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Whilst playing toight. I lost connection to the playstation network server. My personal internet connection was fine. This happened during my opponents turn 15 and forced me to concede the match 4-2 (I was 2-0 up at the time). This has really aggravated me. I did not quit, I was failed by the playstation network. As I am trying to qualify for the champion cup I really cannot afford this loss and would like it to be overturned. This might seem petty but this is really not my fault. Please contact me back regarding this matter.

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I was forced to concede a game due to losing connection to the playstation network. I really think this is unfair. My internet connection was fine. The playstation network failed me.
I was 2-0 up and it was my opponents turn 15. My opponeny got the win (4-2). This has really annoyed me as I'm trying to qualify for the champions cup I really cant afford this loss. Can someone contact me back please. I would actually like the result to be over turned.

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