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I've added guides to creating custom dynamic models (that can be moved and broken), grass, and plants to the Big Book of MudRunner Map Making.

There are a few properties used by the built-in game objects that I wasn't able to figure out. If anyone knows what they do, please let me know with a reply here or a comment on the guide's Steam page. Thanks.

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I made a breakthrough, so I was able to add sections for creating a custom non-road overlay (conforming overlay or wire overlay). I also updated the PDF to match.

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I have released my latest logging map, Rancho Montaño.

But perhaps of more interest to the modding community, I have released a set of custom assets for MudRunner. These include their Blender and Gimp source files to support experimentation and modification. You can get them on GitHub:

Custom assets include the extensive set of custom classes I created for Rancho Montaño. They also include a number of the experimental assets featured in the Big Book of MudRunner Map Making.


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@tattoo said in Rancho Montaño and example custom assets:

And thanks again for the guide with the very helpful information. Good to see others sharing here.

Take some credit yourself. Your friendly attitude strengthens the MudRunner modding community and helps encourage that sharing.

Edit2: I placed your models and stuff into the editor to check them out and am getting an error about the textures. In the .xml you have them named without the __d_a and is why it's showing an error for almost all of them.

Ha ha, with all of my file moving and clean-up, I knew that sort of thing would happen. Thanks for the bug report. I re-copied all of the bbmmm/meshes/models/*.xml files and updated GitHub. Are there any more errors?

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Sorry, there's no PDF version. I would love to create one and improve all of the formatting beyond what Steam will allow, but I don't relish the thought of keeping the two versions in sync with each other.

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@mexican_420 Thanks, that's what I would have expected for SizeAtDay. Apparently that property simply doesn't work for models. It's good to know that it works for trucks, so now at least I know where their heads were at.

The story is apparently the same for Reflections. I'd even documented it that way, but in my skimming I accidentally listed it here as one that I didn't know.

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@tattoo said in Creating custom dynamic models, grass, and plants:

IsWheelTracks="true" Does create tire tracks on a model that uses it but the tires have to be dirty for them to show up, it seems. I use this on most of my models and they only show up after I drive around a bit and the tires are dirty.



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@rufus said in Map Builder's:

from 'Fuzzball's Editor Guide' (not suggesting that the info is wrong, at all. it just doesn't work for me)
"Plants are distributed randomly up to the mapped density. (There's no reason to use the Randomize checkbox for density because it will just decrease the average density.) Since the random distribution is not drawn and is therefore out of your control, the editor seeds the random function with a fixed value which you can control. This value is kept in the Seed property."
_ I'm fairly familiar with the workings with the editor, and I have not seen/found the 'Seed' property anywhere expect in the, Scene side menu drop down in a map.
0_1550676266299_Scene menu.JPG

Only one 'Z' in Fuzball. 🙂

Either I got it wrong, or the editor has been updated since I wrote that. You are right that it's now impossible to change the seed from within the editor. If you really want to change the seed, you can hand-edit your level's XML file. (It's easy to read and modify in your favorite text editor.)

I'm not particularly fond of editing the seed, though. If I want a plant in a particular place, I place it by hand. If I want a plant not in a particular place, I make sure the distribution density is 0 in that place.

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@picsoul said in Question about the tint tool and the effect it has.:

I understand that the grass tint is brown and dirt is green but you lost me with "(value 0)" and "(value 1)".

The items under the Materials list are things like "rough_to_moss(mtrl_moss_rough.tga)". And so the properties are:

  • Grass: rough
  • Dirt: moss
  • Map: mtrl_moss_rough.tga

So the "grass" property isn't really grass; it's whatever material you choose (e.g. rough), and the same for the "dirt" property.

I often call them value 0 and 1 because you draw the "grass" by setting the brush value to "0.0" and you draw "dirt" with brush value "1.0". And "0" and "1" make a lot more sense to me than "grass" which isn't grass and "dirt" which isn't dirt.

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In the "Move a Truck, Model, or Plant" section, there is a heading for "Manipulate an Object in the Scene View". It used to just say that you could type in new numbers, and then it referred to the appendices. That wasn't very friendly. I cleaned it up a bit to be a bit more friendly and to stress the importance of 0, 1, and 0.707, as you said.

Those four numbers in the Rotation property are quaternions. Most people don't really care how they work, though (including yourself and myself). I briefly talk about them in the "Orientation Coordinate Systems" section, but mostly I just punt.

Thanks for the reminder to put in a little more friendly information about them.

