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@cozeris said in Restrictions for each difficulty:


The game is low on content, hardening to open very hard and inane helps to players keep playing.

You don't get any extra content that way, it would just annoy players and make them leave even faster.

Lv30 to be able to play on Very Hard means that Hard difficulty would be max a new player can play. And let me tell you what, Hard difficulty is easy af, the first time I turned on the game, I played all game on Hard with Lv1 classes and weapons.

Lv30 on all classes to play Insane, means that you have to play this game for 100+ hours just to "unlock" Insane??? In future, they have even harder diffuculty planned, what requirements would you come up for that? Have all PvE and PvP classes maxed out to play it? Bullshit.

I bet you don't think that probably half of the players aren't playing this game hardcore. Many of them play it just to chill for 1-2 hrs per day(on average: some days they might play 4-5 hrs, some days they don't play at all). Adding such a restriction on difficulty would mean that they'd have to play for 1-2 months on BORING AND NON-CHALLENGING difficulty to unlock a harder difficulty. Does it still sound like a good idea to you?

Another thing, what if person doesn't like a certain class? Yet he would be FORCED to level it up just to unlock a more challenging difficulty?

Sure the difficulties are easier than it should be, they could make it harder on insane for sure.
I play 2h a day max, no more than it. I would be mad if I have to wait a little longer to get insane unlocked. What would be mad about is if I get to insane and see lots of noobs fucking around.

And I still standing that you should have all classes level 30th.
If you just play one class you are not able to know all pros and cons on other classes, so you should not be able to play insane mode cause you canĀ“t measure your teammates.

Besides if someone want to play only one class, sure it has not maturity to play insane mode

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@cozeris said in Restrictions for each difficulty:

First idea - maybe. Just play maybe tho.
Second idea - a big no no. All classes on Lv30 to play insane? - Nonsense. Asking to have weapons maxed to play insane? - Nonsense.

The game is low on content, hardening to open very hard and inane helps to players keep playing.

Been able to set minimum levels for your game looks interesting.
@cozeris will be able to keep playing insane mode and I will be able to play without him on my team šŸ™‚ ( until he gets a higher level)

Another great idea would be: if you didnĀ“t finish the insane mode successfully you wont get any XP/gold.
Insane should be a little bit more insane.

About keep playing...
Well, I am actually stop playing until the new update.
I am tired of search for a party on very hard or inane where players are above level 40.
I donĀ“t have much time to spend playing games, when I do I want to enjoy it, not to get frustrated because a noob is jeopardizing the game.

When the new map get released I will play it and if no solution was made for this problem I will remove the game.
I have only a ssd driver with limited space, I canĀ“t keep a game that I donĀ“t play.

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@benjamin-wharton said in Restrictions for each difficulty:

No way. I'm perfectly capable of playing on the highest difficulties without high class/weapon levels, and I'm sure many others are too.

I'd rather the matchmaking system would allow you to set a difficulty preference (not a restriction), so that new players will automatically search for the default difficulty (normal or easy) or closest, and those that want to play on higher levels can.

if you are this good you will easily finish all campaigns in any level and then you will have this little filter when playing very hard and insane modes.

@lecqrew673 said in Restrictions for each difficulty:

It's not so much about the social aspect but more the bored high lvl capped players with nothing better to do due to the lack of content, that come in and ruin games for many in pve co-op mode. I've suggested the class lvl restrictions on difficulties but I'd also like a block list as I've had the same players who rejoin games that my spouse and I try to enjoy coming in just to grief or start swarms without defenses to see us fail. We don't have a lot of play time as we both work so having to log in to WWZ and a lot of randoms ruining our much needed relaxed downtime truly is what we hate about this game atm. We have tried to communicate with these players only to be tk and them laughing at us on voice chats. At one point my spouse got fed up of playing medic because players would shoot her in the face while she heals them, kill her and take the medkit once she's dead then run ahead of the team to start the next objective. We have tried to play nice the way the devs intended the pve is meant to be but you cannot stop players who find enjoyment in griefing and wasting other players time. We're currently shelfing this game till private lobbies are implemented because at it's current state the pve co-op mode is simply not fun with strangers.

I understand the frustrations of having trolls on your team, unfortunately this restrictions that I have suggested does not fix it. It is to fix another big problem: Noobs looking for the higher rewards of playing harder levels.

An idea to fix your problem would be rating players. For ex:
Match players with higher level of friendly fire rates. That is the most basic stuff in the game.
Players that know how to play and want to play right will have the lowest rate, followed by the one how want to play right but does not have the expertise yet and on the bottom you group up the one how troll the game killing teammates.

I am a little bit worries about considering other variables, for instance: like zombies killed. You can easily get hundreds of zombies just using a stationary weapon.
Death is a little bit relative, you can get you rate down because you got yourself stuck with a bad team that makes you die or at least get injured more frequently. Also, players that play on groups would have advantages on theirs status, creating a pit between them and players that play alone.
on the other hand, friendly fire is all opt to your skills to not fire your teammates. Well, sure if you got a guy that does not know how to positioning himself you may shoot him more often, but not something that would lower your status.

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I see a lot of people asking for private lobbies.
For me it is a little bit unsocial. You end up playing with the very same ppl all the time and limit yourself to meet others that as much as you want to have some fun.

Besides, you can play on lan for private games, just download hamatchi...

I would prefer restrictions

You should not be able to play a campaign if you have not finished it on previous difficulty
In order to play hard mode, finish it on normal first,
in order to play very hard mode, finish it on hard first

Another possibility would be:
You canĀ“t play very hard with a class under level 30.
You canĀ“t play insane if you donĀ“t have all classes at level 30.
You canĀ“t play very hard or insane if you donĀ“t have at least pistols and other 4 weapons with max lvl.

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change from Vulkan API to DirectX 11 on video settings.
Worked for me

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Changed the setting on videoĀ“ tab from Vulkan API to DirectX 11.
Fixed the problem.

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change my settings too,
no more freezing.
Bug with Vulkan confirmed.

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Same here.
It never crashed before, now After the 6GB update it happens all the time.
Sometimes I can survive a swarm, but mostly it freezes.
It seam that it does not happens on off-line mode.

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same problem here, but on PC
after the last 6GB update it crashes all the time!!