space Hulk: Tactics’ Pre-Order Beta. Thank you for all your feedback and support! We’ve taken into consideration your reports and suggestions to provide a better experience, optimize and balance the gameplay.

We’re happy to deploy today a new update based on your feedback, including gameplay balance, winrate system and bugfixes. Please find below the details.

alt text

Gameplay balance:

  • One additional action point for every card when converted
  • Terminator AI updated on Khitor
  • Rebalancing the level design of maps.
    • Osulas - Reducing the spawn ability considering the “Limited blips” rule.
    • Eratrius - Removing the “No bluff” rule (a 26% decrease in the number of Genestealers)
    • Darakin - Removing the “Countless” rule (a 50% decrease in the number of Genestealers)

Winrate system:

Old System

  • Percentages shown in the winrate system would include every game played (against AI, games left after only two turns, even disconnections).

New System

  • Reset the winrate percentage using a new algorithm to be closer to real records.
  • The winrate will now only take PvP maps, ranked matches and skirmish into account.


  • Fixed a crash that would occur at launch
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the card Persistence (+4 AP on a pawn) from activating
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with emblems on Powerfists
  • Fixed an issue with missing icons in the log when using the warp bubble
  • Fixed a case where Genestealers would spawn with Terminator customization elements
  • Fixed a missing animation when a Reaperfex or Bulwark attacking a Terminator would result is a draw
  • Tweaked visuals on the disengage Genestealer botton
  • Polished log texts
  • Added feedback on the Genestealers affected by the Neurotoxin special rule
  • The card Feeding Frenzy (+2 dice to a genestealer, then die) now clearly states that it cannot be activated on Biomorphic Genestealers
  • Added transparency to overwatch overlay
  • Improved Terminator AI
  • Fixed several issues that would lead to crashes
  • Fixed typos in various texts and languages

We look forward to your feedback about this new update for the Beta. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about what you play, and as always please let us know if you encounter any technical issues.

Space Hulk: Tactics Team

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Learn all about the Space Hulk: Tactics mission editor in a new gameplay video!

Space Hulk: Tactics, the official adaptation of the classic boardgame from Games Workshop, embraces its heritage with the easy to use but incredibly powerful Mission Creator tool! Available now in beta for anyone who pre-orders on Steam, it can be used to create an infinite combination of layouts and tilesets, and you have already gotten to grips with designing amazing things using it.

Youtube Video

In our new trailer, learn the ins and outs of making your own missions quickly and easily. Changing layouts and looks, adding logic, and linking elements is just a single button press away, with testing done on the fly from within the editor itself. Custom Terminator squads and Genestealer swarms can be designated for each map, as well as unique rulesets, restrictions, and opportunities for either side. Plus, set an objective for the Terminators - one of twenty which range from annihilation to escape.

0_1538469121729_map browser.jpg

Once your masterpiece is complete it can be uploaded online and shared. We’ve created specific forums for players to talk about their creations, creating threads for everything from asking for advice to providing a space for narrative to link a selection of maps that they’ve made. Maps can be found easily in-game through various search and filter tools, including for map creators.

The Space Hulk: Tactics pre-order beta has begun, pre-order now on Steam to play. The game releases on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 9.

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Dear all,

Thank you for participating in Space Hulk: Tactics Map Editor Contest - we've received dozens of awesome maps!

Today, we're honoured to announce the final winners of this competition. The winners go to Sammi79's Left Behind, following Rick Huddy's The Final Purge and Gabyro's BielTan Cleanse!


Here is the full prize list for each winner:

First place winner: Left Behind by Sammi79

  • A copy of Space Hulk board game
  • A copy of Space Hulk: Tactics
  • A copy of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition
  • Chapter Master Valrak will be playing this map in a dedicated live stream!

Three runner's up: Order 221 Purge by Rick Huddy, BielTan Cleanse* by Gabyro, The Final Purge by Corius

  • A copy of Space Hulk: Tactics
  • A copy of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition

Congratulations to the winners!

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alt text

Dear all,

It’s been one week since the release of The Council - Episode 4: Burning Bridges. We would like to thank you, at first, for all your support and feedback.

Today, we’re launching a hotfix which addresses some issues that you’ve raised to us since the release. You can find below the details.

All Platforms

  • The balcony door in Elizabeth Adam’s room is now inaccessible. Players will no longer be stuck.This fix is not retroactive, and if you have had it occur, you will need to restart the episode.
  • Characters will no longer be resurrect by a bug.

PC Only

  • Players that were previously unable to generate save files and log files on specific setups are now able to create these files. These files will not work with Steam Cloud Saves.
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Welcome back to the devblogs for Space Hulk: Tactics, today we’ll be talking about the Map Editor. Far from a tool for only the most creative portion of the playerbase, we consider this a core pillar of the Space Hulk experience, and we’ve designed it in such a way to be easy to use for everyone.

The reason for this is how influential the ease of making your own missions was on the Space Hulk boardgame. It is still played by a dedicated fanbase today, after almost 30 years since the 1989 release, in part because of the clip-together nature of the terrain pieces that came with it. Creating your own missions is as easy as adding an objective to your idea for a map, and we’ve embraced that completely with the Mission Editor.

0_1538139093978_map editor menu.jpg

First you pick an environment, Imperial, Ork, or Eldar. Each of these comes with its own unique interactive elements - gun turrets on Imperial maps, for example, or explosive barrels on Ork ships - so choose wisely based on what you wish to create. However, if you decide to change, you can do so at any time, without losing any features of your map. Any unique elements from another tileset are simply flagged as needing to be removed or replace.

Then you can start building, snapping rooms together quickly and easily from our huge selection. There is a near-infinite number of combinations of rooms, doors, consoles, interactive elements, dozens of objectives, spawn points, and so on. Each room also has several different tilesets per environment, so you can perfect the look of your map as well as the design.

0_1538139138484_map editor main screen.jpg

Applying objectives to a map is as simple as selecting one and then placing the required interactables - extraction points, key consoles, collectable servo skulls, to name a few. There are twenty objectives to choose from, which combined with map layouts and how they change the playstyle of the map (sometimes, for example, the Genestealers may be on the defensive) it opens up a ridiculously large number of options.

0_1538139182854_Thumbnail Map Tool Replay.jpg

Once you have a prototype, you can jump into playing it against the AI right from within the editor, and once you quit you’ll be right back on the edit screen, able to tweak elements quickly and easily. First-person mode is also supported within the editor, so you can examine your map on a more personal level, and pick the perfect tileset.

Once your map is ready to go it can be shared online and downloaded by other players. They can rate maps after a match, as well as search for maps by name, creator name, or use filters to sort through official and unofficial maps.

0_1538139240575_map browser.jpg

During the pre-order beta we’re running a mapping competition, which you can read about the details for here. Included in the prize is a copy of the latest edition of the Space Hulk boardgame, as well as various other goodies. We’re always on the lookout for particularly amazing maps to highlight as well, and it’s possible some of the best from the beta will be integrated into the official map pool for release.

The Space Hulk: Tactics release is just a couple of weeks away on October 9th. You can play in the pre-order beta right now by grabbing the game on Steam.

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@DaxTheDestroyer Thank you for this feedback. We're currently working on it.

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Merci pour cette remarque. On va corriger ça très rapidement. N'hésitez pas à nous envoyer des erreurs d'orthographe s'il y en a d'autres.