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I'm an Affiliate with Twitch who is looking for a great group of people to be a part of my Twitch community. If you like fun, scary stuff and hearing me scream, why not right? More information about myself in the links below.

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'Ello 'Ello. I am a newly titled Twitch Affiliate who is seeking people of like mind for my Twitch community. I am considered a Variety Streamer, and have been streaming Call Of Cthulhu. I just adore H. P. Lovecraft! If you are interested, or just plain curious about me and would like more information, please check out my channel H E R E. I've also made a fairly new Twitter where I post when I am going live as well as images & videos from games. You can find my Twitter H E R E.

I'll be creating emojis for my channel and for other streamers soon as well. I love to do graphics, and do some business with people who would like signatures for websites and forums right now. Figured I'd throw this little tid bit in about myself. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Much appreciated. See you in madness!!