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So basically a reskinned uaz😔😔


Fingers crossed its not.. really want this DLC yo be AMAZING

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Me personally think they shud sack off the whole hauling thing and make this game what sooooooooo many ppl want and give us the game that majority of pc users use mud runner for....


Make the game have aload of trail maps and just go driving thru thick mud, get stuck, rock crawling everything... get some beasty pick up, jeep style trucks and its a given success

They have a chance to make the game that everybody wants.... if the devs are jus making a second instalment of mud runner i.e haulin with logs etc its business suicide... they havent even got the first one complete and got custkners happy so makin a second is a bad idea..

BUTTT. If they make MR2 a proper off road/trail driving game... ITLL BE A MONUMENTAL success

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I play mudrunner using my logitech g920 it works perfectly... i prefer using my wheel to the control u dont need to sit there holding the slow steering and driving round corners with the bigger 8x8 etx is alooot quiker..

The gearing yesss is shit as u only have gears 1 - 3/4/5(truck depending) and no low or high range... but all i do i keep my control pad on my lap to change gear and navigate menus.

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@Kingpinn sadly u r very very true...

Even when ppl moaned about no DLC etc been released 2 minutes after launch.. they release a DLC and still moan about bcuz it is exactly to there liking... i find it hilarious..

They have made an amazing game come to console and things take time and arenr done over night which is amazing considering they arent a huge developer, having thousands oof ppl of projects like R*, EA...

Am well looking forward to USA expansion and future dlc..


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I love this community.... not been an update or any news from developers for 30 days... yet with other games they got a few months and no says anything to the devs yet wirh spintires its end of the worls if they dont head daily updates..


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@zamal lol am nooo way near fully conpmted there loadssss of achiments for me left to get.

Completing on hardcore with 1 star is great fun makes it sooooo much harder.. speshilly when u get stuck with shit trucks so u gotta thibk about ya routes rather than jus charging thru

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So u have completed 100% of this game n all achievements... course u have

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FFS GUYS. Press release was literally 2 weeks ago.. saying new maps vehicles etc are coming and usa expansion early sept...

Stop fuckin compmaining no other companies release info every single week...

If ur not happy go n play other games n stop bitching n crying it wont help get anything out of them..

They will release info and content when it ready1

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Oh... thats abit poo..

Need to defo have that option... like when using the left paddle to activate view change, lights n horn.. be able to use the shifter to select low 1,2,3 that would be brilliant..

No point really using the wheel if u cannt use low range etc

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Plz csn some1 give me some info on how the use low range 1,2,3 on shifter plz.

Its sooo annoying having to use control pad to swap to low range and be able to use diff lock etc on hardcore..

Thank youuuuu