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since all updates, I still have some problems.. Is seems settings are being saved, but...
After I restart the game I get initial screen like in the picture attached.
Main game window, is presented on the center of the whole desktop window (D1+D2 = Desktop resolution), so its split on both screens.
As you can see, D1(Main desktop) D2(secondary desktop), red line is split between them.
D1 = 1680x1050
D2 = 2036 x 1273 (DSR enabled)
Every time I need to drag the window to D1.
NOTE: D1 is plugged in secondary gfx socket, and D2 to primary gfx socket (they are set in windows 10 as D1 to be number 1, and D2 to be number 2)

0_1533371445228_FTW -dual sceen.png

me too.
I think it can be a great game, but since the problem with the multiscreen is not solved, some of us will have bought it to not be able to play.

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Too many thanks, works fine

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Level: Summit
Coord: -23757,15406,3737
On the clothesline, the player is trappedalt text

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Level: Precint
Coord: 8875, -14691,1095
Invisible supply vehicle, some times

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