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Are you trying to join through the server browser of by entering an IP? If using a specific IP address make sure you include the port details as well. Example:

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That's looking great, nice work!


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Hey Pointy,

I would be very interested in this server assistant should you every feel like making it public!

I've set up a UK Coop server and although its running I really can't seem to be able to make the changes I want. Looking at the server browser it would appear they are mandatory 8 human players but I'm assuming this will change? Also I've added other maps into the config but the in game admin only recognises 3.

Any guides to server configs etc. would be really welcome.

Thanks in advance - Chuck7even

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Good to know, thanks for the info matey.

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Hi All,

I did search for an existing thread on this but couldn't see one.

Can somebody please enlighten me regarding server rental for this game. I was under the impression that we would be able to rent servers as part of the Nov 8th update and I can see servers in the browser within game. However all the providers I try seem to suggest they don't know when they can offer the service and just say ASAP. Perhaps I'm just not asking the right people?

Any information would be appreciated.


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So [TRG] are a new community launched last month and expect to fully go live with the full release of this game along with BFV in September/October. I've loved playing the coop mode so far and met some really great people in game. Hopefully with the ability to rent a server I will meet many more who will join our ranks. In the meantime why not drop by and say hi and watch our community grow with the help of this great game!