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I'd say the most important thing to focus on in 2019 is prevent cheating. I certainly won't play this game any longer while cheaters are coddled. What's the point in playing a game where people can arrange to never play one another?

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@pole said in Coping with this game:

All you guys don't have an idea about balance and statistics! I have played him and i can say he is right: it's a shame that this broken RNG harass such a good player! And trust me, his talent is at least equal to his kindness...

Nothing says class like wishing slow agonizing death upon your opponent and their family!

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Eh. Maybe I'm not that good but it seems to me people complain a lot about the randomness of the game instead of giving credit to their opponent.
I guess if I were a better player I'd realize that the reason I lose or draw matches was because of the dice.

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