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Season 14:
Winner - GnomeSlayerTrn1 (Chaos Dwarf)
Finalist – Razzle Storm (Amazon)
3rd & 4th – Bazooka25 (Necromantic) / FalconRocketeer (Skaven)
Quarter Finalists - Drikk XO / Rambo2369 / JoePineapple / [Entry missing]
Round of 16 – IVI LI T T / glasshammer333 / Defbal13 / DALYO / razzalatham / Wrytax / Vishamon
Round of 32 – Space Magic W / BLADE2993 / Hero Jones9 / Nadjines / Tominator1980 / TFG Hero xxxferritxxx / Kro Magnus / Uppity Terror37 / FallBonkHead / SLUDGEFARTS / Canari / FouleTigre

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Season 13:
Winner - IVI LI T T (Skaven)
Finalist - GnomeSlayerTrn1 (Gnomeslayer)
3rd & 4th - Drikk XO (Wood Elf) / Zaazak (Dwarf)
Quarter Finalists - Bazooka25 / Rambo2369/ Glasshammer333 / Space Magic W
Round of 16 - BLADE2993 / Bernie on Xbox / MouthyBarbecue /Tizzel Bizzel /BananaHands4472 / Supnugs / Lachrym
Round of 32 – FalconRocketeer / Hero Jones9 / Nadjines / Tominator1980 / TFG Hero / Wilhelm Chaney / DG0ku / Clinclin / Vraeden / Ronaldbeanio / Bunjemmiejoose / Cliché No2074 / Zomb1e B1scuit / Big 8O55 / Loken67

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I think it would be great to have more stuff to buy! I’d buy it for sure!


Skins for existing teams
Custom uniforms
Team insignia packs
More player customisation options (aesthetic)
... maybe something I never even thought of before.

... teams of course...

As for a ‘BB3’ i’d like to see:

A better in-game way of communicating with players (for league managers)
Better league management tools in general
More options and choices over the rule-sets
Better animations / graphics
Special animations between specific player types (Trolls eating goblins etc.)

Probably loads of other stuff too.. that’s just off the top of my head.

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Oh hello m8, yes, I Xbox messaged you probably shortly after you posted the original question. I think usually people just Xbox message each other to arrange the games. We do have an active Facebook group though which probably 70% of the players are on — if you search Blood Bowl 2 CCL (if you use Facebook) then you can join us there too.

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@stomperofelves Hi! Did you qualify for the CCL cup 15, or are you just asking for information? If so, what’s your Xbox GT?

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