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@MAA_Bunny said in "Save Loadout" Still Doesn't Work:

But this is happening in the main menu section, when you're not in a game at all. There is no active loadout to apply. It's purpose is solely and entirely for customizing presets.

IIRC the loadout editor was initially in-game only, the ability to save loadouts from the main menu was added later, but the UI was not updated accordingly.

So that "Save loadout" button is actually doing nothing when not in a game.
Yeah this requires a bit more work to be user friendly.

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I think the logic is that "save loadout" only applies to your active loadout (the in-game one).
It should be called "Apply loadout".

The way I see it is that loadouts are handled as "favorites" that you can save (with the "+") but not edit.

It's not super user friendly but it makes sense in a way. A little improvement here would be nice indeed.

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@MAA_Bunny nobody mentioned it but FAMAS is also incorrectly attributed to FN in this list. My 2 pennies.

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Maybe give respawn ticket to those taking or defending on objectives for a significant amount of time?

This ticket would guarantee a respawn if death occurs X seconds after the next wave.

This would help promoting objective play and avoid these cases where the guys who stand ground on objective (att. or def.) don't get their respawn.

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@kotkreskowy460 said in ADS overhaul.:

Well the point of making it toggleable was to not piss of people who don't like it, it was talked about earlier on Reddit and some people didn't want it in the game.

Sure, having it with an option would still be better than not at all. I would enable it anyway.

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Good idea for free aim ADS, it was like this in UT99 Infiltration mod.

It makes ironsight aiming more natural, you can even have a kind of low ready stance where you ADS then lower the gun to see above the sight (or rather, move the sight out of the center since it's freeaim).

The other aspect is that it doesn't make ADS predictable, right now if there an enemy in front of you and you put him in the middle of the screen, when you ADS he'll be right under the reticle. This makes acquisition time very quick and you can cheese the system using a monitor crosshair.

p.s.: To keep things fair I wouldn't recommend to make it optional, but the ADS freeaim box should be much smaller than the non-ADS one.

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Maybe the game is too arcadey for what you expect?

It's not Squad nor CS:GO it's kind of a middle ground, so inevitably you'll get players from both sides. Exposure is good (free weekend), the ones not really interested will just go back to whatever they prefer.

I hope the dev will keep this approach, not many games do this, there's a reason why I prefer ISS over the other, more polarized games.

Have fun anyway

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@ChrisA it's not the backcapping the issue it's the red zone. On Push you even have players that sit in the enemy spawn the whole game just to rack up some kills when their waves reach 0 and the red zone is lifted.

Red zone should allow firing and damage you as if taking shots from patrols, with frequency increasing with time, so it would be possible to venture into it but only for a short period of time.

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I'm one of these guys who always mutes everyone (I have VOIP volume to 0), here's why:

I like to play to chill out, while still playing objective, but prefer PvP (bots are way too dumb).
The in game cues (map, markers, comms menu and automatic speech) are enough to have a coordinated play without voice.
Also, people talk too much, sound awareness is very important in this game (I also still see when an enemy is talking next to me, I just need that info, not what he's actually saying).

I also was never votekicked nor tk-ed for my gun so I guess the OP is experiencing it because of the class (I only play rifleman).


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Cool, thanks! Keep up, it's really a good game 😉