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@iyagovos on further investigations on my game I noticed the start of the bug in question for me atleast. When you receive the key to open the morgue. I ran around to talk to ppl and when I talked to the nurse dorothy it it glitched out and continued on like I went inside the morgue and I did not. So after playing up to this mission where Darius opens the door to talk to dorothy she is like a ghost and you don't even see her standing there.

I have also noticed that in the character screen where you have the serums the up and down position are reversed to what shows in the combat screen so if you but healing serum in up position you will need to hit down to use healing in combat.

posted in Vampyr - Support Forum read more

I am having the same issue this is really frustrating. I was really rooting for this game. Have been waiting awhile for a game like this and this glitch just ruined my experience.

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