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@tattoo said in Creating custom dynamic models, grass, and plants:

The rest in the list I've never messed with and not sure. Sorry. I've only been making static models and haven't messed with plant or others.

No worries. If it turned out that you already knew everything, I'd be cursing myself for wasting so much time on this. 😅

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@tattoo said in Creating custom dynamic models, grass, and plants:

@chris-nelson, Since it says ModelMaterial and the IsWheelTracks="true" shows up on the textures, maybe the NoOcclusion="true" means that no occlusion shows up on the texture like the other. Maybe?

Indeed, you are correct. Thanks!

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Some of you requested a PDF for offline viewing (and I rather wanted one myself). I've added a link to the PDF in the "Introduction" section of the guide. The PDF has somewhat improved formatting, but may be less up-to-date than the online version.

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@tattoo Nope, there's no protection for a distribution coming through a model. You have to go around all your models clearing the distribution density or changing the material to keep grass and plants out. (My maps tend to end up with a few custom materials just so that I can do this.)

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@tattoo Yes, under "Select Truck Components", "Choose the Truck Type":

"In the truck selection dialog you can choose to select a trailer instead of a truck. If you select a trailer this way (instead of the usual trailer selection below), the trailer is parked by itself as if it is a truck. Logs can be loaded on this trailer as described in the addons section below."

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Thanks for the tips, @Tattoo. You have a good idea for detail. I will investigate and update the guide based on your info.

NoOcclusion isn't exactly in an .xml file; it's in the combined files in*

Skimming through my property list, here's what I couldn't figure out (not including what you've already addressed):

Custom River Water

  • ColorScatter
  • TintDepth
  • TintBias

Custom Overlay Brush

  • Divergence
  • Perpendicularity

Model Class XML (Physics)

  • NightLightingShadowsAllowCap
  • NoSoftContacts
  • NoSoftImpulse

Model Flares

  • SizeAtDay
  • Reflections
    ... and Lights
  • CreateSuperLight
  • InnerCone

Plant Mesh XML (Material)

  • OcclusionIntensity (only partially understood)
  • OcclusionRadius (only partially understood)
  • IsFoliage (only partially understood)

Plant Class XML (PlantBrand)

  • DistSkipPercentage

Plant Bodies and Constraints

  • GravityFactor
  • IsCapsuleCDT (only partially understood)
  • AllowedPenetrationDepth

Dang. It's kind of embarrassing when I list them all together.

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I updated the PDF with recent updates that have been accumulating in the Steam guide:

  • Corrected description of initial fuel, damage, and repair points for trucks.
  • Added reference information for US trucks.
  • Added information about how to hand-edit the navigation map.
  • Added summary icons throughout the custom features sections to indicate when changed XML properties are applied and which color channels are used by XML properties that specify a color or texture.
  • Added more information regarding IsClampV.
  • Added more detail regarding all types of model shadows.
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Thanks, @tattoo , it's great to hear that it's a useful reference for more than just me.

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@rufus said in Map Builder's:

@chris-nelson- thanks for jumping in Fuzball, i agree that with the recent changes in the Editor, things are not the same, and they are changing a little bit w/ each update. but that doesn't take away from the awesomeness of your work!😺

Thanks! I agree that the editor (and game) are a moving target. Hopefully I'll remain motivated to keep the BBMMM updated after I've finished my current map. :p

_ this has been a question for me, The Terrain BRUSH. is there any way to adjust the fade-blend amount? I find a sharper/softer edge would be great, at times.

I would love this as well, but I don't know of any way to modify it. For a harder edge, I come back with smaller brush to touch up the edge. For a softer edge, I come back with a bigger brush to softly clear the edge.

You can edit the distribution map in your favorite bitmap editor, of course, but then you lose the surrounding context. (An external editor is also useful for restoring the random scale distribution that you were discussing before.)

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I used to have similar problems with the old SpinTires. I haven't so far with MudRunner, so I don't know if it fails in the same way.

Things that helped me before:
Delete the contents of your levels directory to force a completely fresh rebuild with nothing cached.
Restart the editor immediately before rebuilding so it is using minimum memory when it starts.

Other things to try:
Make an archive copy of your XML file, then start taking things out of it until the rebuild works.
Distributions tend to make the most work for the editor, so take them all out and see if that helps. If so, put them back in one by one until it fails again. See whether there a particular distribution that always fails, or do you simply have too many? Either way, you might need to either simplify your distributions (fewer brushes) or decrease their density so that fewer plants are placed.
If it's not the distributions, keep trying the delete and replace strategy with the other feature categories.

Good luck!

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