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Now you have convinced me that in your brain something is wrong. A simple question that you could not or did not answer and you flip out like I puked you into lunch.
Less interaction with me? How about ignoring rather than permanently exposing the SJW?
Just a short answer like "No I do not have reports" or "I'm not giving you any data" would make our lives much easier. And who is running after who here to comment on any shit?

You are welcome

Maybe someone else would have the goodness to provide a report?

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Im refering to the crashes not to the fact that the dll did help you.

But I know helping people is not your thing so I guess you are getting a boner by smaktaltking instead of trying to find the Problem.

Im the troll asking for one of the reports to find something usefull in it? OMG IM SOOOOOOOOOOO TROLLING RIGHT NOW
Tell me the logic behind it. PLS

There we have your old problem with getting the moral highground by being just the way you are. ^^

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@mexican_420 said in First Custom MR Map?:

Thanks for that link! I've been able to successfully complete 2 maps today with zero crashes, even using modded trucks after using Draconus' LAA tool!
Next is testing with modded trucks and custom map, fingers crossed! 🙂

Do you have a crash report?

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These things are not there on any Platform so I would set this as general request.

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@garyantes said in lighting the other player of the session:

Yeah, it would be cool if we can see another player coming at night with headlights on. Hope they can do it for ps4.

Hope they can do this for all platforms dude ^^